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I thought you would like to know...
To make a long story short, my brother in law promotes craft and hobby shows and had a last minute cancellation.  So at the last minute we decided to attend.  My DH and DS are on their way right now.  There wasn't enough time to book flights and get a reasonable fare, so they are driving with a car full of goodies.   They will have a great "out of the box" special, if you are looking for Christmas gifts.   However the thing that I thought you would be most interested in is the MemoryMixer class they will be teaching at 3:00 every day.  It will be an introductory class, but will be available for questions after.

They hope to see you there.  Here is a 1/2 price coupon that will save you a few dollars.  Have a great day... wish I were going to be there!


November 13-15    Thurs - Sat   10-5pm

Here is the address to the fairgrounds:
   Western Washington Fairgrounds
   110-9th Ave. SW
   Puyallup, WA  98371-6811

You can visit their website rustybarn.com for more information about the show.

Feel free to copy this coupon for your friends.              

Coupon for Show