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New Products


DigiKnow how to search for content in the MemoryMixer online store? 
Check this out...

1.  Go to www.MemoryMixer.com.  Click the "Shop" button located under    "Additional Content" on the homepage.  This will take you to the MemoryMixer store.

2.  Type a subject, keyword, or designer you would like to search for in the "Search" window.  For this example we entered "Fall".  Click "Search"

3.  Any design that fits your search criteria will appear on your screen.  Searching is an easy way to find just what you are looking for in the store.
Happy Shopping!

Great job to everyone who entered last week's Fall Favorites Challenge!  It was so fun to look at all the pages, good job!
The winner this week is: Leslie Casper!!  Congrats!!  Here is Leslie's winning fall page:

Great job Leslie, look for your free products in your account!! 

Here's this week's challenge:
Ever heard of scraplifting?  That's what our challenge is all about this week.  Find a layout in the gallery that you love, and "scraplift" it.  In other words, make a page based on someone else's.  Don't worry, it's legal...and so fun!  Here is an example:

I found this page I loved by Jenna in the User's Gallery:

Here is my scraplift:
Got the idea?  Post your scraplifted page, along with the page you scraplifted in the User's Gallery by Sunday night and add the tag "Scraplift Challenge".  The winner will receive free products and will be featured in next week's newsletter.  Have fun and good luck!

New Products

Here's what's new this week in the MemoryMixer store:

From Danielle Engebretson:

Forest Friends Paper

Forest Friends Embellishments

From Angela Woo:

From Karen Lewis:
Breathe Embells

Breathe Paper