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New Products


DigiKnow how change the shape of your pages?

Do you want to go from a square page like this...
DigiKnow Square

to a landscape page like this:
DigiKnow Rectangle

Here's how:
DigiKnow 1
1.  Create or open the page you wish to change the shape of.

DigiKnow 2
2.  Click "Edit" from the top tool bar.  Select "Change Album Shape"

DigiKnow 3
3.  The "Change Album Shape" window will appear on your screen.  This square page can change to landscape or portrait.  We will select "Landscape".  Click okay.

DigiKnow 4
4.  The page will automatically be adjusted to your selection.  It is now up to you to re-position the elements on the page.  You can move, resize, delete, etc.

DigiKnow Rectangle
5.  The finished page!  So easy and quick!

Do you have something you'd like highlighted in an upcoming "DigiKnow"?  If so, email your suggestion to digiknow@lmemorymixer.com

Great job to everyone who entered last week's Photo Tinting Challenge!  It was so fun to look at all the pages, good job!
The winner this week is: Ruth Osborne!!!  Congrats!!  Here is Ruth's winning page:

Great job Ruth!!  Here is how Ruth achieved her color tinting look:
To tint it, I used a piece of BG paper that has pink around the outside and a soft yellow in the middle. It softened the picture and added some color to the grassy area. I added some color to her face and dress using colored shapes and reducing the opacity. I also added a tiny white dot to her eyes and reduced the opacity to 30.
Check your MemoryMixer account for your free products!

Here's this week's challenge:
Scrap your favorite things about fall.  That's right, create a page all about fall.  Be as creative as you can, and show us your best!  Post your page in the User's Gallery by Sunday night and add the tag "Fall Favorites Challenge".  The winner will receive free products and will be featured in next week's newsletter.  Have fun and good luck!
New Products

Here's what's new this week in the MemoryMixer store:

From Danielle Engebretson:

Falling Paper

Falling Embells
SALE!!!!  1/2 off until Wednesday at midnight!

From Karen Lewis:
Beep Beep Paper

Beep Beep Embells

Beep Beep Chipboard