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New Products


DigiKnow how to create calendars using MemoryMixer?  It is so fun and easy.  If you haven't tried a calendar yet, now is the perfect time!  Follow these easy steps, and get started!  You will love it!

Calendar Types

1.  Decide what kind of calendar you want to make.  Calendar options are pictured above.   Go to  Calendar Instructions
for specific details for laying out your calendar.  For this tutorial we will be creating a
11 x8.5 landscape calendar.

Calendar 1
2.  Start with a blank page.  Open the "Embellishments" menu on the side bar.  Select "Add Embellishment".  The embellishment menu will appear in the middle of the screen.  Click "Calendars" from the menu.

Calendar 2
3.  Select the month you would like to insert.  We will select and add January 2009.

Calendar 3
4.  The grid and numbers will appear on your screen.  You can adjust the size to fit your page.

Calendar 4
4.  Embellish your page with backgrounds, embellishments, and text.  When you are done with ALL of your calendar pages, open the "Share Album" menu from the sidebar.  Select "Export to Jpeg".  This option will save your calendar pages on your computer in a format perfect for uploading and printing.  If you'd like to print your calendar from home, simply select "Print"

Calendar 5
5.  Open the MemoryMixer website.  Click "Calendars" from the output center located on the lower right side of the page - or go try this link : MemoryMixer Calendars  The website will walk you through uploading your calendar images and placing your order.


6.  You can also use QuickMixes to create calendars even faster!  Give the new 2009 Calendar by Bevin Dunn a try (new this week!)


Great job to everyone who entered last week's Mat Challenge.  The winner this week is: JESSICA RAYMOND!!!  Congrats!!  Jessica did a great job adding mats to her page.
Here it is:

Mat Winner

To create this look she says, "I first added a mat to the photo (white with drop shadow), then I used the shape tool, to make an additional mat(pink),and then to add depth I added yet another mat (white with shadow) to the larger pink mat!"  Great job!! 
Check your MemoryMixer account for your free products!

Here's this week's challenge:
Use the Calendar Tutorial featured above to create a calendar page.  Be as creative as you can, and show us your best!  Post your page in the User's Gallery by Sunday night and add the tag "calendar challenge".  The winner will receive free products and will be featured in next week's newsletter.  Have fun and good luck!
New Products

Here's what's new this week in the MemoryMixer store:

From Danielle Engebretson:

In Harmony Paper

In Harmony Embellishment Pack 1/2 off until Wed. @ midnight!

From Angela Woo:
A Frames


Check out this page using Angela's new kits:

From Bevin Dunn:
Calendar QuickMixa
From Lasting Impressions:
Calendar Dates