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DigiKnow how to use photo effects to make your pictures pop on your pages?  With just a click of your mouse you can change your photos to black and white or sepia, adjust the lightness or darkness, and apply special effects.  Follow this tutorial to make a unique page using photo effects.

1.  Start by inserting an image onto your page.  For this example, we are filling the entire page with the photo.

2.  Select "Photo Effects" from the "Edit Photo" menu located on the side bar.  A drop down menu will appear, showing all the photo effect options.  To apply an effect simply click with your mouse and watch your photo transform!

3.  First, we will try "Mirror".  To apply this effect click "Mirror" and watch your photo flip instantly.

4.  Now let's change the photo to black and white.  Click "Black and White" from the menu and watch your photo change.

5.  Finally, let's try the sketch effect.  Again, simply click "Sketch" and watch you photo transform from black and white to an abstract sketch.

6.  The finished page!  The possiblilites are endless when using photo effects.  Give them a try, you will love them!
Welcome to the newest feature of the MemoryMixer newsletter!  Every week we will be offering a challenge to our readers.  Here's how it works: 
Post your entry in the user's gallery with the specified tags.  If your page is chosen as the winner, it will be featured in next week's newsletter, and you get one of next week's new products FREE!!!

So here we go!!!
This week read the DigiKnow tutorial about photo effects.  Create your own page using one or more photo effect and post it in the User's Gallery by Sunday night at midnight.  Attach the tag "Photo Effect Challenge".  We will select the winner and feature the winning page next week!
  Be creative and good luck!

What's New?
Wait until you see what is in the MemoryMixer store for you this week!

From Danielle Engebretson:
Little Fox Paper
Little Fox Embells

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First Grade
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