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DigiKnow how easy and  fun it is to create cards and invitations using MemoryMixer?  You will LOVE making your own Christmas cards, birthday invitations, birth announcements and more.  Follow this easy tutorial, and MIX away!

Card 1
1.  Create your card the same way you would any other page.  Select the shape (we chose landscape), and build using backgrounds, embellishments, text, and photos.  This bridal shower invite was created using the freebie featured this week.

Card 2
2.  When your card is finished, select "Share Album" from the side bar and click the "Print" icon.  This will let you print your cards right from your own home printer.  (You can also save your card as a jpg and take it to a printer to be professionally printed if desired)

Card 3
3.  Click "Advanced.." in the print window.  This window will allow you to change the size of your card for printing.  You can select a standard size from the drop down menu, or enter a custom size.  We have selected "7x5" to print our shower invitation.  Make sure the box "Crop image to fit size" is selected.  You are ready to print!  Simply hit okay and you are done!

Card 4
4.  In minutes you have a beautiful and custom card.  All that's left is to trim the invitation and send it to your guests!  So easy!

What's New?
The MemoryMixer store is full of new products for this week. 
Take a look!

New from Angela Woo:
Ladybugs Paper
Ladybugs Embells
Check out this page created using the Ladybugs packs:

New from Amy Sumrall:
Ginger Paper

Ginger Embells

Check out this page created with the Ginger's Groove Packs:
Stamped Flowers

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