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Announcing Amy Sumrall!!!
Amy Sumrall

We are so ex
cited to have designer Amy Sumrall join the MemoryMixer
team!  We love her fresh and unique designs, and know
that you will too.
Amy Sumrall is a digital scrapbook designer and a stay-at-home-Mom.  
Prior to designing for digital scrapbooking Amy worked in graphic design;
creating brochures, newsletters and ads for various companies both
large and small. She describes her design style as quirky, fun, "doodly"
and whimsical. Her biggest source of inspiration is her children.

Amy lives in South Florida with her husband Tyson, and daughters
Emma and Sophie. When she is not busy designing, Amy likes to paint,
draw, and has dabbled in almost every craft imaginable. Most recently,
she began exploring photography more in-depth and takes dozens of
pictures a day. She is thrilled to be joining the MemoryMixer family
and we are thrilled to have her!

Check out these designs from Amy and look for more to come!

Summeroo Paper Pack

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Four colorful daisies perfect for your summer pages! Enjoy!

Daisy Freebie
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