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Photo books are a perfect way to share your digital scrapbooking with others.  Upload your photo book by June 30 and receive a softbound FREE.  Keep the hardbound for yourself and give the softbound as a gift or keep them for your children or grandchildren to enjoy!
photobook cover

    Order a hardbound...
       8x8                       $29.95 and receive get a 6x6 softbound free
     8.5x11(Landscape)   $29.95 and receive a 5.5x7 softbound free
     12x12                      $49.95  get an 8x8 softbound free

All books are 26 pages, plus a custom front and back cover.  Additional pages are just $.50 ea for 8.5x11 and 8x8.  Additional 12x12 pages are $1.00 each.  All bindings are stitched and meet library standards.

If you don't use MemoryMixer, simply upload your jpgs on
Upgrade to Version 2 Today...
Our new QuickMixes will only be compatible with version 2, so don't miss our unbelievable offer to upgrade from MemoryMixer v1 to v2 for only $10!  This upgrade allows you to enjoy all the benefits of v2 and still use your current designs and albums.  New features include easy DVD burning, Photo Shapes, Add Shapes, and many more.  You won't believe what you have been missing.

 This offer is valid for a limited time only, so don't wait!
Click HERE to download your upgrade today.

Mixin' Challenge
Post your summer layouts using the Marigold QuickMix, Paper Pack or Embellishment kit for a chance to win a free PhotoBook valued at $30.  Type Marigold as a tag.  Entries must by posted by July 7, 2008.
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