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DigiKnow...about our PhotoBooks
As some of you may know, I started Lasting Impressions over 18 years ago and, until Christmas of 2006, my children didn't have any scrapbooks.  That was until MemoryMixer, Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy!   With MemoryMixer I was able to create favorite gifts I gave that year.  I created 3 albums, one for my son, one for my daughter and one that I made 3 copies of to give as gifts, all in a few hours.  Here are a few helpful hints to help you create your own PhotoBook. 
PhotoBook Guides
To make creating photo books even easier, MemoryMixer has a feature that allows you to display trim guides on your pages.   This will help you place objects on the page and avoid having them trimmed as the photo book is being created.  To find the guides, click on "View Album" along the top tool bar, then "Guides" and then choose either "photo book" option.
PhotoBook Covers
This will turn on a gray translucent area.  It is important to place all objects that you do not want trimmed within the safe area.
PhotoBook Guides
Custom Front & Back Covers
One of the reasons MemoryMixer PhotoBooks are so popular is the ability to create a custom cover.  That's right, you design your front and back cover.   You can use lots of photos, a single photo, a photo as a background or no photo at all. 
When submitting your album, page #1 will be the front cover, the second page will be the title page and  the last page will be the back cover.  It is also important to order the right shape book.  If you have created your album using a square format, you will need to order a square book.  You can always change the shape of your album if necessary. 
PhotoBook Covers
Once you have your pages completed, click on "Share" on the side panel and select PhotoBooks.  Simply follow the instructions to prepare your files.  Once you have your files prepared,  upload them to 
PhotoBook Covers

Your custom book will be shipped in 7-10 days 
Please visit our blog for a printable version of this DigiKnow.
What's New?
Check out some of our newest QuickMixes!

Also watch for our Father's Day QuickMix... coming soon!

Emma Schonenberg - Words of Love QuickMix
This QuickMix includes 6 beautiful, professionally-designed layouts.


Emma's Words of Love QuickMix is MemoryMixer v2 only.

Several of our new QuickMixes will only be compatible with version 2, so don't miss our unbelievable offer to upgrade from MemoryMixer v1 to v2 for only $10!
  This upgrade allows you to enjoy all the benefits of v2 and still use your current designs and albums. This offer is valid for a limited time only, so don't wait! Click HERE to download your upgrade today.

Emma Schonenberg - Word of Love Paper Pack
This paper pack includes 15 papers

Emma Schonenberg - Words of Love Embellishment Pack
HURRY...1/2 price through Wednesday midnight!
This huge embellishment pack includes 39 embellishments

Emma Schonenberg - Words of Love Embellishment Pack 2
This huge embellishment pack includes 180 word embellishments

Mixin' Challenge
Post your favorite Mother's Day layouts to the Gallery and win a free paper pack of your choice!  Make sure to include 'Mother's Day Layout" in your tags.


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