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I love using MemoryMixer, even when I am creating with traditional scrapbooking products.  See below as I show you easy steps to follow when printing at home.  The beauty of MemoryMixer, create an album once...and print it any size.  Today I will be printing a 3" photo to place in the mini album that I have created.
                     Envelope Mini Album:  things i love
                                                 Happy Mixin'
p.s.  See our blog to see the supply list and the other pages in this mini album.  I haven't finished all the pictures yet, but you will get the idea.  this mini album could be used for many different themes and easy to build. 

Printing at Home with MemoryMixer

Envelope book page 1
I have been working on a traditional mini album, but wanted to decorate my digital photos a little before I printed them and put them in my book.  My mini album is made from Lasting Impressions' Lengthy Note envelopes folded in half and stapled together. 
Share Window
Shot 1
Ordinarily you would start with a background.  However, for this project I have used a photo instead of a background.  I brought my photos into MemoryMixer and added the embellishments that I wanted.  The white flowers are embellishments in Spring Feast by Mindy Terasawa and are included with your software.  Now to print, click the "Print" icon found along the top tool bar or open the "Share" window on the left panel.
Print Options
Shot 2

You will now see the "Print Options" window with all of your pages displayed.  Select the pages that you would like to print; the default is set to print all.  To deselect simply click on "Clear All" and click in the box on the upper right hand corner of the photos that you would like to print, or click on the check mark to deselect individual pages.  From this window you will define your print specifications using the "Print Setup" and "Advanced" buttons found along the bottom of the window. 


Click on the "Print Setup" button.  This will take you to the "Page Setup" window
Page Setup 
shot 3

From "Page Setup" you will select your printer using the button found along the bottom right corner of the window.  Also confirm paper size, orientation and margins.  I always change the margins to 0.  The computer will then correct it to the minimum specifications for the printer you are using.   Then press "Ok".  You will now go back to the "Print Options" window.   To define additional print specifications click on the "Advanced"  button found on the bottom of the "Print Options" window.


Print Options
shot 3 a

Define the size that you want to print using the "Size of Image Area".  Today I will only show standard sizes, but watch for more printing tips in upcoming newsletters.  Click on the size that you want.  A 3" print will be perfect for my mini album.

Shot 4
If you can fit more than one on a page, you will be able to change the "Number of Images per Page" in the field below.  This doesn't allow you to print more than 1of the same layout per page.  If you want to fit 6 of the same picture, you will need to create duplicate pages in your album.  You can easily do this when your album is open by right clicking on the thumbnail found along the bottom of your page and choosing duplicate page.  If you do not have this feature then check for a free update using the "Help" button found along the top.
shot 5

Now you can see all 6 layouts on the page, each of them 3 inches.  You can separate them by adjusting the space between them or leave them joined.  Now select "OK"  and follow your printer's instructions.

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