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BREAKING NEWS 06/03/11: ACS develops new lien forms to force insurers to send checks directly to you even if they refuse to honor assignments of benefits. Forms also work in PI cases and are more powerful than County Health Care Liens. Based on legal opinion from Attorney David Abney, truly a breakthrough. Read article in this newsletter.


BREAKING NEWS 05/23/11: ADOI files Reply to Plaintiff's Response to Motion to Dismiss. Click here to read full motion. The next step is oral arguments and then a ruling by the Superior Court. ACS is in action solving the profession's problems!


The ACS Home Page: Constantly updated with breaking news, this is the site you have to keep checking back to see what is going on with your profession. Just click on


Friends of the ACS: This is a national organization of allies that realize the national implications and signiicance of the ACS litigation to stop ASH from imposing its standard of practice onto the entire chiropractic profession. Here's the webpage: Note: Website completely redone as of 06/02/11, please be sure to check it out. 


MedicoLegal Services: Home of the best, most practical, tried and proven resources for winning PI cases with special emphasis on low speed impact cases. Here's the webpage:


ACS Store: This is the place to go for sample reports to rebut IME reports from MDs and DCs, and reports from defense biomechanical engineers and accident reconstructionists. You will also find literature reviews on the key current topics in PI cases about forces involved in accidents, the threshold of injury, and much more. Here's the webpage:    


Member Benefits and Practice Solutions: Includes extensive information on how to handle claims denials for both insured and self-insured plans (the rules are completely different), a complete blueprint for developing referrals from MDs, eveything you could ever want to know about recordkeeping and documentation and staying in compliance in Arizona, the key personal injury practice tools needed by every DC, and much more. Click here to go to the Member Benefits and Practice Solutions Page. 


Full Time Help Line: (602) 368-9496. ACS members call and email all the time to get assistance on a wide range of issues from Dr. Immerman, a veteran DC with 31 years of experience.


To gain full access to all pages and documents, all you have to do is join by clicking on Become a Member Online. You will be directed to a secure online server. You can also Donate in any amount to support the cause. Even $10-$25 per month makes a difference.

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Read entire full color PDF with breaking news about the ADOI lawsuit, BCBS, ASH, the Board, insurance equality and much more by clicking on this link.

Website with Full Info about ACS Attorney David Abney

ACS Four Point Plan to Deal With ASH

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Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President and Executive Director
Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President and Executive Director





ACS Attorney David Abney who is litigating the case against ADOI has developed special lien forms to force health insurers to send checks directly to you even when they do not honor assignments of benefits. These lien forms are NOT connected to the County Health Care lien statutes but are based on a completely different section of Arizona law. Mr. Abney has determined that these forms based on Arizona lien law override prohibitions on assignments of benefits in health insurance contracts. This is a true breakthrough. The forms are easy to read and understand so you should be able to use them immediately with good results. There is no need to have your patient's signature notarized to use these forms.


If you are an ACS member, the forms are already in your inbox and ready to use. If you are not a member and would like to use these forms, sign up today and we will send you the forms today. To join, simply go to, click on the button in the upper right corner that says Become a Member Online, and follow the directions to join online. Once you complete the form online, we will get an email notification and send you these forms together with the other invaluable 58 ACS Special Treasures and membership benefits listed online.


These forms should be used not only with health insurers but also with auto insurers and personal injury attorneys. Use it in addition to County Health Care Liens and it will actually give you more rights on top of such liens including the right to find out the status of the case from the lawyer and the insurance companies. The forms will also give you lien rights in uninsured and underinsured first party auto insurance cases which you cannot presently secure with County Health Care Liens.


When we send out the lien forms, we also send out an article by a prominent lawyer who consults with chiropractors which explains all of your new rights when your patients sign this new form. They are quite extensive and the article is very illuminating.


ACS has copywrited these forms for use only by ACS members. If there was ever a perfectly clear time when membership in ACS more than paid for itself, this is it. Invest your $100 per month in ACS, gain access to the new lien forms, and gain back many times your investment. This time more than ever before it is a no-brainer decision.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Immerman by email at or by phone at (602) 368-9496.


Arizona Chiropractic Society - MEMBERSHIP AND MEMBER BENEFITS





Attention ACS Members: You can now log in to the ACS webpage and then all of the documents below will become "live" and will open when you double-click on them. Just go to the Login Button on the top left of every page. Enter your email address and click "Forgot Password." Your password will be emailed to you. Use it to log in and then return to this page and you will have instant access to all of the documents. New members gain access immediately upon joining.




ACS offers its members a wide range of benefits and services including a group medical, life, dental and vision programs.


1 -- Group Medical, Life, Dental and Vision Programs -- Membership Form.pdf:  Group health insurance for ACS members with guaranteed issue coverage begins after a 90 day waiting period with no medical underwriting. PPO and HMO plans are available statewide.


2 -- Group Medical Insurance Info.pdf


3 -- General Benefits and Group Medical Insurance Pamphlet.pdf




4 -- Fees allegedly above Usual and Customary.pdf:  How to protest when an insurance company claims your fees were too high.


4.1 - Chiropractic Lifecare of America Page.pdf: The solution for your cash practice.


5 -- Grievance Letters -- The Best Way to Get Insurers to Pay.pdf:  How to use the Arizona grievance law, a powerful tool to bring pressure on an insurer that misbehaves.


5.1 - Grievance Letters and Law Explained.pdf


6 -- Health Care Appeal Request Form.pdf:  There is a legal process when a claim is denied as not medically necessary. This is a sample request form. #7 contains complete instructions.


6.1 - Health Care Appeal Request Form for Expedited Medical Reviews.pdf


7 -- Health Care Appeals Process.pdf:  A three level process. The third level involves review by an independent party chosen by the Arizona Department of Insurance and paid for by the insurance company.


8 -- How to file a complaint with ADOI against an insurer.pdf:  When insurance companies violate laws, complaints must be filed.


9 -- Medical necessity appeal letter.pdf:  An excellent general appeal



10 -- Small Claims and Justice Court Instructions.pdf:  Sometimes the only solution when an insurance company does not pay is a lawsuit. Here are instructions for suing an insurance company.


10.1 - Small Claims and Civil Suits Instructions Simplified.pdf


11 -- Timely Payment of Claims, Adjudication, Adjustments.pdf:  Claims must be paid within a certain time frame, and demands for repayment can only be made within certain guidelines. This document contains the legal details.


11.1 - Timely Payment of Claims, Adjudication and Adjustments.pdf: ADOI Info Brochure. 


11.2 - Post Payment Audit Demands information.pdf




12 -- ERISA Claims Procedure DOL Rule 29 CFR 2560.5030indf:  Key section of the law which you need to know to get results with your appeals.


13 -- ERISA Letter to File an Appeal.pdf:  Use this letter today to get results when claims are denied.


14 -- ERISA Letter to Request for a Copy of the Summary Plan Description, Claim Appeal Procedure, EOB.pdf:  The first step in an ERISA appeal is to get a copy of the plan document. This is the letter to send.


14.1 -- ERISA Patient Authorization Form.pdf: Your patients must sign this form so that you can file appeals and request a copy of the Summary Plan Description on their behalf.


15 -- ERISA Self-Insured Plans ADOI Letter.pdf:  This is the position of the Arizona Department of Insurance regarding ERISA self-insured plans.


16 -- Understanding ERISA.pdf:  Complicated subject, simple explanation.


17 -- Understanding ERISA Detailed.pdf:  Complicated subject, detailed but understandable explanation.





18 -- The path to medical referrals.pdf:  Key information about how to get referrals from MDs and DOs.


19 -- MD-DC Alignment in Practice.pdf:  An entire book by a DC who once was a drug representative and knows exactly how to get into and talk comfortably with MDs and DOs. This is a blueprint with detailed plans.




20 -- Recordkeeping as Mandated by the Arizona Chiropractic Board.pdf:  Detailed instruction complied and updated by ACS over many years.


21 -- Record Keeping and Documentation Course.pdf:  Outline of course given by lead auditor retained by the Arizona Chiropractic Board.


22 -- Record Keeping 2005: Full course notes given by former Chiropractic Board chairman. Click here to open this 56 page document with complete instructions on record keeping.


23 -- Medicare Noridian Chiropractic Coverage and Documentation 2010.pdf


24 -- CMS Rules for reporting timed codes.pdf:  These are the rules for reporting timed codes which you must follow to be in compliance with the requirements of the Arizona Chiropractic Board for all documentation.


24.1 -- Forms:

1.      Assignment of Benefits and Payment Agreement Form

2.      Informed Consent

3.      Nordhoff Patient Intake Form 2000A

4.      Nordhoff Patient Intake Form 2000A Updates

5.      Nordhoff Patient Intake Form 2000B

6.      Update to Nordhoff Forms

7.      Pain Drawing 2011

8.      Medicare Records 2011

9.      Pain Intensity and Disability Graph for Documenting Recovery

10.  Progress SOAP Note

11.  Outcome Assessment Tools for Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions including Numeric Rating Scale, Visual Analogue Scale, Oswestry, Roland Morris, Neck and Extremity Disability, Fear Avoidance, Patient Health Questionnaire and more.  


     Lawrence S. Nordhoff, Jr., D.C., is the preeminent author of chiropractic office forms today. Forms #3-9 above were created by him. ACS urges you to buy his entire book of forms for only $150. His webpage is Part of the purchase price will be donated to the ACS legal fund. 




25 -- Medical Records Protocol 2010.pdf:  Arizona Chiropractic Board requires you have this on file in your office at all times. ACS updates the Protocol whenever the law changes and sends the updated version every year to members.


26 -- How to search the National Library of Medicine and retrieve articles from a medical library.pdf:  These are the types of journal articles the Arizona Chiropractic Board requires you to have to back up your claims.


27 -- DC Power of Attorney directing payments to doctor.pdf:  Use when an insurance company refuses to honor assignments of benefits.


28 -- DC Power of Attorney Instructions.pdf:  Instructions for #27.


29 -- State Board Investigations and Disciplinary Actions.pdf:  Every doctor with a state license needs to read this background document about boards and discipline. Forewarned is forearmed.




30 - Ethics Opinion 98-06 which requires PI lawyers to pay your bill if they know it exists (constructive knowledge) even if there is no written agreement.


31 - Balance Billing in PI Cases:  Why balance billing to a third party insurer is almost always allowed in PI cases including citations to legal authorities.


32 - PI Attorney's Explanation of Healthcare Provider Liens: Detailed explanation of the  law.


33 - Sample form for Notice and Claim of Medical Lien:  Fill in the blanks with your office information.


34 - Sample form for Release of Medical Lien:  Fill in the blanks with your office information.


35 - Arizona Department of Insurance Circular Letter 2000-02 mandating fair investigations of low speed impact automobile accidents. Use to combat insurance company fraud.


36 -- Forms:


Attorney Lien Form

2.      Automobile Accident Report Form

3.      Injury Causation Checklist






3515 East Carol Avenue

Phoenix, Arizona 85028

VOICE: 602.368.9496 FAX: 866.567.6762



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Click here to learn how to become a Corporate Member -- Platinum, Gold and Silver Levels Available


ACS posts listing of Corporate Members and Sponsors here and Online Classifieds here. Our Corporate Members offer great services and products and they support the Arizona chiropractic profession. You should FIRST do business with them.


Pincus & Associates, PC and Pincus & Lespron, PC: excellence in personal injury law. Click here for the firm's website.


Standard X-Ray: x-ray services and supplies. Website: Call Lisa Dionisio at 602-275-3344 or go online to


Dr.. Tallman NMD Prolotherapy: naturopathic medicine. Contact the office at 480.922.1101 or visit for more information.


Scottsdale Medical Imaging (SMIL): medical imaging with MD and DC reports. Ten locations. For order forms, Call/email Shannon Barrow at 480.425.4136 or


Cancer Treatment Centers of America: full service conventional cancer hospital with the bonus of naturopathic and chiropractic care, healthy organic nutrition, much more. For more information, your patients can call 800-234-9113 or go to


Team Motion X-Ray: mobile digital motion x-ray to objectively document ligament instability. Visit and call 602-694-5014 for a demonstration.


Custom X-Ray Equipment Sales & Service: The Arizona Chiropractic X-Ray Solution Since 1968. Call Custom X-Ray at 602-439-3100 or 800-230-9726.


Wholesale Credit Card Processing for ACS Members: ACS has teamed up with Eliot Management Group to offer members special WHOLESALE RATES on their credit card processing! ACS itself has converted all processing to Eliot due to the incredible savings. Contact Jerry Waling at 602-685-1400 today!


ChiroFutures Malpractice Program: Securing the future, managing your risk. Comprehensive coverage and competitive rates. Best value in the market. Contact: or 800.219.9090. Key administrator is Dr. Matt McCoy, a name long associated in chiropractic with integrity and intelligence.


Protandim Is A Great New Herbal Product For Patient Health And Your Bottom Line. Breakthrough patented blend of herbs to combat aging and many diseases is supported by seven peer-reviewed studies. Doctors around the country are experiencing new explosive income from this source in their practices. Call (800) 808-9442 to learn how to distribute and begin to help patients now. Endorsed by Dr. Immerman due to the scientific evidence.


Click here to learn how to become an ACS Corporate Member -- Platinum, Gold and Silver Levels Available


To see the sizes and costs of Corporate ads in the ACS newsletter and online, click here. The deadline for placing an ad is the 28th of the month preceding publication. Call ACS at (602) 368-9496 or send an email to to place an ad.


Click here to read the ACS Four Point Plan for ASH, 3 of 4 parts of which are in action now. Learn the all-important information about how to file complaints which YOU MUST FILE NOW against ASH with the Attorney General (click here for AG complaint instructions) and with the Arizona Department of Insurance (click here for ADOI complaint instructions). Click here to read the newsletter on the entire subject.



     Litigation is expensive but without it there is no hope of restoring insurance equality. We know that right now your cash flow is decreased because of current tactics by insurance companies. The only hope of reversing the status quo is to gain enforcement of our excellent insurance equality law. The only way to accomplish this goal is to get a judge to order ADOI to enforce the law. This takes a lawsuit which means lawyers and money.


    Be smart and invest in this lawsuit to restore health insurance coverage for chiropractic. There are multiple ways to help. You can either join as a member or donate in any amount by clicking on the Become a Member Online or Donate Today Online! You will be directed to our online secure server for your transaction. Act today and safeguard your future. This lawsuit is literally your only hope. Even $25 to $50 per month donations are meaningful and there is no doctor in Arizona that cannot afford this amount. Everyone needs to participate in this effort in order for us to have a chance at winning. It's  now or never. This is truly D-Day for chiropractic in Arizona.