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Breaking News September 23, 2009


You have never seen this kind of information from ACS before. In an age of health care reform, chiropractors should lead with the smartest ideas. ACS has posted links to the best on its webpage. Read about some of them in this newsletter. Take your message to the public. It's time.

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Former JAMA editor says most coronary bypass surgeries and angioplasties
stents not medically necessary 
The former 17 year editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association has recently written that most coronary bypass surgeries and angioplasty procedures/stenting are not medically necessary. He states that most patients could instead be managed "medically" which means with drugs and diet. He concludes that billions of dollars could be saved today if such patients were treated appropriately.
This constitutes an admission from a top insider in the medical world that the major and most expensive treatments for the number one killer disease in the U.S. are NOT NEEDED and are a complete waste of money.
ACS has posted this MD's editorial together with all of the scientific documentation that supports his opinion at
Key point: most patients with heart disease can be managed without drugs and surgery simply with diet. The documentation for this is also on the ACS webpage. Chiropractors can manage many of these cases themselves. There is a link to a peer-reviewed journal study showing before and after angiograms of coronary arteries of patients who were only treated with a plant-based diet, and the arteries look like they were treated with stents.  Are you ready to liberate the masses from the surgical mill so that they can achieve real health? Then read the resources which ACS has made available.

Former JAMA editor states most chemotherapy and radiation treatment of metastatic cancer useless, unthinkable and for profit only

In a recent editorial, a former 17 year editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association wrote that once cancer has spread, i.e., metastasized, the odds of survival today are not any better than they were before the War on Cancer was declared forty years' ago, except for a few rare exceptions. This MD wrote that most treatment of metastatic cancer does next to nothing to prolong life and is not only useless but "unthinkable" and only done for profit.
ACS has posted the editorial by the former JAMA editor at You will also find links to the three articles in the New York Times series called The Forty Years' War which discusses in detail the long war on cancer and the failure to make any real progress following the medical model.
Read on and you will discover there is hope. We have no magic cure, but science has now shown that with proper lifestyle you can either discourage or encourage the growth of cancer cells in your body. it is your choice. ACS has posted all the science you could ever want to see. Read and spread the word. There are lives to be saved. Here's the link: It's clear that if you don't spread the word, nobody else out there is going to do it!

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