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December 2008
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ACS Salutes and Congratulates Governor-To-Be Jan Brewer, Spouse of John Brewer, D.C.
ACS Vision for 2009
ACS and AAC Goals and Objectives are Different
Chiropractic Board Dramatically Retreats in Stender Case, Rules He Did Not Intentionally Lie
Breaking News and Updates
Medical Records Protocol: You Need It for Relicensure, ACS Has It
December 2008 Announcement About ACS New Member Benefits
Group Health Insurance for Employees and Family Members, High Quality Arizona Insurer
CCGPP and ICA Best Practices: Last Call for Your Input

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Board of Directors:
Names of all Board Members are available to ACS Members on Request

            ACS has retained U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini (Retired) to lobby Arizona officials to solve the copay and deductible discrimination. We are hopeful this one last lobbying effort will solve the problem much more quickly than would be possible with litigation. ACS is still fully prepared to litigate if necessary.
            The first meetings were held 12/03/08 between Senator DeConcini, Arizona officials, Dr. Immerman and a top aide from the Senator's Washington, DC office. Here is a link to the Wash., DC office where you can find a bio and picture of the Senator:
            Senator DeConcini is a  long-time friend of chiropractic in Arizona and personally of Dr. Immerman. He represented Arizona in the United States Senate with great honor and distinction for almost twenty years from the 1970s to the 1990s. There is hardly a single Democrat in Arizona that cannot trace his or her political start to Sen. DeConcini. For example, when Bill Clinton became President in 1993, he asked the senior Democratic Senator from Arizona who he would suggest to be appointed as U.S. Attorney. Dennis suggested Janet Napolitano and thus her political career was launched. Prior to that time she had been a private attorney at Lewis & Roca. 
            ACS is not at liberty to tell you exactly who we met with or what we discussed but you can be sure of one thing: We are focused on enforcement of our insurance equality law "like no other" as the kids would say today in street parlance. We are very hopeful that our old and trusted friend Senator DeConcini, known as a very effective and influential figure for many years, will be able to push the ball the last few yards across the goal line. We will report any and all developments just as soon as they develop!
            In regard to timing of this announcement, we waited until now since we have legally disclosed our relationship with Sen. DeConcini as required to the office of the Arizona Secretary of State. All ACS lobbyists must be registered. Since this is public knowledge, we elected to share this information in the newsletter as well.
            This extraordinary step of hiring an eminent Washington, DC lobbyist is costly so please join if you are not already a member and help support the expense of the effort to achieve insurance equality. You can find a membership application at Full membership is only $100 per month. Please join today.

Warm regards,
Alan M. Immerman, D.C.
President & Executive Director
ACS Salutes and Congratulates Governor-To-Be Jan Brewer, Spouse of John Brewer, D.C.
ACS salutes and congratulates Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer who is slated to become Arizona Governor in early 2009 when current Governor Janet Napolitano leaves to join President-Elect Barack Obama's cabinet as Homeland Security Secretary. Secretary Brewer, a long-time friend of chiropractic, is married to Dr. John Brewer, a retired Arizona chiropractor.

Jan served in the Arizona Legislature for fourteen years during the 1980s and 1990s. She consistently supported chiropractic during that time. Dr. Immerman worked daily at the Legislature for most of those years, leading to the passage of the current chiropractic insurance equality laws. To illustrate Jan and John's contribution, read this from the ACS October 1998 newsletter:

Four key individuals provided extremely valuable advice and direction (over the past ten years): John Brewer, D.C., John's spouse Senator Jan Brewer, Ted Kern, D.C., ACA expert on state insurance equality laws, and State Senator Wayne Stump, D.C. Without help from these individuals, we never would have succeeded in passing insurance equality legislation in Arizona.

Dr.  John Brewer served on the Chiropractic Board in the 1970s and then as the Executive Director of the Arizona Naturopathic Board with great distinction throughout most of the 1990s until 2001. He was, more than any single person, responsible for the fact that Arizona NMDs have the best scope of practice in the nation. ACS and Dr. Immerman supported every one of Jan's legislative campaigns with extensive efforts. In 2002, ACS helped Jan collect contributions for her first Clean Elections' campaign for Secretary of State. Jan has always been well worth supporting for more than 2+ decades, and ACS will certainly support the Jan Brewer for Governor Campaign in 2010.

Some in the left-leaning media have attempted to portray Jan as a tight-fisted, mean-spirited fiscal conservative who will ruthlessly cut and slash social programs, leaving helpless people hungry, sick and homeless. However, Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, a prominent and outspoken Democrat, recently lauded Jan for fully funding and rehabilitating the Maricopa County mental health system when she was Chairwoman of the Board in the late 1990s. Supervisor Wilcox extolled Jan's profound compassion for the most sick and helpless, a quality Arizona chiropractors have seen again and again for years. Both Jan and John are deeply caring healers first and politicians second.

Soon-to-be-Governor Jan Brewer is an eminently fair and honest person who considers all sides thoroughly before making a decision. Arizona will be in excellent hands under Jan Brewer. Chiropractors will have a Governor with a special understanding that alternative health care deserves a seat at the table, and that Arizona citizens should have choice in health care. Arizona will become the only state in the nation with either a DC or a spouse of a DC as Governor. Truly, a new day is dawning. Be sure to join ACS in welcoming Jan Brewer to her new office.

Our sponsors are very special to ACS. They help make it possible to bring our written and electronic information to you. They help pay for the ink and postage! Won't you please consider them when you need a service or product? We obviously wouldn't do business with them if we didn't think they were good folks. Please be sure to give them a look. They are supporting your profession and deserve your gratitude for that.
ACS Vision for 2009

The Arizona Chiropractic Society is the only Arizona chiropractic association working to lower copays, coinsurance and deductibles in health insurance. ACS is also the only association working to reign in the Arizona Chiropractic Board. You can read extensive details and comprehensive documentation about our efforts at Here are the specific goals of ACS for 2009:


1. Gain proper enforcement of existing insurance equality laws through lobbying and litigation. ACS lobbyist Ed Wren is an expert in health care according to There are a limited number of registered lobbyists in Arizona with expertise in this area, and ACS is the only Arizona chiropractic association with a lobbyist who specializes in this field.

2. Block any legislation such as Mandate Lite which would weaken or repeal insurance equality laws.

3. Expand insurance equality laws into all other health care programs including AHCCCS.

4. Work with federal legislators to establish insurance equality in Medicare and ERISA.


1. Replace Board member Dr. Steve Baker when his 5 year term expires on 6/30/08. He was appointed to the Board at the request of the AAC which will lobby for his reappointment. He was almost a full-time insurance IME before ACS successfully lobbied to pass the Board conflict of interest law in 2006 that prohibits Dr. Baker from continuing to do insurance work.

2. Replace the Board's current insurance-based standard of "medically necessary treatment" with the public health-based standard of "clearly excessive treatment" as a basis for discipline. This change has been adopted in California.

3. Reinsert "of ethics" so that the Board can no longer discipline doctors for practicing contrary to "recognized standards in chiropractic." This broad and vague language has been applied in an arbitrary and capricious manner. ACS tried to restore the law to its pre-1995 form in 2008 but the bill failed due to AAC opposition. ACS is lobbying AAC members to reverse AAC opposition.

4. Lobby to have the Arizona Auditor General perform an audit of the Board before the normal scheduled date of 2011.


ACS will continue to affirmatively support both broad-scope and subluxation-focused chiropractic practice. ACS is truly a live and let live organization. Chiropractors who practice to the full extent of the Arizona scope of practice including in-office blood analysis, full physical examinations, treatment of cardiovascular disease with lifestyle modifications, etc., find full support from ACS. ACS is investigating the possibility of an advanced practice certification for those DCs who want an expanded scope.

Likewise, DCs who focus solely on subluxation detection and correction are supported by ACS. There are few organizations nationwide that affirmatively support both branches of the profession in order to achieve unity so that general progress can be achieved for the profession. In accord with its principles, ACS supports both the ACA and ICA.


ACS is developing Evidence-Based Marketing ™, the first marketing program to include references to peer-reviewed journal articles accepted by the National Library of Medicine. Such references are now required by the Arizona Chiropractic Board. This new marketing material is being developed together with ACS' new partner, Affordable Image (AI), a veteran in the industry in Arizona for many years. Elsewhere in this newsletter is a presentation of the overall marketing package recommended by ACS for every chiropractic office and developed by AI. It includes professional and unique business cards, stationary, holiday and birthday cards, and more. AI marketing coaches will meet with ACS members one-on-one to teach them how to develop the most effective marketing programs for any budget.


Alan Immerman PhotoFor 2009, the ACS team will consist of the old and the new. ACS will continue to be guided by Dr. Alan Immerman as it has been since its inception in 1991. There is something to be said for experience and a long track record of proven results. Dr. Jenna Haggard is current ACS Vice-President.

Alan Immerman, DC, left, will continue as President and Executive Director of ACS.

Joining the ACS team for 2009 are Edward J. Wren and Frederick C. Berry, Jr. Ed is a 25 year veteran at the Arizona legislature and now is ACS' new legislative lobbyist. His areas of expertise include health care, law enforcement and the hospitality industry. He represents University Physicians, the faculty of the UA Medical School. Ed's bio is posted on the ACS web page. He has special empathy for the mistreatment of patients by insurance companies since he was once a prominent victim of HMO malpractice, written about in a local newspaper article also posted by ACS. Ed is Government Relations Director for the Arizona Juvenile Diabetes Association and an Honorary Member of the Arizona Highway Patrol Association. He is widely respected at the Legislature. Read more details and link to articles about Ed at

ACS has retained attorney Frederick C. Berry, Jr. to sue the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) to force ADOI to properly interpret and enforce the Arizona insurance equality law for chiropractic, ARS 20-461(A) 17 and 20-461(B). This will result in dramatic lowering of copayments, coinsurance and deductibles for chiropractic care in health insurance policies. Mr. Berry is a former ADOI Deputy Director and now a top Arizona insurance lawyer with 33 years experience. Ten years ago, he won a landmark case against ADOI in the Arizona Supreme Court. You can link to Mr. Berry's webpage and this case on the ACS webpage at ACS has the funds on hand for this litigation and is poised to act when necessary. ACS is the only state association in Arizona pursuing enforcement of the Arizona insurance equality law.


    ACS will never release the name of any member to any party at any time for any reason whatsoever. ACS completely protects the identity and privacy of every member.
ACS and AAC Goals and Objectives are Different

ACS' goals and objectives for 2009 are listed above: Achieve insurance equality and reform the Chiropractic Board. Each of your two state associations has its own set of objectives. You should know what they are so that you can know which organization best fits your needs and deserves your support.

Just recently, the AAC announced that its main objective for 2009 is to support a lawsuit to recover funds swept from the Chiropractic Board by the State of Arizona to balance the state budget. The AAC is not planning on joining the ACS legal action to achieve insurance equality.

If the AAC' lawsuit fails and the Board has to raise licensing fees, a worst case scenario might be a $50 per year increase. If the ACS lawsuit to achieve insurance equality succeeds, even the smallest chiropractic office will see an increase in monthly health insurance collections of thousands of dollars. It is for this reason that ACS members have elected to pursue insurance equality and not the Chiropractic Board funding issue with the limited resources at hand.

ACS welcomes your comments and feedback on this or any other matter. Our email is Please indicate in your email whether we have your permission to publish your letter in the newsletter.
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Chiropractic Board Dramatically Retreats in Stender Case, Rules He Did Not Intentionally Lie

Under the glare and intense pressure of a spotlight shined by ACS with the entire profession watching, the Chiropractic Board dramatically retreated in the Stender case and ruled that there were no intentional lies aimed at misleading and scaring patients about the hazards of subluxations. The Board has now simply concluded that Dr. Stender did not sufficiently back up some of his claims with adequate scientific references and so he cannot continue to make those claims. The Board does have the power to determine which references are acceptable.

ACS had adamantly objected to the Board's baseless characterization of Dr. Stender as a liar and con artist and, fortunately, the Board reversed itself when it considered the request for rehearing, thus avoiding a battle in Superior Court which Dr. Stender would surely have easily won. ACS congratulates Dr. Stender on this vindication of his good name and character, and salutes attorney Brent Peugnet, D.C. for a job very well done.

This is a great victory for common sense and the Arizona chiropractic profession. ACS wishes it was a predictor of better times with the current Board as constituted but, unfortunately, that would be a reckless fantasy. Current Board members simply must be replaced, together with current staff. ACS continues to call for complete turnover. The Stender case is just another example of a Board completely out of control, rife with bad judgment.

Throughout the outrageous conduct of the Board towards Dr. Stender, the AAC was completely silent. There has never been a single case where the AAC has publicly criticized the Board's handling of a DC in Arizona. Doctors have realized there is no separation between the AAC and the Board - they are one as they walk in lockstep with offices in the same building across the hall from one another. ACS is the only state association independent from the Board, willing and able to freely criticize when appropriate and necessary as in the Stender case. If ACS had remained silent, Dr. Stender may have been railroaded like many other doctors before him.



Don't miss breaking news -- sign up for the free monthly ACS e-newsletter at, and check the frequently updated website regularly. Go to the homepage at the upper left corner, enter your email address, and strike enter. Then you will be in the loop.

Also, ACS posts Arizona Chiropractic Board meeting minutes on the ACS Chiro Board webpage for all to see. Now you can finally learn what the Board is doing every month at its meetings. ACS wants the profession to see exactly how the Board is (mis)behaving.

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Breaking News and Updates from

NOVEMBER 20, 2008: ACS posts September 2008 Arizona Chiropractic Board minutes at ACS comprehensive Board webpage

OCTOBER 25, 2008: A new posting which is a must read, the August 1990 AzCA News Special Collector's Edition Insurance Equality Law. As ACS draws nearer to filing suit against ADOI for failing to enforce this law, learn how it was originally enacted.

OCTOBER 20, 2008: All new Insurance Laws and Issues Page including links to past local newspaper and trade publication articles about Arizona chiropractic legislative efforts. Also posted are letters from key leading legislators.

OCTOBER 20, 2008: Best practices debate in chiropractic heats up as CCGPP and ICA compete. Read valuable information about both in a series of special articles linked to this page. Learn how CCGPP only supports 6-12 visits per condition. 30 state associations including ACS have rejected CCGPP while only 2, including AAC, have endorsed it.

MOST READ: Arizona State Rep. Mark Anderson requests Special Audit of Arizona Chiropractic Board by Arizona Auditor General. Read his letter here. Rep. Anderson made this request after being asked to by ACS. The AAC has announced it does not support an audit of the Board at this time.

MOST READ: ACS posts response to Ombudsman's-Citizen's Aide's report on Chiropractic Board. ACS also posts winning legal motion filed in Superior Court in 2007 against Board. Go to Arizona Chiropractic Board page.
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Medical Records Protocol:
You Need It for Relicensure, ACS Has It

The Chiropractic Board requires that you have a Medical Records Protocol on file in your office. ACS has retained a health care attorney to write such a protocol. This document has been newly revised in 2008 due to changes in the rules pertaining to chiropractic. ACS is the only organization that has retained an attorney who is a specialist in health care law to write a Medical Records Protocol. To get a copy, simply look in your email inbox if you are a member. If you are not a member, join today and we will email you a copy.  
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December 2008 Announcement About ACS New Member Benefits

The ACS Special Treasure Member Benefits are now available in PDF format for your convenience. The PDF documents have been sent to you. In addition, they have all been numbered and accompanied by a Table of Contents with separate categories. The complete list, with the Table of Contents and names and numbers of each document, is posted at If you are a member and want a copy of any single document, just send a request listing the number.

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Dr.  Immerman has testified 103 times in Arizona personal injury cases in the past 11 years.  With these legal appearances and the experience of writing nearly 1,000 rebuttal reports to IMEs and low speed impact experts, there is much knowledge and experience freely shared with members. This includes a vast library of all the up-to-date peer-reviewed journal articles on chiropractic, PI and many other health-related subjects which every forensic expert witness must have to be effective. These documents are freely shared with members.
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CCGPP and ICA Best Practices: Last Call for Your Input

The CCGPP Best Practices have been available for your review for a significant period of time. Now, the ICA Best Practices have also been available for enough time for you to come to a conclusion. It is ACS' judgment that the time has come for your Arizona state association to endorse a Best Practice document for Arizona. ACS has been soliciting comments from both members and non-members for months. This will be the last time we will ask for comments. All comments must be received prior to January 15, 2009, and then the final decision will be published in the February 1, 2009 ACS Newsletter.

The ICA and CCGPP documents differ greatly and will dictate your future. Read all of the following and get involved. The electronic version of the newsletter has hotlinks to the following. For those reading the paper version, go to the ACS webpage at and you will find the links there. 

Triano and CCGPP will give you six visits, Part I, American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic, July, 2006

Triano and CCGPP will give you six visits, Part II, American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic, July, 2006. Reported survey of state associations on CCGPP. 30 associations including ACS demanded documented be withdrawn. 2 associations including AAC supported CCGPP. Arizona AAC and CCGPP members include Arlan Fuhr, DC, AAC Gold Member, Wayne Bennett, D.C., former AAC President, and DH Leavitt.

Triano and CCGPP will give you six visits, Part III, American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic, July, 2006

Association of NJ Chiropractors questions CCGPP, April, 2008

ICA Position Paper on CCGPP, 2006

CCGPP Homepage

ICA Best Practices Homepage

ICA Best Practices preface and author information detailed

At this time, the strong consensus of Arizona chiropractors is in favor of the ICA Best Practices.

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FOR SALE: Universal 325 x-ray machine. AFP Mini-Med 90 Processor. Great condition. 7 years old, cost $20,000 new. $9,500 or best offer. Call Dr. Brown, DC at 480-377-1226.

NOVA SUMMIT XRAY MACHINE: Model #B360, made in 1996. Also: Konica Processor SRX 101, cassettes and film. Asking $6000 for all. May purchase individually. Call Dr. Cradic in Yuma at 928-344-2460.

JTech wired ROM and Muscle Testing for sale. In perfect condition. Includes dual inclinometry, range of motion, dynamometer muscle testing, Tracker interface box, carry case, accessories, manuals and software.  Package originally purchased for $5945. Asking $2900. (480) 610-5433 KS

Chiropractic Equipment for Sale: Oak X-ray View Box, $350. Constant Glide-Connects NCM or Thermo scribe, $150. B.J. Palmer Stereoscopic Viewer, $500. Whale vertebra, $125. 14 x 36 Universal moving Bucky for full spine x-rays, $250. Call Dr. Panchesin, D.C. 520-294-0400.

Hoggan Proof Preferred ROM & MMT: perfect condition. Dual inclinometers, muscle tester according to AMA Guides with reports, 08 software, manual, booklet & case. Superior to J-Tech. Seller will train user! Re-licensing fee applicable. Negotiable. Call 602-620-7471. AM

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