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November 2008
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ACS Retains Top Insurance Lawyer to Sue ADOI
An Editorial on Dr. Stender's Case
The Arizona Documentation Seminar You Can't Miss
The Third Branch of Government
Medical Records Protocol: You Need It for Relicensure, ACS Has It
2006-2009 ACS Effort to Lower Copays and Deductibles - A Commentary by ACS President Dr. Immerman
Group Health Insurance for Employees and Family Members, High Quality Arizona Insurer
AAC President-Elect Dr. Benner asks "Is the AAC in Cahoots with The Chiropractic Board?"
Dr. Brett Saks Tragically Passes Away in Bicycle Accident
50% of Doctors Prescribe Placebos
November 2008 Announcement About ACS New Member Benefits
ACS Retains Leading Arizona Lobbyist to Represent Profession at State Legilature
CCGPP and ICA Best Practices: Time for You to Choose
Chiropractors' Most Untapped Patient Source

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--Alan Immerman, D.C.,
ACS President

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ACS Retains Top Insurance Lawyer to Sue ADOI
ACS has retained attorney Frederick C. Berry, Jr to sue ADOI to lower copays and deductibles in Arizona. He is a former ADOI Deputy Director and now a top Arizona insurance lawyer with 33 years experience. Ten years ago, he won in a landmark case against ADOI in the Arizona Supreme Court. Link to Mr. Berry's comprehensive webpage and this key case via Read an article by Mr. Berry in this month's newsletter.

ACS has the funds on hand to cover Mr. Berry's legal fees in full. A complaint has been filed with ADOI regarding a chiropractic visit where the copay and deductible were higher than for medical care. As soon as ADOI responds to this complaint, which is expected any day, the lawsuit against ADOI will be filed.

ACS President Dr. Immerman stated: "The gun is loaded, the hammer is cocked, and we are ready to pull the trigger at a moment's notice. Our profession desperately needs the relief that ACS will bring with this lawsuit. Expect falling copays and deductibles once a judge intervenes and our insurance equality law is properly enforced."

Arizona has the best insurance equality law in the nation. In 1989, ACS' predecessor organization AzCA combined the laws from Wisconsin and Florida to create the Arizona statute. ACS has recently posted valuable materials online including:

August 1990 AzCA News Special Collectors Edition Insurance Equality Law. Read this seminal publication now to learn how the original law was enacted. Also, read many important letters from key state legislators who were involved by clicking here.

"The Battle Against BCBS Rages On," CAA Insight, 1988, launched fight that resulted in passage of law

"Hearing planned for claims feud," 1988 newspaper article about legal battle between chiropractors and BCBS

"Chiropractor sues BCBS over limit reimbursement," 1988 newspaper article about lawsuit filed by Dr. Immerman against BCBS

"BCBS sues CAA so need contributions," BCBS countersued the Arizona chiropractic association
The AAC has announced it will spend members' dues dollars on a lawsuit against the State of Arizona to recover monies swept from the Arizona Chiropractic Board. The State took money from many boards to help balance the general budget this year. A few associations have joined in a lawsuit to try to recover some of these funds. The AAC thinks the Board may not be able to adequately regulate the profession without return of all money that was taken.

ACS believes the Board can protect the health, welfare and safety of the public with less money than it has had in the past simply by focusing less on minor violations that pose no threat to the public.  Therefore, ACS will not be spending precious members' dues dollars on litigation to restore funding to the Chiropractic Board. Members' dollars will instead be spent to fund litigation to lower copays and deductibles and help chiropractors survive in practice. ACS represents the interests of the profession, not the Board.  

Final note: ACS announced in October that attorney Carol Cure would be representing ACS in the lawsuit against ADOI. Unfortunately, Carol had a family crisis and had to withdraw. We wish her the best and hope her crisis has positive outcome.

Our sponsors are very special to ACS. They help make it possible to bring our written and electronic information to you. They help pay for the ink and postage! Won't you please consider them when you need a service or product? We obviously wouldn't do business with them if we didn't think they were good folks. Please be sure to give them a look. They are supporting your profession and deserve your gratitude for that.
Dr. David Stender Files for Rehearing - Update on Subluxation as an Endangered Species

(See an Editorial Commentary on Dr. Stender's case
following this article.)

As reported last month, the Arizona Chiropractic Board has found veteran Tucson chiropractor Dr. David Stender guilty of unprofessional conduct for using "scare tactics." The Board order states: "Respondent used deceptive and misleading information in his advertisement to frighten or intimidate prospective patients for marketing purposes."

Dr. Stender has taken the first legal step to overturn this finding by filing for a rehearing with the Board. This filing is posted on the Chiropractic Board page of It is expected that the Board will deny this request since the Board almost always denies such requests. It is required, however, to ask for a rehearing before you can file a lawsuit against the Board in Superior Court which is expected to be Dr. Stender's next step.
This lawsuit with the Board will not focus on whether Dr. Stender's statements about subluxation were true or false. The battle will focus over whether Dr. Stender believed his statements were true at the time he made them. The Board concluded that Dr. Stender did not believe his own statements about subluxation were true. Dr. Stender is going to ask the Court to rule that he simply believed what he was saying was true at the time he made the statements. ACS expects the Court to rule in his favor immediately.
An Editorial on Dr. Stender's Case

Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President

Many of you have found it incredible that the Board would conclude Dr. Stender did not believe what he was saying was true when he made his statements. Some have asked how the Board could have come to such a conclusion. Dr. Stender's legal paperwork states the Board acted out of "passion or prejudice." This would explain the absence of any clear rational thought process. ACS predicts an independent judge will find the Board's conclusion baseless and throw it out quickly.

Some of you have expressed concern over a few of the advertising claims of Dr. Stender with which the Board found fault. It may have been appropriate to issue Dr. Stender a non-disciplinary Advisory Letter stating that he needed to change a few isolated statements. However, the penalty he was given, unprofessional conduct, was excessive. This penalty is reserved by other licensing boards for cases where there was actual patient harm or death, neither of which occurred in this case. This entire case was based on a complaint for failure to release records within the required time limit. A Board subpoena for all patient records incidentally discovered the advertising statements.

The battle over what chiropractors can and cannot say about subluxations will be left for another day. Based on recent Board action, it is permissible to at least mention subluxation. The Board has opened a complaint against IME doctor Preston Long, D.C. for claiming in his IME reports that subluxation does not exist. Dr. Long regularly tells his insurance company attorney clients in reports that "subluxation is a myth that only exists in the minds of chiropractors." The Board is going to consider disciplinary action against Dr. Long on the basis that subluxation is a legal entity in Arizona and no DC can say it does not exist.

But what are the consequences of subluxation? Aches and pain, or overall health effects? What will the Arizona Chiropractic Board let you say in your advertisements before you are condemned and harshly disciplined for "scare tactics"? No one knows the answer to this question. At this time, ACS advises all doctors to be very cautious and only base claims on scientific literature that has been peer-reviewed and published in journals indexed in Medline and PubMed and accepted by the National Library of Medicine. For specific guidance, I invite members to contact me personally.

Subluxation is an endangered species in Arizona but it is not extinct. You can diagnose and treat subluxation in Arizona. But if you make claims that subluxations affect health or any disease, you will be subjected to intense scrutiny and possibly harsh discipline by the Board.

Ironically, at the same time, acupuncture is sweeping the medical community. Broad claims of clinical efficacy are being made based on needling acupoints with no Western physiological basis, to restore the flow of chi energy which cannot be measured with Western science. This is somewhat analogous to subluxation theory, yet if chiropractors made the same claims which MDs commonly make today for acupuncture, chiropractors would be disciplined for making false and misleading statements.

Blaming health problems on interference in flow of chi is much safer today than blaming health problems on nerve interference caused by subluxation. Acupuncture is seen as a respectable system based on 5000 years of Chinese tradition. There is one main reason: money.  Any MD can incorporate acupuncture into his practice with little or no training, but no MD can adjust spines without a nearly impossible amount of training in a difficult manual skill. MDs can control and profit from acupuncture but not adjustments. Therefore, the lack of proven scientific underpinning for acupuncture is no problem for most MDs. But, if chiropractors were to make the same claims as acupuncturists commonly do every day, DCs would surely be called overreaching quacks once again.

Even the ACA portrays acupuncture in a more favorable light than subluxation theory. Go to, Chiropractic Laws page, and read the 2008 PDF from the ACA on acupuncture. The ACA claims acupuncture works for asthma and fibromyalgia without references. The Arizona Board would probably harshly discipline your license for false and misleading advertisements if you claimed that adjusting subluxations would resolve these two conditions without references. But, with this PDF from the ACA, you can probably make these claims for acupuncture, even though there is no more science to back up acupuncture than there is for subluxation. Acupuncture is just more politically correct, mainly because it has been accepted by the medical profession.
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Also, ACS posts Arizona Chiropractic Board meeting minutes on the ACS Chiro Board webpage for all to see. Now you can finally learn what the Board is doing every month at its meetings. ACS wants the profession to see exactly how the Board is (mis)behaving.

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The Third Branch of Government

By Frederick C. Berry, Jr., J.D., CPCU, CLU

Remember eighth grade civics?  We were taught that there are three co-equal branches of government.  First, the Legislative branch debates and adopts laws by consensus.  Second, the Executive branch administers and enforces the laws.  Finally, the Judicial interprets the laws and resolves disputes regarding how the laws should be enforced and administered.

As an insurance lawyer, I see the Arizona Legislature doing its work.  The Legislature is a place to fairly discuss what the insurance law of Arizona should be.  Those insurance laws are administered and enforced by the Arizona Department of Insurance.  The Arizona Department of Insurance, of course, is primarily concerned with making sure that insurance companies are solvent but it has other obligations.  It is charged with enforcing the insurance laws with the view toward its principle constituency, the insurance buying public of Arizona.

When an insurance law adopted by the Arizona Legislature is clear and unambiguous, there is no reason by the Arizona Director of Insurance should not enforce that law according to its terms.  For example, the Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act is a model law established by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners [NAIC].  Although a uniform state law, it has been adapted to reflect the needs of Arizona insurance consumers.  For example, insurers are specifically prohibited from refusing to pay charges for reasonable and necessary services provided any medical, osteopathic or chiropractic physician.  A.R.S. § 20-461(A)(17).

When the Arizona Department of Insurance adopts an internal practice of disregarding a Legislative mandate and allows insurers to unfairly discriminate against charges for covered treatment provided by a chiropractic physician to an insured from charges provided by another physician, the insurance consumer should seriously consider asking the third co-equal branch of government, the judiciary, to intervene.

I have had the honor of representing many insurance consumers over the years. By way of background, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Insurance (1969) and a Juris Doctor degree (1973) from Arizona State University.  I served as the Deputy Director of Insurance of the State of Arizona from 1976 through 1978 and attained a professional insurance designation of Charter Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) in 1981 and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) in 1983.  I was pleased to serve as a member of the State Bar Insurance Committee for many years and as Chairman of that Committee for a number of years. 

Numerous insurance consumers over the years have asked me to represent them in litigation against insurance companies.  Oftentimes, these lawsuits involve establishing an insurance company's obligation to pay benefits promised in the insurance contract.  In some situations, I have represented parties in direct lawsuits against the Arizona Department of Insurance seeking judicial review of action taken by the Arizona Department of Insurance or seeking damages against the Arizona Department of Insurance because of its failure to enforce Arizona insurance statutes.  Some of these cases have gone beyond the trial court and have resulted in published Appellate Court decisions. 

Most notably, I represented an insurer in Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company v. Department of Insurance, 191 Ariz. 222, 954 P.2d 580 (1998).  There the Arizona Supreme Court held that the State of Arizona as not entitled to absolute immunity for an administrative decision where the Arizona Department of Insurance failed to follow a provision in the Arizona Insurance Code mandating that the insurance director "revoke or suspend" an insurer's certificate of authority if that insurance company was insolvent.  In that case, another insurance company was damaged when doing business with the insolvent insurance company in question and the Arizona Supreme Court held that the damaged insurance company directly against the Arizona Department of Insurance to recover money damages caused by the Arizona Department of Insurance's errors and omissions.
In Berenter v. Gallinger [Director of Insurance] 173 Ariz. 75, 839 P.2d 1120 (App. 1992), the Arizona Court of Appeals held that an administrative hearing officer at the Arizona Department of Insurance has broad discretion in considering the admissibility of evidence in disciplinary proceedings against the licensee.  In Herstram [Director of Insurance] v. Deloite & Touche, LLP, 186 Ariz. 110, 119 P.2d 1381 (App. 1996), the Arizona Court of Appeals held that a settlement on behalf of directors of a life insurance company in receivership should be affirmed because Arizona's joint and several liability statute conferred benefits on the insurance company receiver that could be waived.  In Great Southwest Fire Insurance Company v. Triple "I" Insurance Services, 151 Ariz. 283, 727 P.2d 336 (l986), I represented an insurance producer before the Arizona Supreme Court. There the Arizona Supreme Court held that the final judgment entered in an insurance company's lawsuit against the producer was a violation of the automatic stay provision of the United States Bankruptcy Code and violated the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution. Links to these cases, other reported decisions and articles I have published can be reviewed on my webpage,
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Medical Records Protocol:
You Need It for Relicensure, ACS Has It

The Chiropractic Board requires that you have a Medical Records Protocol on file in your office. ACS has retained a health care attorney to write such a protocol. This document has been newly revised in 2008 due to changes in the rules pertaining to chiropractic. ACS is the only organization that has retained an attorney who is a specialist in health care law to write a Medical Records Protocol. To get a copy, simply look in your email inbox if you are a member. If you are not a member, join today and we will email you a copy.  
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2006-2009 ACS Effort to Lower Copays and Deductibles - A Commentary by ACS President Dr. Immerman

In November 2006, ACS received the following email which we published in the next month's newsletter: "I know that other prominent ACS members are with me on this one, I would make this (the copay/deductible crisis) the PRIMARY goal of the ACS this next entire year. We are happy about the Chiro Board but, WE WON"T NEED A BOARD IF WE ALLOW THE INSURANCE COMPANIES TO RUN US ALL OUT OF BUSINESS! This is the most important issue that Chiropractic has on its plate now; if this is let alone and it upheld by the Department of Insurance, we have completely lost the battle because in essence, we are being told that as long as insurance companies hide their treachery behind the guise of treating everyone equal it's okay even if it's not equal in reality. Name Withheld"

In 2007 and 2008, ACS introduced legislation to try to solve this problem and then learned that existing law simply needs to be enforced. Therefore, ACS has been working with a chiropractic patient who has filed a complaint with ADOI regarding discriminatory copays and deductibles. This patient received care, submitted a claim and received an EOB. If, as expected, ADOI refuses to force the insurer to lower the copays and deductibles on this policy, ACS will move forward with legal action to force ADOI to adopt a new policy.

ACS talks the talk and walks the walk. When the copay/deductible crisis arose in 2006, we quickly acted with an aggressive legislative approach. As soon as we confirmed that existing law needs to be enforced to solve the problem, we have moved expeditiously in that direction. We intend to succeed in our quest of establishing true insurance equality in Arizona.

Our nearly 300 members receive regular emails with updates about strategy, attorneys, legal filings and much more. If you want to know all details and support this litigation which will breathe life into your insurance practice, join ACS. ACS is your action organization that actually makes change happen and is not satisfied with mere talking and endless meetings. We are going to solve this problem.
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AAC President-Elect Dr. Benner asks "Is the AAC in Cahoots with The Chiropractic Board?"

In a remarkable one page email to the profession dated 10/30/08, AAC President-Elect Dr. Benner asked: "Is the AAC in cahoots with the Chiropractic Board?" He, of course, answered "no."

Consider the following. The budget for the State of Arizona is in the red. Therefore, the State decided to take a small amount of money from each of the licensing boards to help balance the budget. Some of the professional associations have joined together in a lawsuit to recover this money for their respective licensing Boards so that they would be fully funded. The AAC has joined this group to recover all monies taken from the Chiropractic Board.

To clarify, the AAC is now spending members' dollars to serve as a collection agency for the Board, to recover money to help the Board meet its budget so that it can fully do its job, including the unnecessary prosecution of chiropractors for every single minor paperwork violation documented by ACS over the past few years. Does this mean that the AAC is in cahoots with the Chiropractic Board as asked by Dr. Benner? You decide. ACS has decided not to spend any money to help the Board recover these funds. ACS is in cahoots with the average chiropractor, not the Board.
Supporting the Chiropractic Community and Its Patients
Since 1993
NORTH PHOENIX                        TEMPE/MESA
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Call 602-971-8200 or email
Dr. Brett Saks Tragically Passes Away in Bicycle Accident

Brett Steven Saks, D.C. passed away Saturday, October 4th near Coolidge, AZ due to injuries sustained while training for the QMDC charity bicycle ride to benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation. He was born on August 17th, 1968 in Monticello, NY. He graduated from Florida State University and earned his D.C. from Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. Brett and his wife Kim made their home in Chandler, AZ, where Brett was a health and wellness coach. Donations on behalf of Dr. Saks may be made to Trees for Israel: or to Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge for Challenged Athletes Foundation:
50% of Doctors Prescribe Placebos

Taking Advantage of 'Placebo Effect' Is OK, Most Doctors Say

(Editor's note: The following are selected paragraphs from an article posted on WebMD. The link to the entire article is provided at the end. Dr. Immerman's comments are interspersed within in italics.)

Oct. 23, 2008 -- More than half of doctors offer fake prescriptions to make patients feel better -- and that's OK, most doctors say. The findings come from a survey of 679 internists and rheumatologists.

Fake drugs can have very real benefits. It's called the placebo effect. In clinical trials, many patients who receive placebos do better than real-world patients who get no treatment at all, notes study researcher Jon C. Tilburt, MD., formerly with the bioethics department of the National Institutes of Health, now assistant professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. The study appears in the Oct. 24 online first edition of the journal BMJ.

What did the doctors actually tell their patients? Over two-thirds of those who prescribed placebos told patients they were getting "medicine not typically used for your condition but which might benefit you."

Is it "appropriate" to fool patients this way? Yes, 62% of the doctors said.

"I don't think doctors have anything but the patients' best interest in mind when they give a placebo prescription," says Tilburt. "They are thinking about both the physical and psychological well-being of the patient."

While it may be true that doctors have patients' best interests in mind, this does not excuse deliberate lying about the nature of a treatment. If an Arizona chiropractor did this, his license would be revoked. "This is the doctor-patient relationship, and our expectations about being truthful about what's going on and about getting informed consent should give us pause about deception," said Dr. Miller, director of the research ethics program in the department of bioethics at the National Institutes of Health."

The hard-to-accept truth is that doctors don't have proven treatments for many of the ills that plague their patients.

This is quite an admission from WebMD, the most credible medical site online.

"With untreatable conditions or chronic conditions when we have run out of treatments, doctors are willing to try virtually anything -- if they are convinced it is safe -- to make the patient feel better, even if the mechanism is a psychological mechanism," Tilburt says.

Here's the official policy of the American Medical Association: Use of a placebo without the patient's knowledge may undermine trust, compromise the patient-physician relationship, and result in medical harm to the patient.

The use of placebos is widespread yet it is clearly unethical. Unbelievable. If this were happening in the chiropractic profession, heads would rightfully roll.

"What you can use as a placebo is complicated. I have seen people dispensing antibiotics as placebo for mothers who want something for their kids' flu," Caplan says. "Not only does this not help, but it does build up drug resistance and may have some serious side effects for the child."

Complicated? Of course it's complicated when you choose to give a drug to a patient who you know does not need any drug at all. It is clearly malpractice to prescribe any drug in such a situation yet this practice is widespread and the Medical Board does nothing.

Most doctors use relatively harmless drugs, such as baby aspirin, as placebos. Clearly, great care must be taken to ensure that the placebo drug's risk is less than the benefit of the hoped-for placebo effect.
"In the end, Tilburt suggests, the effectiveness of a placebo treatment may well hinge on the trust patients have in their doctors."

That gives us great relief knowing that doctors use placebos that are only "relatively" harmless. This just means they are not as harmful as some other drugs. Doctors who have sworn to "First, Do No Harm", are betraying their patients' sacred trust by dishonestly giving them harmful drugs that are not needed. The entire profession should be ashamed of itself.

"Maybe it isn't about taking a pill at all," he says. "Maybe it is the relationship between the doctor and the patient that makes the real difference."

Maybe, just maybe? This is what chiropractors have been preaching for a century. It's time everyone else started following our lead.

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Please RSVP to or call (954) 796-3114
by Wednesday December the 10th.
November 2008 Announcement About ACS New Member Benefits

The ACS Special Treasure Member Benefits are now available in PDF format for your convenience. The PDF documents have been sent to you. In addition, they have all been numbered and accompanied by a Table of Contents with separate categories. The complete list, with the Table of Contents and names and numbers of each document, is posted at If you are a member and want a copy of any single document, just send a request listing the number.

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OCTOBER 20, 2008: ACS retains top Arizona lobbyist to represent profession at state legislature. Read all details here.

OCTOBER 20, 2008: All new Insurance Laws and Issues Page including links to past local newspaper and trade publication articles about Arizona chiropractic legislative efforts. Also posted are letters from key leading legislators. Read today!

OCTOBER 20, 2008: Best practices debate in chiropractic heats up as CCGPP and ICA compete. Read valuable information about both in a series of special articles linked to this page. Learn how CCGPP only supports 6-12 visits per condition. 30 state associations including ACS have rejected CCGPP while only 2, including AAC, have endorsed it.

OCTOBER 20, 2008: ACS endorses two Arizona 12 hour CE courses in November. 2nd Neuromechanical Symposium 11/8-11/9 features Drs. Chris Colloca, Deed Harrison and Michael Freeman. Got Documentation on 11/22-11/23 by Dr. Gregg Friedman is the yearly record keeping seminar you can't miss. Go to to register.

OCTOBER 1, 2008: ACS posts July and August 2008 Arizona Chiropractic Board minutes at ACS comprehensive Board webpage
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ACS Retains Leading Arizona Lobbyist to Represent Profession at State Legilature

Now representing ACS at the Arizona Legislature is Edward J. Wren, a veteran of 25 years at the Capitol. His areas of expertise include health care, law enforcement and the hospitality industry. He also represents University Physicians, the faculty of the UA Medical School. Ed's bio is posted here.

Ed has special empathy for the mistreatment of patients by insurance companies since he was once a prominent victim of HMO malpractice, written about in a local newspaper article with a full color photo. Ed is Government Relations Director for the Arizona Juvenile Diabetes Association and an Honorary Member of the Arizona Highway Patrol Association. He is widely respected at the Legislature and will do a fantastic job for the chiropractic profession.
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CCGPP and ICA Best Practices: Time for You to Choose

Are you purely a back, neck and headache pain doctor who sees patients 6-12 visits per episode? If so, then you will love CCGPP. If you don't fit in that tight box, the ICA Best Practices may be right for you. The time has come to decide.

The CCGPP Best Practices documents have been published for a significant period of time and subject to significant commentary some of which is linked to below. Recently, the ICA published its Best Practices. The time has come for you to choose so that Arizona can adopt Best Practices for the entire state. Read all of the links below, decide whether CCGPP or ICA best represents your concept and practice of chiropractic, and submit your comments to ACS. Last month ACS publicly asked for responses to specific questions from CCGPP representatives including former AAC President Wayne Bennett, D.C. and former AAC 1st Vice President Arlan Fuhr, D.C., but no response was received.

One of the leading chiropractic researches in the world, Dr. Chris Colloca, is an author of the ICA Best Practices. He practices in Phoenix and is a member of ACS. Elsewhere in this newsletter is notice of his exciting upcoming Phoenix November 12 hour CE Neuromechanical Symposium endorsed by ACS. Another ICA author is Dr. Dan Murphy, widely accepted as the leading post-graduate instructor in the profession.  The ICA and CCGPP documents differ greatly and will dictate your future. Read all of the following and get involved.

Triano and CCGPP will give you six visits, Part I, American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic, July, 2006

Triano and CCGPP will give you six visits, Part II, American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic, July, 2006. Reported survey of state associations on CCGPP. 30 associations including ACS demanded documented be withdrawn. 2 associations including AAC supported CCGPP. Arizona AAC and CCGPP members include Arlan Fuhr, DC, AAC Gold Member, Wayne Bennett, D.C., former AAC President, and DH Leavitt.

Triano and CCGPP will give you six visits, Part III, American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic, July, 2006

Association of NJ Chiropractors questions CCGPP, April, 2008

ICA Position Paper on CCGPP, 2006

CCGPP Homepage

ICA Best Practices Homepage

ICA Best Practices preface and author information detailed

At this time, the strong consensus of Arizona chiropractors is in favor of the ICA Best Practices.
SINCE 1968
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