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Special Thanks to Members of the ACS President's Club
Chiropractors' Most Untapped Patient Source
ACS Preparing for Legal Action Over Insurance Equality Law - BCBS Calls All Chiro Care "Feel-Good"
Leading AZ Chiropractic Board Proponent Takes Over AAC Public Policy Committee
ACS Offers Best Practices Document to Profession for Comment
ACS Accomplishments
High Quality Health Insurance for All Pre-Existing Conditions for ACS Members, Their Families and Employees
Get New Patients by Joining ACS
Need PI Advice and Coaching?
Unanswered Questions and No Accountability as Insurers Single Out Chiropractors for Utilization Review
Calmness in our Lives - The Lighter Side
NBC Newsman Tim Russert and The Failure of Modern Cardiology
House Health Committee Chair Bob Stump Received 25 Contributions from BCBS Shortly After Stakeholders Meeting with Chiropractors in 2007
Special New Announcement ACS New Member Benefits
Special Thanks to Members of the ACS President's Club

Many thanks to our visionary members who contribute $279 per month to help ACS work hard for chiropractic progress. These doctors are premier members of the ACS President's Club. Special thanks to Drs. Rob van Zweeden, William Zeiler, Leo Rayburn, Trever Penny, Shaun and Nikki Miglore, E.J. Strandlund, Gregg Friedman, Angelo Pisano, Tracy Peruch, Jeff Raiffie, Randy Leraaen, Jeff Rebarcak, Josh and Jenna Haggard, and an anonymous DC. Please join these leaders today! ACS can do so much more for chiropractic with additional support!
Chiropractors' Most Untapped Patient Source

Need help building your practice? The best way is by integrating your practice life with MDs and DOs. I know how to do it successfully after three years of practice in a family physicians' office. I saw the MDs' patients and those of his colleagues in his call group. My practice was full. I can show you how to achieve the same results. ACS members, give me a call or send an email. Non-members, join today and avail yourselves of this assistance. MDs and DOs are the best and most untapped source of new patients. For more information, call me at 602-368-9496. I have found a book which lays out the complete plan for how to make the MD/DO connection work. This is part of what I will share with those who are interested.
--Alan Immerman, D.C.,
ACS President

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ACS Preparing for Legal Action Over Insurance Equality Law - BCBS Calls All Chiro Care "Feel-Good"
ACS is in the final stages of selecting an attorney who will ask an Administrative Hearing Judge at ADOI to order proper interpretation and enforcement of the chiropractic insurance equality law, ARS 20-461(B).

ACS has been trying to gain proper enforcement for years with litigation and legislation, but has been hampered by lack of sufficient resources and lack of unity in the profession. Finally, ACS has sufficient resources to move forward. An expert in insurance law has analyzed the entire matter and concluded that existing law prohibits the current high copayments, coinsurance and deductibles for chiropractic care. Therefore, ACS is moving forward as quickly as possible. Members receive detailed updates via email.

In other news, ACS has posted a 10 page letter from Charles Bassett, VP of Government Relations of BCBS, dated November 2007, and sent only to House Health Committee Chairman Bob Stump. This letter was disclosed to ADOI a few weeks ago in response to a complaint filed against BCBS by Dr. Immerman. It makes wild and remarkable statements which have not been seen in writing since pre-Wilk v. AMA days. The Federal Court ruled in this lawsuit that the AMA and health insurers like some BCBS plans had conspired to "contain and eliminate" the chiropractic profession in violation of federal Sherman antitrust laws.

Mr. Bassett admitted that chiropractic patients curtailed care after BCBS raised copays and deductibles. Then he claimed this proved the care was not medically necessary, and that if people really needed the care then they would have found a way to pay for it. He characterized all chiropractic as only "feel-good" care that insurers should not be "mandated" to cover. He noted the existence of peer-reviewed indexed scientific journal articles on chiropractic but then wrote that BCBS does not pay any attention to such studies and only relies on its internal "data" which, of course, it will not release for independent analysis. The entire Bassett letter is posted at

A few days after ACS received a copy of the Bassett letter, the Kaiser Family Foundation and researchers from the University of Chicago and Georgetown University, published a study in August 2008: "The Medicare Part D Coverage Gap: Costs and Consequences in 2007." According to the AP 08/21/08, "Many people in Medicare with diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions stop taking their medicine when faced with picking up the entire cost of their prescriptions, researchers say." See Of course, Mr. Bassett has written that BCBS does not rely on independent scientific studies and so there would probably be no interest there for these research findings. But this study proves that patients with serious medical problems stop treatment when they cannot afford their medication.

The chiropractic care not received because of exorbitant BCBS copays and deductibles was medically necessary. Mr. Bassett was sorely mistaken. Scores of real people have suffered. ACS is exploring legal means to hold BCBS accountable.

Our sponsors are very special to ACS. They help make it possible to bring our written and electronic information to you. They help pay for the ink and postage! Won't you please consider them when you need a service or product? We obviously wouldn't do business with them if we didn't think they were good folks. Please be sure to give them a look. They are supporting your profession and deserve your gratitude for that.
Leading AZ Chiropractic Board Proponent Takes Over AAC Public Policy Committee

In exactly the wrong move, AAC leadership has appointed the foremost Chiropractic Board cheerleader in the state to chair its Public Policy Legislative Committee: Dr. Jim Badge, also the ACA delegate for Arizona. Jim served on the Chiropractic Board for 15 full years. He chaired the Board for many of those years. In addition, he has held high office with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners for decades. Just last year at a Board meeting, he told a large group that he believed the Board was operating properly, and that he had full faith in the Board as constituted.

Apparently, the AAC has not heard that the Arizona Board is the worst in the country. Doctors are terrorized by even the threat of a fee complaint since almost all turn into violations with record keeping, billing, coding, x-rays, or something else. Almost no one survives the Board's detailed screening process of the entire patient file.

Dr. Badge for many years has consistently supported the Chiropractic Board and all of its actions. He was, in fact, the first to expand the Board's powers into the realm of clinical standards. He was the first to use "unprofessional conduct" to attack his political enemies. With the appointment of Dr. Badge to chair this committee, the AAC has stopped even pretending that it is not an extension of the Chiropractic Board.
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ACS Offers Best Practices Document to Profession for Comment

Frequency and duration care guidelines very reasonable

by Karen R Jacobson, DC
AZ/ICA Assembly Representative

I'm writing to make you aware of the newly written ICA Best Practices Document. I am the Arizona State Assembly Representative for the ICA and as such it is my duty to inform the ACS of this new guideline/document for the Chiropractic profession.

You may view the ICA Best Practices Document at the website:
The ICA is asking for profession wide reviews in the form of constructive comments or criticisms using appropriate forms that are available on the aforementioned website. I am currently asking the ACS to review these guidelines and to provide a brief notification of the availability of these guidelines to ACS members.

In my opinion, the ICA Best Practice Document is superior to any pre-existing and currently being developed Chiropractic Guidelines due to their comprehensive nature. In developing this ICA Document, the review committee sought out and reviewed ALL available clinical outcome publications in the history of Chiropractic. They reviewed all types of clinical evidence and studies from the randomized trial (Level 1 studies) to the Case Study (Level 4) studies and utilized all studies in developing guidelines for the Chiropractic Profession.

In comparison, the recently commissioned CCGPP Chiropractic guidelines only used selected Level 1 studies (RCT's) to develop their proposed Chiropractic guidelines. You may or may not realize that the CCGPP claimed to review Level 2 and 3 studies but did not actually include any of these in their decision-making process.

Lastly with regard to the CCGPP guidelines, the developers claimed that they would not have arbitrarily defined Frequency and Duration limits for Chiropractic Intervention of different patient populations. However, just recently the CCGPP released their Frequency and Duration Guidelines for low back pain and unfortunately used an 'expert opinion' Delphi panel to develop these Frequency and Duration recommendations for low back disorders. In the end 40 pre-selected people were involved in an opinion process that limits Chiropractic Intervention to 6-12 visits for an initial trial of care.

I believe that the ICA Best Practice Document is far superior to the opinions of the CCGPP and I believe that the ACS and Arizona Chiropractors will find this to be true. However, the ICA needs the ACS to review the ICA Best Practice Document to determine if these guidelines are truly reflective of the evidence in Chiropractic and supports the manner in which ACS members choose to practice according to Arizona's State Law. I look forward to your response.

(ACS has appointed a committee to evaluate the ICA Best Practices. If you would like to participate, contact ACS. All doctors are encouraged to read the entire document online and complete the evaluation form available on the website. On preliminary evaluation, it appears that this document is far superior to what has been produced thus far by CCGPP. Be sure to read and evaluate ASAP, and send your conclusions to ACS.)
Patients are seen within 24 hours of your referral. The majority of patients seen in my office receive combination of analgesic medication, muscle relaxant or trigger-point injection. This combination seems to work effectively and allows the patient to continue with the treatment plan you prescribed for them. We are a fee-for-service clinic. Attorney liens are accepted. Mark Strom, NMD, Central Scottsdale 480-860-8300 -- North Scottsdale 480-991-5555.



Don't miss breaking news -- sign up for the free monthly ACS e-newsletter at, and check the frequently updated website regularly. Go to the homepage at the upper left corner, enter your email address, and strike enter. Then you will be in the loop.

Also, ACS posts Arizona Chiropractic Board meeting minutes on the ACS Chiro Board webpage for all to see. Now you can finally learn what the Board is doing every month at its meetings. ACS wants the profession to see exactly how the Board is (mis)behaving.

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ACS Accomplishments

ACS advocacy has resulted in Rep. Mark Anderson requesting a Special Formal Audit of the Arizona Chiropractic Board to detail what Judge Miller, in the case of Dr. Pratt, called "excessive, arbitrary and capricious' discipline. ACS has alleged such Board misconduct is widespread.

ACS brought the issue of discriminatory copays and deductibles to the Arizona Legislature. Without ACS, there would have been no legislative effort to halt the discrimination. Also, ACS is the only organization planning legal action against ADOI to enforce existing insurance equality law.

ACS has confronted the Chiropractic Board over its gross mistreatment of state chiropractors. As a direct result, the Board has cleaned up some of its most egregious excesses.

ACS passed a law in 2006 banning Chiropractic Board members from continuing to perform IMEs and claims reviews for insurance companies.

Because of ACS' intervention, CAs are allowed to do more than just a few passive modalities. Without ACS, you would have been required to personally administer all active rehab.

ACS has a full-time veteran licensed DC at your service to answer all of your questions on any chiropractic issue. There is no claims denial problem we cannot address based on 28 years of experience in Arizona.
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High Quality Health Insurance for All Pre-Existing Conditions for ACS Members, Their Families and Employees

In a first for any state chiropractic association in Arizona history, ACS has signed an agreement to provide an association-based health insurance plan to member chiropractic businesses. This is a guaranteed-issue plan which means that, other than a 90 day waiting period, all employees and family members will be able to be insured. Businesses with one or more employees are eligible. The insurer is the very high quality carrier CIGNA of Arizona. High deductible HSA plans are available, along with choice of PPO or HMO plans. Options are available in all areas of Arizona.

Here is the difference between a guaranteed-issue plan and one subject to medical underwriting. For almost all chiropractors, when they try to buy health insurance, both they and their employees and family members must go through medical underwriting. All pre-existing conditions will be excluded. This is in contrast to going to work for a large employer like Honeywell where you join a group plan that does no underwriting and covers all of your pre-existing conditions.

The ACS Small Business Health Insurance Plan is a guaranteed-issue plan which means no medical underwriting. After a 90 day waiting period, all employees and family members can get coverage for all pre-existing conditions. Prior to now, this has been almost unheard of in Arizona. ACS has literally discovered a "gold mine" for members.

This is the best small business health insurance plan in Arizona, available at a discount to ACS members. A special email has been sent to ACS members advising how to enroll. If you need quality health insurance and are not a member, join today.
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Get New Patients by Joining ACS

You can now get new patients by joining ACS since we have launched our popular online Find-A-Doc search engine for members. The ACS webpage appears high on the list when Internet searches are performed for Arizona chiropractors or chiropractic. To join ACS and be listed on this highly valuable referral search engine, go to and complete an application. ACS is ready to help you today!

Attention members: If you have not yet done so, send ACS a note stating that you would like to be listed on the Find-A-Doc search engine. Don't miss out on this valuable new patient opportunity.

Finally, a licensed local medical facility for your cancer patients with holistic, integrative therapies along with standard medical treatment.  In Scottsdale, AZ, Frank George, DO, MD (H) and his colleagues offer compassionate individualized care, co-managed with the chiropractor, to maximize results. Call 602-404-0400 to schedule a meeting / orientation with Dr. George today.

Need PI Advice and Coaching?
I Can Help...

by Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President
Since 1997, I have testified as an expert witness in 53 trials in Superior Court, primarily in Maricopa County. I have also had my deposition taken as an expert witness on 35 occasions, and testified in 14 arbitrations. I must keep a current list of all cases in which I have testified in order to qualify as an expert in federal court, thus I know the actual numbers. Courts have qualified me as an expert witness in the areas of chiropractic care, clinical biomechanics, injury causation and accident reconstruction.

In total, there have been 102 cases in ten years involving actual live testimony. In addition, I have been retained to write rebuttal reports in hundreds of cases that have not gone to trial. I am typically asked to analyze the opinions of defense biomechanical engineers and accident reconstructionists who argue there was not enough force to cause the injuries diagnosed by the doctors. I am also asked to review IME reports by defense orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and other medical experts. I base all of my opinions on the most up-to-date peer-reviewed scientific literature.

I can help you because of this experience. Many doctors have questions about personal injury cases but they do not know who to turn to for answers. With my Arizona specific experience over the past ten years, there is not much I have not seen. I have been cross-examined by every major insurance company lawyer in this state multiple times. I have worked for some of the smartest lawyers around and learned a lot from them.

Typical questions include: What is the right way to examine a PI patient? How should you document your cases? What is a reasonable program of care? How can you defend your care in court with scientific evidence and guidelines? How should you handle yourself in deposition and court? How do you predict permanent impairment and need for future care?

I have the answers to these questions, not based on just books and seminars, but also based on actual experience in the trenches in Arizona. I do not know of any other chiropractor who has had close to the amount of live testimony experience that I have had in the past 10 years. Also toss in 20 years of hands-on clinical practice caring for PI patients.

Up to now, my expertise in PI has been known only to ACS members. The ACS webpage has a section on MedicoLegal News which posts a number of newsletters I have written which were sent to hundreds of attorneys. I have dozens more on my computer. I also have scanned copies of the journal articles needed to accompany your reports and make them scientific and valid.

 Now it's time to take this information to the next level. If you are an ACS member and would like help, email or call with your questions. If you are not a member and would like help, join today.

For 10 years I have been in the middle of a legal shooting war over PI. I have lived through it and, hopefully, learned a thing or too. I'm glad to share what I know. And don't forget about the offer to help create MD-DC relationships that I made in the August newsletter. It's still there too.
Prolotherapy is an in-office treatment option designed to repair chronic tendon and ligament issues via the injection of natural solutions. Like chiropractic, prolotherapy is very technique sensitive. The practice of David A. Tallman, DC, ND has been exclusively limited to prolotherapy techniques for over seven years. Please contact the office at 480.922.1101 or visit for more information. Attorney liens accepted.
Unanswered Questions and No Accountability
as Insurers Single Out Chiropractors
for Utilization Review

Do you feel like health insurance companies are singling out chiropractors for utilization review? If so, you are correct. It is legal for them to do so. Prior to 2004, it was illegal. Insurers were required to apply UR equally to MDs, DOs and DCs. Then the Legislature passed a law which repealed part of the Arizona chiropractic insurance equality law and now insurers can now target chiropractic for UR.

UR is often a thinly veiled excuse for "delay and deny." Therefore, since 2004, chiropractors have experienced a dramatic increase in problems with insurance payments.

In 2004, both ACS and AAC were adamantly opposed to the effort to repeal this part of the chiropractic insurance equality law. Read the entire story in the August 2008 ACS Newsletter posted on the ACS webpage. Nonetheless, Activator Methods and Dr. Fuhr (through an attorney), having told legislators they represented the largest group of DCs in Arizona, testified in favor of the bill requested by United HealthCare. AAC lobbyist Barry Aarons then falsely told Senators just before the bill was voted on that the AAC's position had changed from "opposed" to "neutral". As a consequence, enough "no" votes changed to "yes" for the bill to pass.

ACS and AAC could have defeated this legislation if Activator Methods, Arlan Fuhr and Barry Aarons had not helped UHC pass it. Nonethe.ess, Dr. Fuhr is still a member in good standing of the AAC and Mr. Aarons is still the AAC lobbyist. Prior to 2004, Dr. Fuhr and Mr. Aarons had been business associates at Activator Methods. Dr. Fuhr is now married to a lobbyist formerly in business with Mr. Aarons, and Dr. Fuhr was instrumental in getting Mr. Aarons hired by the AAC.

These actions call for scrutiny. ACS hopes that every concerned chiropractor will consider whether these actions create the appearance of impropriety. There will always be a shadow of purposeful concealment until all factual information is revealed. There are unanswered questions about motivation and the agenda behind the support given to the UHC bill. History must not be allowed to repeat itself. Until all open questions are answered, and there is full accountability, the profession is at risk. "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." (Aldous Huxley)
Strong and Ethical Personal Injury Litigants
I value all of my personal injury clients, communicate with them, and fight to ensure they are made whole. I also understand that chiropractors work hard and deserve to be paid for all services rendered without reduction of fees. You can reach Peter K. Strojnik, Esq. at 3030 North Central Avenue, Suite 1401, Phoenix, Arizona. (602) 297-3019.
Calmness in our Lives - The Lighter Side

by Anonymous

We are passing this on to you because it definitely works and we could all use little more calmness in our lives. By following simple advice heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace.

Dr. Phil proclaimed, 'The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and have never finished.' So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, a bottle of Kailua, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how freaking good I feel right now.
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NBC Newsman Tim Russert and
The Failure of Modern Cardiology

An Editorial by Alan M. Immerman, D.C.

Veteran NBC newsman Tim Russert probably did not have to die. Modern medical allopathic cardiology failed him. It has, in fact, failed in general. It's time for chiropractors to step in.

The doctors said Mr. Russert had "asymptomatic coronary artery disease, but it was well-controlled with medication and exercise, and he had performed well on a stress test in late April." Every thinking person can see that the disease was obviously not well-controlled with the medication and exercise, and that passing a stress test was no guarantee of being free of risk of heart attack in the near future. This reflects the complete failure of modern cardiology.

Medical cardiology teaches that it is "normal" to have cholesterol at 200 or below, even though science has proven that 1/3rd of heart attacks occur when cholesterol is between 150 and 200. The so-called "experts" don't have the sense to tell people they must get their levels below 150, not 200, to be heart attack-proof. The government agencies won't make this proclamation broadly and clearly. Why? Because the only way to get cholesterol below 150 is to eat a plant-based diet with no animal foods including dairy. The meat and dairy industries exert enough influence over the government that we will never hear general advice to eat a plant-based diet, even though it is the only way to become heart attack-proof and not follow in Tim Russert's footsteps at the tragic young age of 58. This was, in all likelihood, completely preventable.

Chiropractors have conquered the spine. Now the time has come for us to take on the heart. No one else is out there telling the truth from the scientific literature. The public is dying, literally, as they wait for us to do it. The number one and number three killers in the U.S. are heart disease and strokes, respectively. Clearly, the existing system is an abysmal failure. It's time that chiropractors stepped in.

The U.S. economy can't stand anymore of the same. The cost burden of interventional cardiology has broken the bank. When you wrap the expense of coronary bypass surgery and angioplasty into the price of a Detroit automobile, you make it noncompetitive against the Toyota's of the world.

We must find another way. Fortunately, we have. Scientists have now proven that it is possible to reverse atherosclerosis with lifestyle changes alone. Dean Ornish, M.D., was the first to do pre- and post-angiograms on human beings which proved reversal without drugs. His original research was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. There are Atherosclerosis Reversal Centers at a number of major academic centers around the country. As a student at the National University of Health Sciences, I wrote a literature review article discussing all of the animal and primate research and human clinical experiences to date. It was published in the March, 1980 issue of the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association and is posted at

Atherosclerosis reversal with diet does not work for everyone. Some patients are going to need bypass surgery or angioplasty. But research proves that many of the patients who are scheduled a few weeks out can forego these procedures if they comply with an Ornish-type program for only one month. A chiropractor can administer this program on an out-patient basis. I have been doing it for decades.

A leading surgeon from The Cleveland Clinic recently reported that patients are oftentimes quite angry with their cardiologists for not telling them they could avoid the knife (actually a high speed saw) if they went on a pure plant diet for a month. Imagine their further surprise when they hear the good news from their chiropractor!

As a result of chiropractic intervention, many cardiac patients will be able to avoid surgical intervention. Large self-insured employers who pay for those $100,000 bypass surgeries out of their own bank accounts will have a choice. Do you think they would prefer to spend less than $5000 on a supervised healthy diet program to clean out miles of arteries rather than just a few inches? The answer is a resounding "YES!"

There are no products to buy. The cure is in the produce department of the grocery store. The instructions are found in a $12 book from Amazon called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure (Paperback) written by Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. of The Cleveland Clinic in 2007. It is truly as simple as that. You will find all of the references to the modern peer-reviewed scientific literature indexed by the National Library of Medicine. You will find diet plans and recipes. The book is very brief and easy to read. The Ornish books are also excellent and available through any retailer. I will be glad to provide personal direction to any DC who is a member of ACS.

You have always helped the heart by optimizing nerve flow to this precious and vital organ. Now, let's lead chiropractic to another level, that of optimizing blood flow to the heart and addressing America's number one public health calamity and epidemic: Cardiovascular disease.
by Terry R. Yochum, DC, DACBR: This new report will be provided, at no charge to you, for every patient you refer to SMIL for an MRI study. This is a compliment to SMIL's detailed radiology report. SMIL accepts assignment on PI cases and provides translators. Ten locations. For order forms, Call/email Shannon Barrow 480.425.4136 or  
House Health Committee Chair Bob Stump Received 25 Contributions from BCBS Shortly After Stakeholders Meeting with Chiropractors in 2007

Arizona House Health Committee Chairman Bob Stump received 25 campaign contributions from BCBS executives at a fundraiser a few days after he chaired a stakeholders' meeting between ACS, AAC and BCBS on 10/24/07. The event was at Nixon's Restaurant in Phoenix. Contributors included Charles Bassett, BCBS VP of Government Relations, Rich Boals, BCBS CEO, Richard Hannon, BCBS President, David Childers, BCBS lobbyist and former Arizona Insurance Director, the medical director and associate medical director of BCBS, and roughly 20 others holding the positions of BCBS Chief Information Officer, Marketing Director, Research Director, etc. Read the details on Mr. Stump's campaign finance filing at

Consider the following Bob Stump timeline. During the 2007 Legislative session, Rep. Stump refused to allow the ACS copay/deductible bill to come up for a vote in the House Health Committee after it had passed the Senate, thus killing the bill for the year. He stated publicly that his sole reason for blocking the bill was ADOI's concerns with bill language. He committed to supporting passage of the bill once ADOI stated it no longer had problems with bill language.

Then, BCBS held a huge fundraiser for Bob in late October, 2007. Suddenly, Bob abruptly changed his position on the ACS copay bill and decided to oppose it, even after he knew that ADOI no longer had problems with proposed bill language. Was the timing of Bob's change in position just a coincidence? You decide. In any case, he reneged on his commitment and made it nearly impossible for ACS to get copay legislation through the House in 2008.

ACS did not know about the BCBS fundraiser for Mr. Stump until after the report of it was posted on 01/31/08. ACS did not know about it when its leaders met with Mr. Stump and BCBS at the stakeholders meeting in October 2007, and when ACS asked Mr. Stump to support the copay bill in November and December of 2007, and in early 2008.

Mr. Stump will be leaving the Legislature since he is running for the Arizona Corporation Commission. His campaign ads say he will be protecting utility ratepayers from large utilities. Some have asked if he will be any more effective than he has he has been at protecting insurance policyholders from abuse by large insurance companies. On the chiropractic copay issue, he ultimately sided with BCBS, not policyholders.
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Special New Announcement About
ACS New Member Benefits

ACS members have a unique life in practice among Arizona chiropractors. When they get into a jam, they pick up the phone and get Dr. Immerman on the line. He has been licensed here since 1980 dealing with every challenge faced by chiropractors. He has come up with answers to just about every problem. He is available to members to provide solutions full-time, 9-6 PM, M-F, 50 weeks per year. He also responds to member's emails usually within a few minutes.

ACS gets a lot of questions about collecting from health insurance companies, working with PI attorneys, handling PI cases, testifying, rebutting IME reports, dealing with Chiropractic Board issues, PPO and HMO questions, etc. We invite you ask us any chiropractic-related question.

Recently we have added MD-DC relationship consulting to the mix. We guide members in how to develop relationships with MDs and DOs that result in referrals to DCs, and opportunities for DCs to practice in the same office as the MDs or DOs. We have top notch attorneys to refer you to who know exactly how to set up the legal framework so you don't get in trouble like some have in the past.

Dr.  Immerman in the past 10 years has given testimony 101 times in Arizona personal injury cases.  With these legal appearances combined with writing nearly 1,000 rebuttal reports to IMEs and low speed impact experts, he freely shares what he has learned with members. This includes a vast library of all the up-to-date peer-reviewed journal articles on chiropractic, PI and many other health-related subjects which every forensic expert witness must have to be effective.

ACS members find an active partner in ACS. After all, Dr. Immerman is still licensed and has been for 28 years. He is the only chiropractic association or society leader in Arizona that does not see patients and only works full-time for the profession. He is available 50-60 hours per week by phone and email to members. He is available to help you in any way that he possibly can. That is his primary function. If you are not yet a member and are tired of trying to "go it alone", come on in from the wilderness and join ACS. Go to for a membership application.
SINCE 1968
Affordable analog or cutting edge X-ray digital systems, all types, most manufacturers. Processors, film, supplies, complete service. SPECIALS: Dedicated Chiro X-Ray and Automatic Processor only $275/month, Dedicated Chiro X-Ray and Digital CR only $350/month. Call Custom X-Ray in Phoenix 602-439-3100 or 800-230-9726. Web:  
FREE diagnostic code searching on  Every current ICD-9-CM code is here with its short description. Also, your ChiroCode Bookstore has over 90 items to help you get paid. Shop today at for 1500 claim forms and more.

You can file a Medical Lien as a form of self-pay for patients involved in insurance claims and lawsuits.  We can help you file Medical Liens.  Please visit our website at or call 602-799-1873.

TUCSON -- OFFICE SPACE TO SHARE:  Fully equipped and staffed office.  Current DC offering opportunity to DC to move existing or start a new practice with very low overhead!  Contact David Nathan, D.C. 520-408-2225.

J-TECH for ROM and Muscle Testing for sale. Virtually brand new. Hardly used. Comes with all software, manuals, and booklets. $3500.00 Please call 480-998-7501.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR opportunity at high volume well established Gilbert practice. Full or part time hours. Practice and personal growth coaching available! Call 480-497-2642.

FOR SALE: Universal 325 x-ray machine. AFP Mini-Med 90 Processor. Great condition. 7 years old, cost $20,000 new. $12,000 or best offer. Call Dr. Brown, DC at 480-377-1226.

PRACTICE FOR SALE: low overhead, x-ray, 1K sq/ft, old patient files, equipment, DRX9000, 4 traction units, 2 IST tables, all starting @$1 check EBay. (520)449-3523 Dr. Watson, moving to new office.

ELECTRIC ZENITH HI-LO FREE to good home. Has served me well for 28 years. Tom Stark, D.C. Tucson: 520-304-7474

NOVA SUMMIT XRAY MACHINE: Model #B360, made in 1996. Also: Konica Processor SRX 101, cassettes and film. Asking $6000 for all. May purchase individually. Call Dr. Cradic in Yuma at 928-344-2460.

CAS CHIRO NEEDS ASSOC DC to help in 3 locations:24thSt, 75thAve & Ch3.  Clinic does Chiro, Physiotherapy,Manual Therapy, Nutrition, DX Testing.  Will hire 1 F/T or 2 P/T.  Current AZ Chiro & PT Lic required. Fax to 602/956-6789 or email 

NE PHOENIX LOOKING FOR A LICENSED AZ CHIROPRACTOR highly motivated, self-starter wanting to share expenses/rent space in our beautiful 14 year established wellness, corrective care, family based practice. Call 602-363-2291. BG

"YOU-OWN A PROFITABLE CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE" Two positive cash flow offices avail. Right Now. Highly motivated sellers! Call Ron Marek 480-456-4700 Sunbelt Bus. Brokers. Web: Email:

PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well-established practice for sale in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. Reasonable rate. Doctor retiring and moving out of the country. Call Dr. David or Pamela Hopkins @ 928-774-2253.

ASSOCIATE NEEDED ASAP IN YUMA for busy clinic. AZ license and PT cert. required. Salary nego. with bonuses, malpractice ins. pd. Email resume to or fax to (719) 574-7285.

BEAUTIFUL spacious NE PHX office @ 101/Tatum has space to share!  INCLUDES rehab, private rooms, x-ray, staff and billing. Contact Dr. Infantino @ 602-866-8100.

SCOTTSDALE/PHOENIX PRACTICE FOR SALE: 2007 collections 197K, 4 days/wk., great location and exposure for 20 yrs., hundreds of patient files, lots of parking. Retiring for family health reasons. Make offer, must sell. For further info, contact: or 602-615-6751.

1 ea.  ELITE, E4-B High/Low Table with 3 drops and abdominal breakaway. Color:  Burgundy. $2,500.00
2 ea.  GONSTEAD Bench Table. Color: Burgundy. $189.00   
2 ea.  WILLIAMS IST Table with Vibration. Color: Burgundy. $1,190.00
2 ea.  LLOYD Treatment Table. Color: Burgundy. $350.00
2 ea.  ZENITH 111 Model 230 Hi/Low Table with 3 drops all standard features, 6 months old. Color: Black. $7,084.00
1 ea.  ZENITH Model 60 Stationary Table with 3 drops all standard features, 6 months old. Color: Black. $4,025.00
2 ea.  ZENITH SPINALIGN IST Table with vibration, 6 months old. Color: Burgundy. $1,650.00
3 ea.  ELITE Manual Flexion with 3drops. Color: 2-Blue, 1-Burgundy New. $1,920.00
1 ea. CHATTANOOGA ERGO WAVE IST 6 months old. Color: Burgundy. $1,327.00
1ea.  CHATTANOOGA ERGO Bench Table with tilt head piece, New. Color: Black. $780.00
1ea.  EARTHLITE Bench Table with tilt head piece, New. Color: Black. $780.00
CUSTOM X-RAY EQUIPMENT SALES & SERVICE~2120 W. ENCANTO BLVD, PHOENIX, AZ 85009    602-439-3100    800-230-9726

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR position available in beautiful Gilbert office. Excellent opportunity for a new or established doctor in a great setting. Call 480-926-7100 for details. BR

BUILD YOUR PRACTICE in our beautiful two-doctor, southwestern office. Fully equipped, great visibility, plentiful walk-in traffic. Central Tucson location. Email inquiries to

ARIZONA PRACTICE FOR SALE:  $280k potential take-home first year, Well established practice for immediate sale just west of Phoenix, strong patient base, financially stable, beautiful clinic in fast growing community, priced below market value, information contact Dr. Brian 623-693-6468.

ASSOCIATE NEEDED EAST MESA Tuesday, Thursday and half a day Saturday. Straight Chiropractic, Cash only practice, Thompson technique. Call 480-892-2536. CF

LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST looking for office space: Well trained L.M.T. looking for work in Phoenix area. Specialize in deep tissue and Trigger point therapy. Highly motivated!! Please call Alex at 928-699-9164 or email at
USED IDD 2004 Accu Spina Decompression Machine by North American Medical in very good condition. Please call or email to inquire further about this machine and its accessories. We will warranty this machine for 60 Days from date of purchase.  An extended warranty is available. $55,000.00 USD, Shipping is free within AZ; call or email for a shipping quote out of state. Contact David at:  602-469-2338 or email:

Wellness Center wants motivated chiro. - energy work, nutrition & exercise knowledge a plus. Huge growth potential, Call 480-598-6367. KS

PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well established diversified practice. 1000 sq. ft. office, 3 adj. rooms. Doctor retiring after 31 years. Youngtown/Sun City area. Priced to sell at $50K! Call Dr. L.W. Danser, Tue-Thurs, at 623-972-6575.

FOR SALE: Rich-Mar IIIG combo electric stimulation unit. Hydrocollator like new. Spinalator traction table. Portable TENS/micro current. Williams elevation table. Misc collection educational tapes, books, etc. Call Dr. Danser at 623-972-6575.

SHARE SPACE IN NATUROPATHIC CLINIC in Scottsdale, 2400 square feet with an in house natural pharmacy.  Can take a wing of the clinic and receive cross referrals. Start or bring your practice to Scottsdale at Thunderbird. Call Dr. Tallman at 480-219-2624.

YOUR AD HERE: 3 lines, $25 per month for members, $50 per month for non-members. Monthly newsletter mailed to average circulation of 2000 licensed DCs in Arizona. Also emailed and posted online. Compare to competition's journal which is mailed to 1250 every second month. 4000 exposures versus 1250 every two months - your choice - your results.