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August 2008
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Special Thanks to Members of the ACS President's Club
BCBS Responds to ACS Complaint to ADOI But Refuses to Change Policy - Legal Action Against ADOI to Ensue
KEY ENDORSEMENTS for September 2008 Primary Election
ACS Joins Class Action ERISA Lawsuit Against United Healthcare and Ingenix
ACS Accomplishments
New Guaranteed-Issue Health Insurance Plan for Members
FREE 3 CE HOUR PROGRAM: "The ABC's of Lumbar Spine MRI"
Get New Patients by Joining ACS
Chiropractor's License Revoked for Fracturing Ribs But X-Rays Show No Rib Fractures - Appeal Alleges Board Vendetta
Chiropractors' Most Valuable Untapped New Patient Source
ACS New Member Benefits Package
Special Thanks to Members of the ACS President's Club

Many thanks to our visionary members who contribute $279 per month to help ACS work hard for chiropractic progress. These doctors are premier members of the ACS President's Club. Special thanks to Drs. Rob van Zweeden, William Zeiler, Leo Rayburn, Trever Penny, Shaun and Nikki Miglore, E.J. Strandlund, Gregg Friedman, Angelo Pisano, Tracy Peruch, Jeff Raiffie, Randy Leraaen, Jeff Rebarcak, Josh and Jenna Haggard, and an anonymous DC. Please join these leaders today! ACS can do so much more for chiropractic with additional support!

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BCBS Responds to ACS Complaint to ADOI But Refuses to Change Policy - Legal Action Against ADOI to Ensue
BCBS of AZ has responded to the ACS complaint regarding discriminatory copayments for chiropractic care with a full denial that any state law has been violated. ADOI has agreed with this decision and closed the complaint as of 7/29/08. Therefore, ACS will soon file for an Administrative Hearing at ADOI. At the Hearing, ACS will ask the judge to order ADOI to properly interpret and enforce the ACS insurance equality law, ARS 20-461(B). ACS' attorneys believe this will result in an order leading to significantly lower copayments, coinsurance and deductibles for chiropractic care. If ACS is not successful at the Administrative Hearing level, ACS is prepared to take this matter to Superior Court and beyond. The full statements from BCBS and ADOI are available to ACS members upon email request.

Included in the response from BCBS is a letter written from a BCBS lobbyist to a legislator in November 2007. This letter admitted that many chiropractic patients curtailed care after copays and deductibles dramatically increased, but then made the remarkable and wild claim that this proved the care was "not medically necessary" and was only "feel-good" care. The BCBS lobbyist wrote that if patients' pain was real then they would have found some way to continue care. 

The time for fruitless meetings and negotiations as planned by others is clearly over. Also, there is no need to pass a new law since ADOI has confirmed that the existing 1990 ACS insurance equality law prohibits current discrimination. Only legal action will result in proper interpretation and enforcement of the law. Only ACS is planning legal action to resolve this problem.

At the request of ACS, Senators Rebecca Rios and Linda Gray have sent a letter to Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard asking that he enforce the chiropractic insurance equality law. There has been no response yet from his office. The letter is posted at

Our sponsors are very special to ACS. They help make it possible to bring our written and electronic information to you. They help pay for the ink and postage! Won't you please consider them when you need a service or product? We obviously wouldn't do business with them if we didn't think they were good folks. Please be sure to give them a look. They are supporting your profession and deserve your gratitude for that.
for September 2008 Primary Election

Here is a list of key political friends who need your support. These public servants fight for you when they are in office. Now it's your turn to fight for them and make sure they return to office.
  • Rep. Mark Anderson: running in the Republican primary for U.S. Congress in District 5.
  • Rep. Russell Pearce: running in a Republican primary in Mesa for the state Senate in District 18.
  • Sen. Tom O'Halleran: running in a Republican primary in the Prescott/Verde Valley area for the Senate in District 1.
  • Reps. Phil Lopez and Olivia Cajero Bedford running for the State House in District 27.
  • Rep. Trish Groe running for the State House in District 3.
  • Sen. Thayer Verschoor running for the State Senate in District 22.
  • Rep. Pete Hershberger running for the State Senate in District 26.
  • Former Rep. Paul Newman running for the Arizona Corporation Commission. Help him raise $5 contributions by downloading the form at
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ACS Joins Class Action ERISA Lawsuit Against United Healthcare and Ingenix

ACS has joined the class action lawsuit against United HealthCare for failure to pay for medically necessary physical medicine procedures including, but not limited to, spinal decompression. In addition, the lawsuit accuses Ingenix, a company wholly owned by UHC, of fraudulently setting rates for out of network services. All ACS members are now plaintiffs in this lawsuit. To become a plaintiff and get relief you only need to join ACS.

The New York State Attorney General found that Ingenix reported the average fee for an MD office visit was only $80 when the actual average was $200. Therefore, when this lawsuit is won, reimbursement for out of network services may more than double. Furthermore, because Ingenix sets rates for almost all insurers and not just UHC, the impact should be industry-wide. Thus, the importance of ACS' participation in this landmark litigation is obvious. ACS is the only organized group of Arizona chiropractors participating in this lawsuit.

Arizona chiropractors have reported endless problems in getting paid by UHC, especially since passage of the 2004 law which weakened chiropractic insurance equality (see accompanying article below). Doctors have spent hours on the phone, often to UHC personnel overseas, to no avail. Grievance Letters with copies to ADOI have not helped as expected. Therefore, ACS has resorted to litigation. To read the lawsuit in its entirety, go to ACS will post the amended complaint listing ACS as a plaintiff in the near future. 
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Also, ACS posts Arizona Chiropractic Board meeting minutes on the ACS Chiro Board webpage for all to see. Now you can finally learn what the Board is doing every month at its meetings. ACS wants the profession to see exactly how the Board is (mis)behaving.

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ACS Accomplishments

ACS advocacy has resulted in Rep. Mark Anderson, candidate for U.S. Congress in CD5, requesting a Special Formal Audit of the Arizona Chiropractic Board so that all dirty laundry will finally be aired. Mark has been ACS Legislator of the Year many times of his 14 year career at the Capitol.

ACS brought the issue of discriminatory copays and deductibles to the Arizona Legislature. Without ACS, there would have been no legislative effort to halt the discrimination. Also, ACS is the only organization planning legal action against ADOI to enforce existing insurance equality law.

ACS has confronted the Chiropractic Board over its gross mistreatment of state chiropractors. As a direct result, the Board has cleaned up some of its most egregious excesses. ACS joined in the successful 2007 Dr. Pratt lawsuit against the Board which led a judge to throw out almost all of the Board's discipline, and taught the Board a lesson well deserved about the consequences of unbridled power.

ACS passed a law in 2006 banning Chiropractic Board members from continuing to perform IMEs and claims reviews for insurance companies.

Because of ACS' intervention, CAs allowed to do more than just a few passive modalities. The CA rules were amended because of ACS to include the words "and is not limited to . . ." Without ACS, you would have been required to personally administer all active rehab.

ACS has a full-time veteran licensed DC at your service to answer all of your questions on any chiropractic issue. There is no claims denial problem we cannot address based on 28 years of experience in Arizona.
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New Guaranteed-Issue Health Insurance Plan for Members

In a first for any state chiropractic association in Arizona history, ACS has signed an agreement to provide an association-based health insurance plan to member chiropractic businesses. This is a guaranteed-issue plan which means that, other than a 90 day waiting period, all employees will be able to be insured. Businesses with one or more employees are eligible. The insurer is the very high quality carrier CIGNA of Arizona. High deductible HSA plans are available, along with choice of PPO or HMO plans. Options are available in all areas of Arizona.

Here is the difference between a guaranteed-issue plan and one subject to medical underwriting. For almost all chiropractors, when they try to buy health insurance, both they and their employees and family members must go through medical underwriting. All pre-existing conditions will be excluded. This is in contrast to going to work for a large employer like Honeywell where you join a group plan that does no underwriting and covers all of your pre-existing conditions.

The ACS Small Business Health Insurance Plan is a guaranteed-issue plan which means no medical underwriting. After a 90 day waiting period, all employees and family members can get coverage for all pre-existing conditions. Prior to now, this has been almost unheard of in Arizona. ACS has literally discovered a "gold mine" for members.

This is the best small business health insurance plan in Arizona, available at a discount to ACS members. A special email will be sent to ACS members advising how to enroll. If you need quality health insurance and are not a member, join today. For more information, call or email ACS.
"The ABC's of Lumbar Spine MRI"

On August 28, 2008, Dr. Terry R. Yochum, world-renowned chiropractic radiologist consultant, will be providing an informative lecture "The ABC's of Lumbar Spine MRI." This free lecture is approved for three hours of Arizona CE credit. Location is the Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, 5401 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale. Time: 7-10 PM. Seating is limited and pre-registration is required by either calling or emailing Shannon Barrow at or 480.425.4146.

Dr. Yochum is brought to you by Scottsdale Medical Imaging Ltd. (SMIL), a premier provider of imaging services in the valley with ten locations, and a new sponsor of ACS and its newsletter. Dr. Yochum will be writing a "Chiropractic Correlation Report", when requested, on patients referred to SMIL for an MRI, as a compliment to SMIL's usual detailed radiology report.

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AAC Lobbyist Aarons Helped United Healthcare Pass a Law to Weaken Chiropractic Insurance Equality in 2004

In 2004, United HealthCare (UHC) asked the Arizona Legislature to enact a new law to greatly facilitate its ability to review and cut chiropractic claims. UHC felt that the chiropractic insurance equality law passed by ACS in 1990-1991, ARS 20-461(A) 17 and B, stood in its way. At a critical juncture, AAC lobbyist Barry Aarons stated the AAC's opposed position was neutral, thus causing the bill to pass.

The law UHC wanted changed required that utilization review be applied equally to MDs, DOs and DCs. UHC wanted to single out DCs but could not under the extremely well crafted ACS law. Therefore, in 2004, UHC persuaded legislators to introduce SB 1094 Unfair Claims; Medical Necessity Review. (See, click Change Sessions, go to 2004, Bills, SB 1094.)

Both ACS and AAC immediately joined in denouncing this legislation. Both knew that intense UHC utilization review would result in significant problems with payments as chiropractors were singled out for "special" attention. Both groups instructed their lobbyists to adamantly oppose this legislation.

On 02/09/04 Wayne Bennett, DC, then co-chair of the AAC Public Policy Committee, told members in an email they should say the following to legislators: "The passage of this legislation would facilitate discrimination against chiropractic services and a reduction of care for our patients . . .  The Arizona Department of Insurance concurs with that observation!" ACS sent many of the same alerts to its members.

In a complete surprise to both ACS and AAC, Activator Methods International testified in favor of the bill at the Senate Health committee hearing on 02/12/04. AMI is controlled by Dr. Arlan Fuhr, a former AAC leader and current leading supporter. An Activator attorney told legislators AMI supported SB 1094 and that it had 800 members in Arizona. Both ACS (then ICP) lobbyist Debra Brimhall and AAC lobbyist Barry Aarons testified in opposition. The 02/12/04 minutes can be found at Dr.  Fuhr has been asked repeatedly why he supported the UHC legislation when the leaders of AAC and ACS were strenuously opposed. He has never responded.

AAC lobbyist Aarons began to help United HealthCare and AMI, and not the AAC and the chiropractic profession, after SB 1094 passed the Senate Health Committee and headed to the full Senate for a vote. Here is the evidence.

Sen. Barbara Leff voted against SB 1094 in the Senate Health Committee on 02/12/04 after she heard testimony against the bill from the ACS and AAC lobbyists. But when the bill came up for a vote by the full Senate on 03/02/04, Sen. Leff voted yes. Here is her explanation for why she changed her vote.

In a 03/09/04 email, Sen. Leff wrote: "I voted against the UHC Bill in committee but by the time it got to the Floor and was amended, the Chiropractic Association (AAC) no longer opposed it."  She has said Mr. Aarons told her the AAC was neutral, not opposed.

Sen. Carolyn Allen, the Chair of the Senate Health Committee and the prime sponsor of the bill, made a floor speech on 03/02/04. She stated that the AAC was no longer opposed to the bill based on what she was told shortly beforehand by Barry Aarons. She then voted yes on that basis.

On 06/17/04, then-Sen. Mark Anderson confirmed that Sen. Allen had stated to the full Senate that Mr. Aarons was the source of information regarding the AAC's supposedly new neutral position on SB 1094. Also on 06/17/04, then-Rep. Karen Johnson, Chair of the House Rules Committee, confirmed that Mr. Aarons had told her the AAC was neutral on SB 1094, and so she did not need to continue to hold the companion bill in her committee. Holding the bill had the effect of killing the measure prior to this time. Following Mr. Aarons' information about the new AAC position, Rep. Johnson released the bill from committee over the objections of ACS, thereby permitting it to pass into law.

According to these four legislators, Mr. Aarons' position on SB 1094 shifted from one of total opposition to neutrality. At the same time, however, the position of Mr. Aarons' client, the AAC, did not change at all. In an 11/03/04 email, Wayne Bennett, DC stated: "I was the Co-Chairman of the AAC Public Policy Committee during the last year when the 1094 battle was being fought. I was on the Public Policy committee for several years prior to that time, and was involved in the long, drawn out battle on this issue from its ugly beginning. I was personally present at most of the meetings involving 1094, including those with Barb Leff. I can tell you without any uncertainty that the AAC was never, at any point in time, from beginning to end, EVER, neutral on 1094. You can check this out for yourself. If you look at the records of every committee meeting in the House and Senate where this issue was debated (from beginning to end) you will see that the AAC is ON RECORD as having opposed the bill."

Mr. Aarons denied he told any legislator the AAC had changed position to neutral on SB 1094. On 03/12/04, ACS was told in an email from the AAC that "Barry assures me that his message is and has been the message that we crafted, drafted, and reaffirmed as I passed on to you. He says that he has never told any legislative entity that the AAC is "neutral" on the bill. I believe him."

The integrity of the four sitting legislators named as sources for this report is beyond question. There is no doubt that Sen. Leff told the truth when she wrote the AAC (through its lobbyist) advised it no longer opposed SB 1094. Sen. Allen is one of the most highly esteemed legislators in Arizona. She sponsored the AAC's AHCCCS bill two years ago and the ACS Chiropractic Board bill this year. No one doubts her word when she stands up in the Senate and says a certain lobbyist, in this case Mr. Aarons, informed her that his client, the AAC, is neutral on her bill. One's word is everything at the Capitol. Then there is Sen. Johnson, retiring this year after 12 years, and Rep. Anderson, retiring after 14 years to run for the U.S. Congress. All four stated, one in writing, that Barry Aarons said "it is fine to vote yes on SB 1094, go right ahead, AAC does not object." Two no votes changed to yes in the Senate as a direct result, and this provided the margin of victory. The bill then passed into law. The will of both ACS and AAC was defeated.

Mr. Aarons served for some period of time, and possibly during the legislative session of 2004, as a member of the Activator Methods Business Advisory Panel. AMI joined with UHC to support SB 1094 against the opposition of both ACS and AAC. Also, Mr. Aarons was in the lobbyist business with former registered lobbyist Judi Hamilton, now married to Dr. Fuhr. These connections may help explain, but never justify or excuse, Mr. Aarons' and Dr. Fuhr's joint effort to help UHC.
Arizona chiropractors have been slammed in the pocketbook following passage of the 2004 law. Every DC has to struggle to get paid by UHC and all other insurers now that chiropractic can be legally singled out for utilization review. This was illegal prior to 2004. The landmark ACS chiropractic insurance equality law prohibited such discrimination. ACS and AAC had the bill stopped before Mr. Aarons gave legislators the green light to cause it to pass. Arlan Fuhr and AMI had already provided great encouragement for passage. This is intolerable and so the truth must be known, especially since obstructionist and uncooperative behavior has been Mr. Aaron's modus operandi ever since. Mr. Aarons is still the lobbyist for the AAC but has yet to explain why he helped UHC in 2004 achieve its goal of weakening chiropractic insurance equality law in Arizona. ACS finds no reason to trust this behavior will not be repeated in the future. This is one key reason why ACS must maintain a strong presence at the Legislature.

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California Court of Appeals Excludes Insurance Company Low Speed Impact Testimony

The California Court of Appeals has excluded testimony by an insurance company expert who concluded there was not enough force in an automobile accident to cause the injuries diagnosed by the patient's doctor after the trauma. This is a landmark case since it was decided in an appellate court and may serve as a precedent in California. The case is Harrison v. Smith, A114436, First Appellate District, Division Five, California Court of Appeals. ACS has posted the case on its webpage on the MedicoLegal News page. Dr. Immerman has qualified as an expert in clinical biomechanics and accident reconstruction more than 40 times in Arizona Superior Court as a rebuttal witness to defense experts. For more information, contact ACS.
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I value all of my personal injury clients, communicate with them, and fight to ensure they are made whole. I also understand that chiropractors work hard and deserve to be paid for all services rendered without reduction of fees. You can reach Peter K. Strojnik, Esq. at 3030 North Central Avenue, Suite 1401, Phoenix, Arizona. (602) 297-3019.
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Chiropractor's License Revoked for Fracturing Ribs But X-Rays Show No Rib Fractures - Appeal Alleges Board Vendetta

In another story stranger than fiction, the Arizona Chiropractic Board has revoked the license of a chiropractor for fracturing the ribs of a patient when the actual x-rays do not show any fractures. The chiropractor has filed for a rehearing of his case. His attorney has made many allegations including a personal vendetta against him by the Board, in particular Dr. Steve Baker.

The motion for rehearing is posted on the ACS webpage for you to read in its entirety. It would be almost comical if it were not true and if the entire livelihood of a licensed physician was not hanging in the balance. Read and weep about the ongoing conduct of your Chiropractic Board. Stay tuned for another legal entity to independently take a look at a Board action and likely throw it out, just as occurred last year in the Dr. Paul Pratt matter, also posted on the ACS webpage. This Board continues to operate with the complete blessing of the AAC which just ran a notice in its journal congratulating AAC member Dr. Dianne Haydon for her second five year appointment to the Board. In sharp contrast, ACS has asked the Governor to remove Dr. Haydon from her post.
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Chiropractors' Most Valuable Untapped New Patient Source

by Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President

Where are the patients? Where does the sick, injured and ailing public go for help? To MDs and DOs. If you don't already know this, you haven't been out and about much lately. Take a little time a go spend a few minutes in the waiting room of a few family physicians. They are all full of tons of people seeking care, all the time.

And, about one-half of these people have problems that are within your scope of practice including typical neck and back pain, but much more. MDs and DOs are generally delighted to let you handle these patients once they know you are not some kind of a nut who is going to try to cure pancreatic cancer by adjusting L2 posterior from the left! When they realize you are a reasonable and responsible doctor, they will work with you. If I had a satellite image of Arizona and could take an infrared picture with the "hot" spots showing concentrations of people seeking care, the offices of MDs and DOs would be bright red. This is where the patients are today. Go see for yourself. You just have to find a way to tap into the flow.

It can be done. How do I know this? I did it from 1994 to 1997. I approached a family practice MD with a long-standing practice in East Phoenix. I suggested he bring me in to handle his neuromusculoskeletal cases. We negotiated a simple percentage based agreement and had everything checked out by an expert health care attorney. The arrangement worked beautifully. I had as many new patients as I could ever handle. He was free of patients that he really did not have much of an answer for besides drugs which he did not like relying on. He learned to trust that I would refer back to him when appropriate. I even began to get referrals from the other doctors in his call group since I had now been accepted as an "OK" chiropractor. I never had a "new patient" problem again. The only reason I am still not there today is an arm injury leading to surgery and a disabled left arm. You cannot do too much adjusting when you're left arm doesn't work quite right.

But I did crack the nut of MD/DC practice. And it was both ethical and legal. No, the MD did not just swing by for one hour per week to sign charts. I went into his practice. He was onsite full-time. When my services were billed for under his name, we disclosed that it was a chiropractor actually performing the services. Our attorney told us exactly what to do to be in full compliance and here it is, more than ten years later, and I'm not one of the doctors who ever got in any trouble. We did it the right way.

Since I learned "MD speak" after I found a way behind the Allopathic Iron Curtain, I can also show you how to relate to MDs and get them to refer to your practice. You don't have to close your shop and go in with an MD or DO.

I have tried to get doctors to live a practice life integrated with MDs and DOs by writing articles and hoping the mere reading of them would suffice. Alas, it hasn't worked. Therefore, I have now concluded that if a doctor wants to succeed at this enterprise, he or she will need to be walked through the process. If you want to make this happen in your life, join ACS and I will show you the way. Go to for an application.
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ACS New Member Benefits Package

ACS has a list of member benefits which we call the "Special Treasures" They are documents created by ACS just for Arizona chiropractors to address issues that arise in everyday practice. They are the answers to the most common problems faced in your office. The following is a current list:

1. Personalized advice on how to collect from insurance companies and attorneys after all of your usual methods have been tried and failed.

2. Dr. Preston Long rebuttal package, plus help with rebutting any unfair IME report.

3. Timely Payment of Claims, Adjudication and Adjustments: Complete instructions for exactly what to do when insurers do not pay in a timely manner.

4. Record Keeping as Mandated by the Chiropractic Board: ACS has nailed down the most accurate information in Arizona regarding what is required by the Board in terms of record keeping.

5. Medical Records Protocol: All chiropractors are required by law to have a proper Medical Records Protocol on file in their offices.

6. Health Care Appeals Process: THE system to follow in Arizona to get medical necessity denials overturned. ACS explains the complicated steps in easy terms so that you can use the program today in your office to increase collections.

7. Grievance Letters: These formal and legal letters are simply the best way to get an insurers' focused attention and to get your bills paid. ACS explains the entire Grievance process and shows you how to incorporate it into your practice.

8. Complete instructions for what to do when an insurer states that your fees are above the usual and customary fee schedule for your area.

9. Complete instructions for how to file a wide variety of complaints against any type of insurance company.
10. Personalized advice regarding whether you should join managed care networks including BCBS PPO, ACN, ASHN and many others.
11. Key ERISA self-funded plan tools.

12. Small Claims and Justice Court Lawsuit Instructions: Some offices have found that filing lawsuits on behalf of patients is an inexpensive an easy way to get your case in front of an impartial judge who will usually rule against an insurance company.

13. How to Search the National Library of Medicine.

14. Referrals to ACS' choice of an excellent attorney to represent Chiropractors before the Arizona Chiropractic Board.

15. Much more to come! Membership is very valuable! Join today by going to and filling out an application. We will email you the above-listed documents very quickly! You can transform your practice almost overnight.
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Call Dr. Brown, DC at 480-377-1226.

PRACTICE FOR SALE: low overhead, x-ray, 1K sq/ft, old patient files, equipment, DRX9000, 4 traction units, 2 IST tables, all starting @$1 check EBay. (520)449-3523 Dr. Watson, moving to new office.

NORTH SCOTTSDALE OFFICE FOR RENT: Troon North area at Pinnacle Peak. Space available in multidisciplinary setting for ambitious DC. Flexible terms, low base and/or % of collections. Beautifully furnished and equipped office. Call Alex at 602.549.2225 or e-mail to

ELECTRIC ZENITH HI-LO FREE to good home. Has served me well for 28 years. Tom Stark, D.C. Tucson: 520-304-7474

NOVA SUMMIT XRAY MACHINE: Model #B360, made in 1996. Also: Konica Processor SRX 101, cassettes and film. Asking $6000 for all. May purchase individually. Call Dr. Cradic in Yuma at 928-344-2460.

CAS CHIRO NEEDS ASSOC DC to help in 3 locations:24thSt, 75thAve & Ch3.  Clinic does Chiro, Physiotherapy,Manual Therapy, Nutrition, DX Testing.  Will hire 1 F/T or 2 P/T.  Current AZ Chiro & PT Lic required. Fax to 602/956-6789 or email 

NE PHOENIX LOOKING FOR A LICENSED AZ CHIROPRACTOR highly motivated, self-starter wanting to share expenses/rent space in our beautiful 14 year established wellness, corrective care, family based practice. Call 602-363-2291. BG

"YOU-OWN A PROFITABLE CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE" Two positive cash flow offices avail. Right Now. Highly motivated sellers! Call Ron Marek 480-456-4700 Sunbelt Bus. Brokers. Web: Email:

PRACTICE FOR SALE: Well-established practice for sale in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. Reasonable rate. Doctor retiring and moving out of the country. Call Dr. David or Pamela Hopkins @ 928-774-2253.

ASSOCIATED NEEDED ASAP IN YUMA for busy clinic. AZ license and PT cert. required. Salary nego. with bonuses, malpractice ins. pd. Email resume to or fax to (719) 574-7285.

BEAUTIFUL spacious NE PHX office @ 101/Tatum has space to share!  INCLUDES rehab, private rooms, x-ray, staff and billing. Contact Dr. Infantino @ 602-866-8100.

SCOTTSDALE/PHOENIX PRACTICE FOR SALE: 2007 collections 197K, 4 days/wk., great location and exposure for 20 yrs., hundreds of patient files, lots of parking. Retiring for family health reasons. Make offer, must sell. For further info, contact: or 602-615-6751.

1 ea.  ELITE, E4-B High/Low Table with 3 drops and abdominal breakaway. Color:  Burgundy. $2,500.00
2 ea.  GONSTEAD Bench Table. Color: Burgundy. $189.00   
2 ea.  WILLIAMS IST Table with Vibration. Color: Burgundy. $1,190.00
2 ea.  LLOYD Treatment Table. Color: Burgundy. $350.00
2 ea.  ZENITH 111 Model 230 Hi/Low Table with 3 drops all standard features, 6 months old. Color: Black. $7,084.00
1 ea.  ZENITH Model 60 Stationary Table with 3 drops all standard features, 6 months old. Color: Black. $4,025.00
2 ea.  ZENITH SPINALIGN IST Table with vibration, 6 months old. Color: Burgundy. $1,650.00
3 ea.  ELITE Manual Flexion with 3drops. Color: 2-Blue, 1-Burgundy New. $1,920.00
1 ea. CHATTANOOGA ERGO WAVE IST 6 months old. Color: Burgundy. $1,327.00
1ea.  CHATTANOOGA ERGO Bench Table with tilt head piece, New. Color: Black. $780.00
1ea.  EARTHLITE Bench Table with tilt head piece, New. Color: Black. $780.00
CUSTOM X-RAY EQUIPMENT SALES & SERVICE~2120 W. ENCANTO BLVD, PHOENIX, AZ 85009    602-439-3100    800-230-9726

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR position available in beautiful Gilbert office. Excellent opportunity for a new or established doctor in a great setting. Call 480-926-7100 for details. BR

BUILD YOUR PRACTICE in our beautiful two-doctor, southwestern office. Fully equipped, great visibility, plentiful walk-in traffic. Central Tucson location. Email inquiries to

ARIZONA PRACTICE FOR SALE:  $280k potential take-home first year, Well established practice for immediate sale just west of Phoenix, strong patient base, financially stable, beautiful clinic in fast growing community, priced below market value, information contact Dr. Brian 623-693-6468.

ASSOCIATE NEEDED EAST MESA Tuesday, Thursday and half a day Saturday. Straight Chiropractic, Cash only practice, Thompson technique. Call 480-892-2536. CF

YOUR AD HERE: 3 lines, $25 per month for members, $50 per month for non-members. Monthly newsletter mailed to average circulation of 2000 licensed DCs in Arizona. Also emailed and posted online. Compare to competition's journal which is mailed to 1250 every second month. 4000 exposures versus 1250 every two months - your choice - your results.