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Breaking News June 24, 2008

State Rep. Mark Anderson Orders Special Audit of Chiropractic Board

Arizona State Representative Mark Anderson on 06/23/08 formally requested in writing a Special Audit of the Arizona Chiropractic Board by the Arizona Auditor General. He asked for investigation of six specific allegations which are listed in a letter posted on the ACS webpage at

The allegations are the same as those made by ACS and an anonymous whistleblower to the Arizona Ombudsmans-Citizens' Aide in 2006. ACS has stated that its allegations were largely ignored by the Ombudsman in a letter posted at
ACS President Dr. Alan M. Immerman issued the following statement on 6/24/08: "It is hard to understate the courage of Mark Anderson in ordering this audit. ACS asked other legislators for help and they all declined. Only Mark stood up for us, just as he has done throughout his 14 years of service at the Capitol. The Chiropractic Board has largely represented the entrenched interests of the insurance industry in wanting to reduce payments to chiropractors. An audit will uncover the sordid details. Mark is runnning for Congress in CD5 and is nonetheless willing to take on this political behemoth. He will pay a political price, but is fearless anyway. His integrity is a shining example for us all. Thank you, Mark from every chiropractor and chiropractic patient in Arizona. We will do everything we can to get you elected to the U.S. Congress."

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Arizona legislators send letter to AG to demand enforcement of chiropractic insurance equality law
Arizona legislators have now sent a letter to state AG Terry Goddard demanding that he enforce the chiropractic insurance equality law. You can read the draft of the letter at There will be much more about this issue in the July 2008 ACS Newsletter. The final signed letter will soon be posted on the ACS webpage.

Arizona Chiropractors invited to join class action lawsuit against UHC for failure to pay for medically necessary physiotherapy and decompression, and improper pricing of out-of-network payments
Arizona chiropractors and their patients are now invited to join the Spinedex PT class action lawsuit against UHC for failure to pay for medically necessary physiotherapy of all types including decompression. The lawsuit also alleges improper pricing of out-of-network claims. ACS will be joining as a plaintiff. Those injured by UHC should consider joining the class to seek redress. Contact ACS for more information.
To quote ACS President Dr. Immerman, "if you are a chiropractor in Arizona and you have not been injured by UHC, you must not have a pulse."
You can contact ACS by email at or 602-368-9496. If you are interested, we will email you a summary document describing the lawsuit and what is involved with being a class member, along with the biographies of the attornies representing us. To see a copy of the original lawsuit which will be amended with the new class members, go to
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Dr. Immerman to appear live on KFYI 550-AM Phoenix Sat. June 28th, 2008
Dr. Immerman will be appearing live on the Terry Gilberg Program KFYI 550-AM Phoenix Sat., June 28, 2008, at approximately 7:20 PM. He and Ms. Gilberg will be exploring in depth the subject of newsman Tim Russert's recent death from a heart attack at age 58, and the assertion by some that modern cardiology completely failed Mr. Russert and could have done much more. Be sure to tune in since the conversation is likely to move into unpredictable, controversial and interesting subject areas. 

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