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Breaking News June 13, 2008


Over the next few weeks, ACS is offering some very valuable free marketing and CE seminar hours. Attending these seminars will benefit you. Take a good look at all of the details in the adjoining articles.

Free Approved 6 Hour CE Course in Mechanical Traction

ACS is pleased to be able to bring you 6 free approved CE hours in mechanical traction thanks to MedPro Hessco and Capacity Management. The date will be Saturday, June 28, 2008. If you attend this seminar, you can get the remaining six hours of the marketing program on July 12th, again, all for free if you are an ACS member.

To pre-register, which is required, download the information page at the homepage of  

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Warm regards,
Alan M. Immerman, D.C.
President & Executive Director

Free 12 hour marketing seminar and 6 hour approved CE seminar June 27 & 28, and July 12, 2008 
ACS, together with Capacity Management and MedPro Hessco, is offering a free 12 marketing seminar. This will teach you the essentials needed to drive new patients to your practice. You will leave with a full one year marketing plan. The instructor, Greg Jack, is well known by everyone in practice for ten years or more as one of the rock solid practice advisors available. This is a special opportunity to get solid information for no charge with no commitment, all brought to you because you are an ACS member. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.
To register, which is required, go to and download the information sheet from our homepage. See you there!
Free 4 hour seminar on Corporate Wellness Programs for ACS Members Only
On Thursday, June 19, 2008, there will be a free 4 hour seminar in how to present Corporate Wellness Programs. The program is given by Planet Wellness Foundation. You must be a member of ACS to attend. Call ACS at 602-368-9496 for membership information. Here is Planet's information: 

The Planet Wellness Foundation was chosen by each state to implement Corporate Wellness Programs.  They are now seeking doctors to place into each company, school, and government office in every community!
Do you want to educate employees on the "TRUTH" of Health and Wellness? You will need to attend this 1 day training workshop... 
Attend the Outreach Revolution Workshop
You will hear live calls to companies, schools, and government offices.
You will learn how to schedule talks and screenings for employees
Learn ways to gain access into a company in order to provide Chiropractic Services in the workplace!
We will help you schedule your marketing for 1 year
Learn from the Best on how to do all events from start to finish.
You will learn how to convert all new patients into life time family wellness patients!!!
Each office in attendance will receive: 
Education on what is going on in your state in regards to wellness.
Corporate wellness program information
Handouts for each topic
Tips for talks
Tips for screenings
Learn how to schedule events
Learn how to represent the foundation in order to educate your community
Learn ways to get new patients through every company in your City!
Topics include:
Stress Buster 101, Nutrition 4 Life, Fitness 4 Life, Injury Prevention
Our Team Looks Forward to Helping you Save More Lives in your Community!!!

Arizona Chiropractic Society Members Attend FREE!!! 
WHEN: Thursday, June 19th 2008, 12-4
WHERE: The Fairmont Princess, 7575 East Princess Dr, Scottsdale Arizona
COST: Society Members attend Free of Charge! $199 regular
QUESTIONS: Call  800.856.8718
Email Registration- 
You should not miss this Revolutionary Event!!!  

We are pleased to have Dr. CJ Mertz attend as a guest speaker.  He will be inspiring AZ chiropractors to maximize on each event set up for them in their community.  You will learn why it is important to grow Lifetime Family Wellness Practices! Learn how to be the Headquarters for Lifetime Family Wellness in your city!

Arizona Chiropractors invited to join class action lawsuit against UHC for failure to pay for medically necessary physiotherapy and decompression, and improper pricing of out-of-network payments
Arizona chiropractors and their patients are now invited to join the Spinedex PT class action lawsuit against UHC for failure to pay for medically necessary physiotherapy of all types including decompression. The lawsuit also alleges improper pricing of out-of-network claims. ACS will be joining as a plaintiff. Those injured by UHC should consider joining the class to seek redress. Contact ACS for more information.
To quote ACS President Dr. Immerman, "if you are a chiropractor in Arizona and you have not been injured by UHC, you must not have a pulse."
You can contact ACS by email at or 602-368-9496. If you are interested, we will email you a summary document describing the lawsuit and what is involved with being a class member, along with the biographies of the attornies representing us. To see a copy of the original lawsuit which will be amended with the new class members, go to
May we respectfully add with no intent to disparage that ACS is the only association in Arizona with the courage and ability to actually litigate against insurance companies which inflict harm onto the profession. While others engage in endless meetings, ACS takes real action, spends real money and litigates. It is no wonder that ACS is now the largest association in Arizona. 

If you haven't visited our webpage recently, you don't know what you have been missing!
There are many surprises in store at Check out the new articles and reports recently posted. Have you read the minutes from the Arizona Chiropractic Board? How about the ACS monthly newsletters? This is the place to go if you want to know what is really going on.
Check out the Corporate Members page for the best vendors in the profession. Also, take a look at the Classfied Ads.
Want an organization with guts? Last year, ACS filed a legal motion with Pima County Superior Court against the Arizona Chiropractic Board accusing various misdeeds. We won. Read all about the case on our webpage.
Want lower copays? Only ACS brought this issue to the Legislature, leading to the introduction of bills. Now, only ACS plans to take legal action to resolve the problem. Read all about ACS' concrete plans on our webpage.
You want action? You want results? Then join ACS if you are not already a member. Now.