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June 2008
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ACS Launches Online Find-A-Doc New Patient Referral Search Engine
Special Thanks to Members of the ACS President's Club
ADOI Admits Current Law Prohibits Discriminatory Copays and Deductibles - ACS to Take Legal Action
Marooned on an Island as a Chiropractor?
ACS Accomplishments
There is Only One Way to Stay on Top...of Current Events in Arizona
The E/M (Evaluation and Management) Exam
ACS Member Performs Life-Saving CPR on Young Boy
Chiropractic Stroke Scare Campaign Comes to Arizona
Is it Still "Okay" to Be A Chiropractor?
ACS Launches Online
Find-A-Doc New Patient
Referral Search Engine

ACS has launched its online Find-A-Doc search engine for members. This will result in new patient referrals for members since the ACS webpage appears high on the list when Internet searches are done for Arizona chiropractors or chiropractic. It will usually take only one referral per year to more than cover the cost of annual dues. To join ACS and be listed on this highly valuable referral search engine, go to and complete an application. ACS is ready to help you today!

Attention members: If you have not yet done so, send ACS a note stating that you would like to be listed on the Find-A-Doc search engine. Don't miss out on this valuable new patient opportunity! We have not yet heard from all of you. Send us a note today and get listed!
Special Thanks to Members of the ACS President's Club

Many thanks to our visionary members who contribute $279 per month to help ACS work hard for chiropractic progress. These doctors are premier members of the ACS President's Club. Special thanks to Drs. Rob van Zweeden, William Zeiler, Leo Rayburn, Trever Penny, Shaun and Nikki Miglore, E.J. Strandlund, Randall Widmaier, Gregg Friedman, Angelo Pisano, Tracy Peruch, Jeff Raiffie, Randy Leraaen, Jeff Rebarcak, Josh and Jenna Haggard, and an anonymous DC. Please join these leaders today! ACS can do so much more for chiropractic with additional support!

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ADOI Admits Current Law Prohibits
Discriminatory Copays and Deductibles
- ACS to Take Legal Action for Enforcement
ADOI has admitted that current law prohibits copayments and deductibles which discriminate against the usual and customary treatment procedures of chiropractors. In an email dated April 24, 2008, Karlene Wenz of ADOI told state representative Andy Tobin that the following proposed legislative language, provided to Rep. Tobin by ACS, "repeats existing language, namely a portion of the first clause of 20-461(B), and thus provides no new protections." The proposed amendment stated: "COPAYMENTS, COINSURANCE AND DEDUCTIBLES MAY BE APPLIED IF THEY DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THE USUAL AND CUSTOMARY PROCEDURES OF ANY PHYSICIAN LICENSED PURSUANT TO TITLE 32. CHAPTERS 8, 13, OR 17 WHEN POLICY COVERAGES INCLUDE TREATMENT OF THE CONDITION OR COMPLAINT." These chapters refer to DCs, MDs and DOs.

This means that it is currently illegal for insurance companies to charge higher copays and deductibles for chiropractic procedures than for medical procedures. ADOI knows this practice is widespread at the current time, and yet has taken no enforcement action to halt it. ACS has demanded enforcement from ADOI, and ADOI has stated it can only act if complaints are filed. ACS has initiated "Plan B" which has resulted in a cascade of hundreds of complaints to ADOI, yet no enforcement action has been taken (see for details). ACS has appealed to the Legislature and so a letter to the Attorney General is forthcoming. This letter, written with ACS research assistance, will ask the AG to enforce the law.

If ADOI does not enforce a law that is within its authority to enforce, a party may file for an administrative hearing to request that ADOI be required to enforce the law. ACS is prepared to do this. If ACS should lose at an administrative hearing, ACS is prepared to take this matter to Superior Court and, if need be, all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court. Never before has such decisive action been taken to enforce this law. The profession will be called upon to unite behind this landmark legal effort.

The facts are now clear. Insurance equality, including non-discriminatory copayments, coinsurance and deductibles, was passed into law in 1990 and 1991. It is currently illegal to charge higher cost sharing for chiropractic procedures than for medical procedures, yet this practice is widespread. ACS is bound and determined to get this law enforced. After all, it was ACS' ancestor organization, the Arizona Chiropractic Alliance (AzCA), which passed this law originally. ACS is not going to let it go down without a fight. If you are not already a member, join now and help support this effort. This is the path that is going to end insurance discrimination once and for all in Arizona, brought to you exclusively by ACS.

Our sponsors are very special to ACS. They help make it possible to bring our written and electronic information to you. They help pay for the ink and postage! Won't you please consider them when you need a service or product? We obviously wouldn't do business with them if we didn't think they were good folks. Please be sure to give them a look. They are supporting your profession and deserve your gratitude for that.
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Marooned on an Island as a Chiropractor?

by Alan M. Immerman, D.C.
ACS President and Board Member

(Note: This was adapted from an editorial in the May 2008 issue of the ACA News by Glenn Manceaux, D.C., ACA  President. He wrote to strongly encourage membership in both your state and national associations.)

With the stroke of a pen, the Arizona Legislature in any given year can diminish or enhance your ability to practice. If not for the vigilance of your state watchdog group-the Arizona Chiropractic Society-you could wake up one morning and be unable to take X-rays or treat children, or your patients might be required to get an MD's referral to see you. We have been "on the job" since 1991.
Each year, there are other professions and special-interest groups that would just as soon eliminate us. Many times you never even hear about these covert attacks because ACS and its lobbyists squashed them before they reached a full committee deliberation. The key point is that ACS is your sentry here in Arizona, helping to protect your ability to practice.
Running a cash practice doesn't allow anyone to become an island unto himself. The Legislature and Chiropractic Board can change the way we practice-all of us. Our adversaries are always launching efforts to prevent patients from entering our offices-through laws, rules, policies or negative press. No practitioner is immune from this.

Our patients deserve to be able to see us without obstacles. ACS sees to this! Don't allow your colleagues to pay for your right to practice. Become involved! Share in the excitement as we protect our practices as well as our patients' rights to access chiropractic services.

If you're not an ACS member, please join. If you are, then speak to a colleague who isn't, and ask him or her to join us. You can find a membership application and much more information at While you're there, sign up for the free ACS eNewsletter and stay connected. Thank you. Don't stay on the island - the food and water supply may soon run out. And, if you don't want to join ACS, join AAC. Don't find any excuse to sit on the fence and join no state association!
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ACS Accomplishments

ACS brought the issue of discriminatory copays and deductibles to the Arizona Legislature. Without ACS, there would be no legislative effort to halt the discrimination. Also, ACS is the only organization planning legal action. Join today if you want lower copays!

ACS has developed the only written powerful specific position papers to convince legislators to support the chiropractic copay/deductible bill. 

ACS has a grassroots political program and constantly alerts hundreds of members and non-members when key legislators need to be contacted by patients and doctors.

ACS has confronted the Chiropractic Board over its gross mistreatment of state chiropractors. As a direct result, the Board has cleaned up some of its most egregious excesses. ACS joined in the successful 2007 Dr. Pratt lawsuit against the Board which led a judge to throw out almost all of the Board's discipline, and taught the Board a lesson well deserved about the consequences of unbridled power.

ACS passed a law in 2006 banning Chiropractic Board members Haydon and Baker from continuing to perform IMEs and claims reviews for insurance companies.

Because of ACS' intervention, CAs are allowed to do more than just a few passive modalities. The CA rules were amended because of ACS to include the words "and is not limited to . . ." Without ACS, you would have been required to personally administer all active rehab.

ACS has a full-time veteran licensed DC at your service to answer all of your questions on any chiropractic issue. There is no claims denial problem we cannot address based on 28 years of experience in Arizona.
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There is Only One Way to Stay on Top
of Current Events in Arizona -- Sign Up for the Free ACS E-Newsletter at

There is only one way to really know what is going on in the Arizona chiropractic community: sign up for the free monthly ACS e-newsletter at Just go to the homepage at the upper left corner, enter your email address, and strike enter. Then you will be in the loop.

Also, ACS is pleased to announce that Arizona Chiropractic Board meeting minutes are now posted on the ACS Chiro Board webpage for all to see. Now you can finally learn what the Board is doing every month at its meetings. ACS wants the profession to see exactly how the Board is behaving.
The E/M (Evaluation and
Management) Exam

by Gregg Friedman, D.C.
ACS Board Member

Ah, the Evaluation and Management codes - let's tackle this beast now.  In a previous article, I wrote about what should be covered in a thorough history of your patient, some of which can be accomplished on your intake forms.  That's the first part of the E/M code.  The second part is the actual examination.

Before I get detailed with the topic of the E/M exam, I need to be clear about a pet peeve (one of many) of mine.  Too many chiropractors are under the false assumption that the E/M exam is all they need to prove medical necessity.  Well, it's not the primary function of the E/M exam is to determine if the patient needs to be referred for additional tests or referred to another specialty.  Let's face it - the medical profession came up with this exam, not chiropractors.

A common question among chiropractors is how to properly bill for the E/M exam. Read what the Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners says:

99201 -- 15 minutes of face-to-face time
Problem Focused History - chief complaint; brief history of present illness or problem
Problem Focused Examination - limited examination of the affected body area or organ system
Straight Forward Medical Decision Making - minimal number of diagnoses or management options with minimal amount of data to review and minimal risk of complications

99202 -- 20 minutes of face-to-face time
Expanded Problem Focused History - chief complaint; brief history of present illness and problem pertinent system review
Expanded Problem Focused Examination - limited examination of the affected body area or organ system and other related systems or areas
Straight Forward Medical Decision Making - minimal number of diagnoses or management options with minimal amount of data to review and minimal risk of complications
99203 -- 30 minutes of face-to-face time
Detailed History - chief complaint; extended history of present illness; review of systems and areas directly related to the problem identified in the history
Detailed Examination - extended examination of the affected body area and other systems or areas related
Low Complexity Decision Making - minimal number of diagnoses or management options with minimal amount of data to review and minimal risk of complications

99204 -- 45 minutes of face-to-face time
Comprehensive History - chief complaint and a review of the entire affected system and review of all additional body systems; complete past, social and family history
Comprehensive Examination - general multi-system examination or complete examination of an organ system
Moderate Complexity Medical Decision Making - multiple diagnoses or management options with moderate amount of data to review and moderate risk of complications
99205 --   60 minutes of face-to-face time
Comprehensive History - chief complaint and a review of the entire affected system and review of all additional body systems; complete past, social and family history
Comprehensive Examination - general multi-system examination or complete examination of an organ system
High Complexity Medical Decision Making - extensive diagnoses or management options with extensive amount of data to review and high risk of complications

Since it doesn't seem like anyone wants to go out on a limb and tell us specifically what we need to do in our exam in order to satisfy any of the above codes, let's look at the differences and see if we can figure it out.  Based on the information above, it appears that a 99201 and 99202 require a pretty minimal history.  If your new patient history constitutes a pretty brief analysis of "how did you hurt your neck?" type of questioning and all additional questions pertain to just the neck following the OPQRST method, you'll be pretty safe within the 99201-99203 codes.  However, if you add to the history questions regarding past, social and family history, you just bumped up into the 99204 arena.  Not so fast, though.

Even if your history qualifies for the 99204 code, but your exam consists of visual range of motion, a few orthopedic tests and some palpation, you just went back down to a 99201 or 99202.  If your examination, though, consists of a visual assessment of range of motion, a motor neurologic exam (deep tendon reflexes, manual muscle testing), a sensory neurologic exam (dermatomal exam with pinwheel), palpation of spasm, tenderness and subluxation, and, oh, yeah, a few orthopedic tests, you might have just leaped back into the 99204 range.  But wait - if your diagnoses consist only of neck pain and cervical segmental dysfunction, guess what just happened?  That's right - you just went down a code or two - again.  But if your exam revealed some abnormalities with regard to muscle strength or dermatomal sensation and you apply the correct diagnoses for these findings, right back up you go.  

Once you get through the history and exam, it's time you took a look at - your time.  Face-to-face time means the amount of time that you (the doctor) are face-to-face with the patient.  On my new patient intake forms, the patient answers most of the questions I would ask during the history, including social, family and past history.  If I sit down with the patient and don't go through all of their answers with them, I am being a poor clinician, not to mention having down-coded my history.  So, I'll go over the entire intake forms with the patient and make any additional notes I need to make.  

My exam consists of a visual assessment of range of motion (for each area of complaint), deep tendon reflexes for the area(s) of complaint, manual muscle testing (for potentially affected nerve roots per area of complaint), dermatomal evaluation with a pinwheel (for each area of complaint), digital palpation for tenderness, spasms and hypomobile subluxations, and, oh, yeah - a few orthopedic tests.  I do this same examination on every patient, not because I want to bill a higher code, but because I am being entrusted with that patient's health and I want to be thorough.  Although it might seem as though that exam might take quite awhile, it doesn't.  I typically get through that exam in about 10 minutes.  A good practice would be to note on the exam form the time in which you began the consultation and the time when the exam was completed.  If you do a great consultation and include social, family and past history, along with the OPQRST format, follow up with a thorough exam and come up with 7 legitimate diagnoses for the patient - but, it took you 30 minutes, I think the appropriate code would be 99203.  If all of that took me 45 minutes, I'd bill the 99204.  

What about the 99205 code?  My answer is just three words:  DON'T USE IT.  To begin with, I've NEVER reviewed a chiropractor's records that satisfied this code.  In addition, when a chiropractor uses the 99205 code, it is a HUGE red flag with both insurance companies and state boards.  If you insist on using this code, you had better be extremely confident that your documentation reflects all that I mentioned above for that code, including the 1 hour of face-to-face time with the patient.  In more than 20 years of practice, I have never used this code.

My recommendation for chiropractic E/M examinations is this:  use thorough intake forms, take a thorough history and do a thorough exam.  Do not limit yourself to 4 diagnoses because of the HCFA/CMS bill - use as many diagnoses as are appropriate.  Document how much face-to-face time you spent with the patient.  Then, bill the appropriate code and sleep peacefully at night, knowing you have done a thorough history and E/M exam of your new patient and have ethically billed for it.

But you still haven't proven medical necessity - bummer.  You'll just have to come to my seminar for that - it's hard to get 12 hours of information into a newsletter! If you have any questions, personally or for future articles, feel free to e-mail me at

ACS Member Performs Life-Saving
CPR on Young Boy

Having just earned his CPR certification two weeks earlier, ACS member Jesus Bernal, DC, performed CPR to resuscitate a two-year-old boy that was pulled from a Tucson.swimming pool May 28, 2008.  KVOA TV Tucson reported:

Authorities say, a father from New Mexico was gathering his five children to leave the pool when one of them fell in. Bernal says he sprang into action after seeing a poolside crowd gather. "I just got in the zone.  I did what I was trained to do.  I did check to see if there was a pulse or breathing.  There was neither." Bernal went on the radio at a local Spanish speaking station the following day to share what happened. "To take a baby without a pulse and not breathing... take him in your hands and do what you were trained to do and bring him back to life. His mother was very grateful.  She was trying to kiss my hand." Bernal says lucky for him, he just earned his CPR certification two weeks ago. His job as a sports physician requires it. "Because of that requirement I was able to save this baby. Bernal is now committed to doing what he can to save more lives. He'll start at the place he works... Rio Rico Health and Wellness Inc. "We are going to offer a laminated sheet with water and summer safety tips that anyone can come and get."
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Chiropractic Stroke Scare Campaign Comes to Arizona - Includes Attack on Traditional Chiropractic

The campaign to warn the public about the alleged danger of stroke from cervical manipulation has come to Arizona on television, in the yellow pages, and elsewhere. This effort first began in Connecticut, and it persists it spite of publication this year of a conclusive scientific study proving no causative link between chiropractic and stroke.

In The Spine Journal, February 2008, Ontario scientists analyzed strokes experienced by all people insured by the publicly funded Ontario Health Insurance Plan. 109 million person-years over 9 years were observed. They found an association between chiropractic visits and strokes as has been found before. But then they also found an even stronger association between PCP visits and strokes. They concluded that a PCP visit could not cause a stroke, and so the underlying condition for which the patient sought treatment, usually neck or head pain, was an early warning sign of an impending stroke. They then concluded the same was true for the chiropractic visits. Neither the chiropractors nor the PCPs caused the stroke. These physicians just saw the patients when they had early neck or head pain related to an oncoming stroke.

This study conclusively proved that chiropractic does not cause strokes. So why the massive new chiropractic stroke awareness campaign? Read the fine print. Go to and then to click on "how to select a chiropractor." You will learn that there is a "safe" type and an "unsafe" type of chiropractor. The implication is that one will keep you safe from stroke, and the other just might cause one.

The anonymous financial supporters of this webpage advise people to avoid DCs who "advertise excessively or who offer "free" or discounted exams or treatments." Why? What is wrong with advertising, discounting or giving away services, if done ethically? What does this have to do with stroke prevention?

The webpage warns to stay away from any chiropractor who would ever use "scare tactics to solicit for business, such as preaching that "vertebral subluxations are silent killers" and that your whole family "needs to be checked for subluxations." What does this have to do with stroke prevention? Should chiropractors be censored from alerting the public about the deleterious effects of subluxations? Why?

Prospective chiropractic patients are further warned to avoid DCs who claim that "treatment will cure some disease, improve immune functions or benefit organ systems." ACS has recently provided scientific references to members supporting the efficacy of chiropractic in treatment of many conditions including migraine, asthma and otitis media. This is in addition to the many studies on neck and back pain. Why is a chiropractic stroke awareness webpage addressing treatment of non-musculoskeletal conditions?

Finally, the webpage warns to avoid a DC who refers to himself as a "straight" chiropractor.

Many DCs have asked, what is the true agenda? Is it stroke awareness, or is it another attempt to destroy traditional subluxation-based chiropractic? The webpage says "chiropractic is generally considered effective only for temporary back and joint pain." And, only see "chiropractors who limit their practice to conservative treatment of musculoskeletal problems." Nothing supportive is said about chiropractors who correct subluxations for overall health improvement, in accord with principles taught by all CCE accredited chiropractic institutions.

Is there any difference in stroke risk between a "straight" subluxation-based DC and a "mixed" broad-scope DC? Do the thoughts inside the head of the DC affect whether the patient gets a stroke? Of course not. The stroke awareness campaign's heavy focus on the practice philosophy of the chiropractor reveals the true agenda: to turn DCs into medipractors and transform the profession into a wing of something akin to physical therapists, far from the separate and distinct healing profession that exists today. This has also been the agenda of the Arizona Chiropractic Board over the past few years. A coincidence? You decide.
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Is it Still "Okay" to Be A Chiropractor?

by Erin Chisholm, D.C.
ACS Board Member

As if the current insurance discrimination and board scrutiny aren't enough, we once again get to revisit stroke issues, (the topic that always comes up when the medical community wants to put us back in our place).  Anyone who peruses current news trends is familiar with the Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group (CSAG).  This is the organization that is working so hard to inform people of the thousands of strokes caused each year by Chiropractors.  Never mind that you can't find any information on who is leading and supporting this organization.  Don't worry that you can't get any good clinical studies or information off their website (and their affiliated websites).  If citing a few malpractice suits constitutes true clinical data, then we all need to be very careful because we are probably causing strokes everyday in our practices.  Maybe we should just stop adjusting peoples' necks to be on the safe side.

Okay, there's my rant - we're all entitled to one.  The truth is there are pressures coming at Arizona chiropractors from all directions.  Add to that a poor economy and many of us are wondering what exactly we should be practicing.  This is a funny statement, because we are chiropractors, so we SHOULD be practicing chiropractic.  But is it still "okay" to be a chiropractor?

CSAG has eloquently noted what we shouldn't be doing if we want to be considered good chiropractors.  Don't function as a Primary Care Doctor.  In fact, you should probably send your patients to a medical doctor to make sure that they are candidates for chiropractic care.  (Although we are portal of entry doctors, required to be able to function as a referring physician in appropriate cases, while practicing within our scope of practice - just like family practitioners.)  Also, recognize that if you can't "cure" a patient in 6 visits or less, then you are a quack and stringing the patient along.  (How many patients have you had come into your office who have been taking prescription narcotics for at least a year?) 

CSAG also lets their audience know that a chiropractor who tells you to get your entire family checked for subluxations is definitely a gold digger.  (If you're one of these charlatans, then you are also probably related to those crazy dentists who suggest that patients get checked on a regular basis for cavities.)  And please do not dare suggest that by getting your spine checked for vertebral subluxations and getting adjusted when indicated, you are preventing possible ill health in the future. 
Obviously, I am saying this all tongue-in-cheek.  I've been under chiropractic care for over 32 years.  Amazingly, I've never had any hospitalizations (other than to have my 3 children).  I do not take medication on a regular basis.  When I was twelve, I went to my first Palmer Lyceum with my father.  That was the point in time that becoming a medical doctor was no longer an option for me.  Not because I think MD's are bad (I know several and they're wonderful).  Not because I couldn't get through the schooling; but because I had found a healthcare solution that made sense and to do anything other than that simply did not. 

When you go to Chiropractic College and they tell you you're going to get to see miracles on a regular basis, they're not lying.  Unfortunately, with the current practice climate, we are sometimes afraid to admit to witnessing these miracles.  We make sure to remember the 5 D's and 3 N's of stroke (diplopia, dizziness, drop attacks, dysarthria, dysphagia, ataxia, nausea, numbness and nystagmus).  We whip out our consent to treat forms and hope that the patients can disregard the fact that we might sprain/strain, fracture, dislocate or possibly even cause a stroke.  We forget that OTC NSAID's cause roughly 7600 deaths per year (and we cause how many?).  Practicing in fear does not benefit our patients and it does not benefit us. 

It's okay to be thorough (full exams and clinical decision making).  It's fantastic to be educated (follow research, stay up-to-date on legislative issues).  It's necessary to adopt smart office procedure in a litigious society (informed consent).  I am a chiropractor.  I started thinking like one when I was 12 years old.  I saw doctors who discussed vertebral subluxation without ducking into a corner.  I heard doctors talk about the mind-body connection, neurology, immunology - that the chiropractic adjustment affects the entire body by allowing the nervous system to function at its optimum potential.  Sure, I'll treat patients for musculoskeletal issues - I can help them.  But I'm not selling out to medicine by becoming something I am not. 

Supporting the ACS is the first step to protecting what we believe in - chiropractic. Oh and by the way, you haven't seen it on the news, but my father, also a chiropractor, possibly saved a man's life several months ago. You see, this man came into the office and was, (guess what?), suffering from symptoms of an oncoming stroke. He got the patient the appropriate care and the patient is doing well.  It's not just "okay" to be a chiropractor. It's a blessing.


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6.  Health Care Appeals Process: THE system to follow in Arizona to get medical necessity denials overturned. ACS explains the complicated steps in easy terms so that you can use the program today in your office to increase collections.

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RIT is an in-office treatment option that has been administered to repair full-thickness rotator cuff tears and other chronic tendon and ligament issues. The practice of David A. Tallman, DC, NMD has been exclusively limited to RIT and prolotherapy techniques for over seven years. Please contact the office at 480.922.1101 or visit for more information. Attorney liens accepted.
Increase your income up to $1,000 per week and add rehab to your practice w/out extra training, personnel, or time. HOW? Contact Bret Funk (414) 380-9140. CREDENTIALS: Rehab set up in 15+ clinics, 8 strength & conditioning certifications including chiropractic rehab, trained 20+ chiropractors/rehab therapists over the past 18 years, many satisfied references. Relocating. In AZ 5/23-26 to meet with you.
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TUCSON -- OFFICE SPACE TO SHARE:  Fully equipped and staffed office.  Current DC offering opportunity to DC to move existing or start a new practice with very low overhead!  Contact David Nathan, D.C. 520-408-2225.

J-TECH for ROM and Muscle Testing for sale. Virtually brand new. Hardly used. Comes with all software, manuals, and booklets. $3500.00 Please call 480-998-7501.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR opportunity at high volume well established Gilbert practice. Full or part time hours. Practice and personal growth coaching available! Call 480-497-2642.

FOR SALE: Universal 325 x-ray machine. AFP Mini-Med 90 Processor. Great condition. 7 years old, cost $20,000 new. $12,000 or best offer.
Call Dr. Brown, DC at 480-377-1226.

PRACTICE FOR SALE: low overhead, x-ray, 1K sq/ft, old patient files, equipment, DRX9000, 4 traction units, 2 IST tables, all starting @$1 check EBay. (520)449-3523 Dr. Watson, moving to new office.

NORTH SCOTTSDALE OFFICE FOR RENT: Troon North area at Pinnacle Peak. Space available in multidisciplinary setting for ambitious DC. Flexible terms, low base and/or % of collections. Beautifully furnished and equipped office. Call Alex at 602.549.2225 or e-mail to

ELECTRIC ZENITH HI-LO FREE to good home. Has served me well for 28 years. Tom Stark, D.C. Tucson: 520-304-7474

NOVA SUMMIT XRAY MACHINE: Model #B360, made in 1996. Also: Konica Processor SRX 101, cassettes and film. Asking $6000 for all. May purchase individually. Call Dr. Cradic in Yuma at 928-344-2460.

CAS CHIRO NEEDS ASSOC DC to help in 3 locations:24thSt, 75thAve & Ch3.  Clinic does Chiro, Physiotherapy,Manual Therapy, Nutrition, DX Testing.  Will hire 1 F/T or 2 P/T.  Current AZ Chiro & PT Lic required. Fax to 602/956-6789 or email 

NE PHOENIX LOOKING FOR A LICENSED AZ CHIROPRACTOR highly motivated, self-starter wanting to share expenses/rent space in our beautiful 14 year established wellness, corrective care, family based practice. Call 602-363-2291. BG

HIGHLY MOTIVATED AND PROFICIENT CHIROPRACTOR 4 years experience in high volume, office seeking opportunity in Phoenix area.  Trained by top management companies, ready to excel in high energy office. Seeking associateship with future buy out, partnership, etc.  Dr. Erik Schutt 586-453-5932.

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