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Urgent Legislative Alert: Chiropractic Copay Bill to be heard in House Committee April 2, 2008 -- Action Required Now March 27, 2008
Chiropractic Copay Bill revived by ACS and Sen. Gray -- Now SB 1048 SE

ACS and Senator Gray have revived the chiropractic copay/deductible bill, which many believed was dead after SB 1152 failed to pass the Senate Health Committee. Not a chance. ACS NEVER gives up! 
The bill is alive with a new number, SB 1048. It has already passed the Senate. Now it needs to pass the House, get final approval by the full Senate, and a signature by the Governor. Then, copays and dedudtibles for chiropractic services will be where they should have been all along, at primary care physician, not specialist levels.

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Dear Doctor,
It's now or never. Our copay/deductible bill will be heard in a House committee on April 2, 2008. If you take the actions described in this newsletter, the bill is likely to pass. If you do not, the bill is likely to fail. We are up against the entire insurance industry. They have millions of dollars to spend. All we have is the muscle of our grassroots network. That means YOU. 
Yours in Chiropractic,
Alan M. Immerman, D.C.
P.S. Actually, it's not really a fair fight. We have our ace lobbyist, former state representative Debra Brimhall Pearson, on our side. That's an unfair advantage for us!
Details for Lobbying the Natural Resources and Public Safety Committee for the April 2 Hearing
There are ten members of this committee. They hold the fate of SB 1048 in their hands. They will vote yes or no on April 2. They must hear from ten patients in your office. If you practice in the district of any of the ten committee members, work DOUBLE hard and  make sure the ten patients call and email repeatedly, give their names and addresses, and, most importantly, COME TO THE  HEARING!
Here's the bottom line: if the hearing room is empty on April 2, the bill will fail. However, if the hearing room is FILLED with chiropractic patients CLAMORING for the right to receive needed chiropractic care and not be cheated by their insurance companies with outrageous copays and deductibles, the bill will pass. The formula is as simple as that. Here are the details for the committee members:

Rep. Ray Barnes                            (602) 926-5503      Fax  (602) 417-3107         7

Northeast Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Carefree

Rep. Andy Biggs                              (602) 926-4371      Fax (602) 417-3022          22


Rep. Judy M. Burges                       (602) 926-5861       Fax (602) 417-3104          4

Northwest Phoenix

Rep. John Kavanagh                     (602) 926-5170       Fax (602) 417-3108        8


Rep. Barbara McGuire             (602) 926-3012    Fax (602) 417-3123         23

Pinal County, Casa Grande

Rep. John B. Nelson                 (602) 926-5872       Fax (602) 417-3112          12

Glendale, Maryvale, West Phoenix

Rep. Lynne Pancrazi                    (602) 926-3004      Fax (602) 417-3179           24


Rep. Krysten Sinema                     (602) 926-5058       Fax (602) 417-3015           15

Central Phoenix

Rep. Theresa Ulmer                  (602) 926-3002       Fax (602) 417-3124           24


Rep. Jerry Weiers                                   (602) 926-5894        Fax (602) 417-3012          12

Glendale, Maryvale, West Phoenix

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