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Chiropractic Copay Deductible Bill to rise again as SB 1048 in House -- Time to take legislative action March 7, 2008

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Chiropractic Copay Deductible Bill to Rise Again as SB 1048 in House
After weeks of working with Senator Linda Gray, House Speaker Jim Weiers, and many other legislative leaderrs, ACS has now cleared a path for the chiropractic copayment deductible bill to come alive again in the Arizona House of Representatives. It will have a new number, SB 1048. It will be heard in two House committees, Natural Resources and Public Safety, and Financial Institutions and Insurance. We do know yet know when the first hearing will be. Nonetheless, now is the time to begin calling and emailing members of these two committees to ask them to vote in favor.
To find the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the members of these two committees, go to Click on Committees, Standing Committees. Under House of Representatives, click on the names of the two listed committees. Then click on the name of each member. Send each an email and a phone call explaining why is is imperative that pain patients have the choice of safe and drugfree chiropractic care versus potentially addictive narcotic pain drugs. SB 1048 will restore that choice by making copayments and deductibles the same for chiropractic services and primary care physician services.
Act today if you believe in Health Care Freedom of Choice!
After a weekend of rest, ACS will be contacting AAC to continue our working relationship on this issue. ACS will be letting AAC know what it can do to help get this bill passed now that ACS has set the stage in the House. We have moved the football across the 50 yard line. We are now in the third quarter of the game. With the AAC's continuing cooperation, we foresee victory this year.
Get busy, get involved, and make this bill law in 2008!