January, 2011

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It's a New Year and Optimism is in the air!  Every business owner that I've spoken to this year believes that their business will improve in 2011.  I believe that not only will profits increase, but systems will improve as well.  Have you looked at your business systems and developed a plan this year to implement them?  I would like to suggest (see below) one business system that will help you manage your HR functions better.  I hope your vision is clear and your goals are written for 2011.  I look forward to talking to you again next month.  Please enjoy the articles below! 


New Year... New Systems (HRIS) 

 The V
alue of Converting  to HRIS 


With increased technology, more businesses are adapting human resource information systems (HRIS) to automate actions, streamline processes, and share information faster. HRIS is a systematic tool that helps manage HR data. Record keeping and information sharing are HR activities that will never go away, so consider making them easier with HR technology. Small companies with less than 250 employees may benefit more from off the shelf applications installed directly on their computer with a one-time fee or software as a service (SaaS), which is deployed over the Internet and usually has a subscription model.

Primary functions of the HRIS are acquiring, storing, maintaining, retrieving, and revising HR information. The application of HRIS to the various functional areas in HR allows for cost savings, more efficient use of staff, improvement in the quality of data gathered, and fast retrieval of data, which saves time.

How the systems are used depends on the needs of the business and what information is important to gather. Data is used by leaders in the company to make important decisions. For example, staffing plan data gathered in a system and then exported into a spreadsheet provides quick information for the CFO to view salary ranges of open positions and plan the budget accordingly. If the company has financial concerns, this data can also be used to make the decision on which open positions to fill and which to place on hold or even cancel.

Additionally, HR technology is used to: 

  • Track hiring, promotions, and transfers
  • Track costs associated with hiring
  • Capture candidate data and print required EEO data in the required format
  • Maintain a skills bank and develop pool of qualified candidates
  • Track completed training programs
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Facilitate benefits administration
  • Track history of reimbursements and bonuses
  • Track documentation for COBRA and HIPAA
  • Store employee discipline records
  • Maintain survey results
  • Identify trends in on-the-job accidents and illnesses in order to make improvements
  • Track workman's compensation claims


The above are only some of the ways in which HRIS is applied in the HR functional areas. Check with your HR or IT professional on ways to set up technology tools for better data management and more accurate reporting.

Below is a list of affordable HRIS that can help you manage employee information.




HRmgr Lite 4.1

Organize your employee information for effective business management. HRmgr also tracks information regarding Attendance, Achievements, Reviews, Wages, INS and Department of Labor information, and Emergency Contacts. 

Free to try (100-employee record limit); $495.00 to buy

HR Data Manager 4.05

Streamlines administrative procedures, manages employee records and reduces the need for paperwork and manual records. Easily manage employee demographics, benefits, performance appraisals and much more.

Free to try (30-day trial); $359.94 to buy

Seven Hills HR Manager Lite 1

Stores all employee information in one place;  tracks an employee's history at your company with ease; retrieves employee information quickly; Secure confidential employee information to protect privacy;  creates HR documents, employee handbooks, office policies and job descriptions; audit trail to see who made changes to employee records

Standard $295.00

Pro $495.00

Vana Workforce®

On-demand, software as a service (SaaS) enabled human resource and workforce management solution for small business. Manages the entire workforce life cycle from attracting and hiring top talent, managing benefits and leave, tracking time and expenses, developing leaders and managing employee performance, to compensating and rewarding your workforce.

Monthly fee based on number of employees. Ranges from $99/up to 25 employees to $599/up to 500 employees.


Disclaimer: Vital Business Solutions provides the list above as a resource to readers. VBS does not have an affiliate relationship with any of the software companies nor receives any financial gain from the recommendations. We are also not responsible for the outcome from the use of any of these products.

On Your Radar

Income Tax Withholding for 2011... What's New

The IRS issued the 2011 Percentage Method Tables for Income Tax Withholding.  Changes are to be effective starting with January's payroll.

New for 2011 Includes:
·    2011 withholding tables
·    Social security and Medicare tax for 2011
·    Making Work Pay credit (expired December 31, 2010)
·    Advance payment of earned income credit (EIC)

Read what's new here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/n1036.pdf

Also download the "Employer's Tax Guide for use in 2011" at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p15.pdf



"The word vital can never be overstated in human resources and organizational development. Neither can the impact of Vital Business Solultions' assistance to Dreaming Out Loud, Inc through a CNE Capacity Building Grant.  Vital Business Solutions was able to meet our organization at our particular level of complexity, helping to develop strategies for ordering and deploying our volunteer, intern and managerial assets.  They worked to ensure that our unique organizational development challenges were met, rather than prescribing generic solutions. As a result of the systems and processes developed in collaboration with Vital Business Solutions, Dreaming Out Loud, Inc. was able to simultaneously manage a sizeable program operating from three sites in our most challenging and successful year to date."


Christopher Bradshaw, Executive Director

Dreaming Out Loud, Inc.


Hennrietta Smith, President
Vital Business Solutions, Inc.




The information provided in this newsletter is for awareness only and not intended as legal or tax advice. Please consult with your legal counsel and/or tax or payroll professional on legal and tax matters.
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