Parade Magazine
Aug 15, 2010

Jonny Justice's big baby browns will be staring out at you when you open your paper this coming Sunday. Parade Magazine is covering the dogs from the Michael Vick case  with the latest updates and some
heartwarming photos. Dog lovers will want to grab up a few copies of this historic issue as keepsakes. Parade made us all smile back in 2001, when they ran a story of canine war heroes, including cover boy 'Stubby' the pit bull, so we're excited to see the tradition continue with this weekend's issue.

The Lost Dogs

Author Jim Gorant offers an insider's view into what went into saving 49 legendary dogs from Vick and then, the system that wanted them destroyed. Due out next month! September 2010.

Helloooo Jonny! Good news coming your way in the Sunday paper this weekend, August 15th

A great day! Jonny Justice (right) and fellow survivors Audie, Uba, Zippy, Grace, Teddles and Frodo were reunited with Rebecca Huss this past weekend at BR's rescue barn in Oakland.

Group Photo

Rebecca served as the court-appointed Guardian Special Master in charge of creating safe passage to the dogs back in 2007-08. She hasn't seen this group of CA transplants since she met them in Virginia, so it was a special treat for all of us.

Rebecca isn't fond of the celebrity status that the case brought to her, so even though we wanted to trumpet the reunion all over the place, we knew it was more her style to keep things simple and modest. But her hard work to save the dogs is properly celebrated in Jim Gorant's new book - The Lost Dogs
- due out this coming September. Stay tuned - we're about to launch our review of the book along with a link that allows for you to shuffle a small donation to BADRAP when you purchase it ... And it really IS worth purchasing.   Photo Credit: Nicole Rattay
Thank you ...
  ... for believing in better days for pit bulls and for supporting BADRAP and other groups like ours all these years as we work to create positive change for the dogs. We'd like to think that Jonny Justice is telling us that the tide is turning for the better. Maybe he's onto something.

Warm regards,