You did it - Barn Raising MATCH MET!

Just two days ago, we sent an e-alert asking for help with meeting a large matching gift challenge. Thanks to the subscribers of our modest (3 thousand subscribers) mailing list, we were able to raise just over $3000 in two days time - Amazing. And Tana Madrigal's gift of 10K is now doubled as promised. If this fund raising effort has taught us anything, it's how deeply 'pit bull people' care about creating better days for this breed.

It was a pleasure to open our photoshop program on this Thursday evening and raise the bar on the Barn Raising graphic. Go Petey!

Many thanks to everyone listed below. From $5 to $300 - every single gift built on the one before it. We're now two thirds of the way to our goal.
David Weaver, Nanette Cronk, Allison Bishoff, Sharon Treanor, Claudia Daigle, Karen Gregor, Mara St James, Kathleen Duncan, Dianne Rhodes, Emma Sullera, Toyomi Stinson, Julia Velson, Donna Baek, Audrey Kolterer, Emma Leigh Hunsaker, Mishel Fletcher, Hannah Kiernan, Melinda Shaw, Jennifer Marcus, Michele Snyder, Louisa Squires, Nat Childs, Tara Dubay, Kate Trickett, Karen Wrobel, Karen Kriegel, Cathy Parlato, Geoffrey Ford, Kelly Hitt, Stewart Coutee, Todd Antonuk, Karen Persson, Karen Byers, Stephanie Ament, Nichole Heilbron, Falwyn's Fancies, Patty Martin, Richard Simmons, Vicki McLemore, Antoinette Frieseke, Courtney Todd, Lorraine Marchand, Janice Holt, Little Cakes, RN Services, Barbara Groat, Julie Stein, Lisa Langeneckert, Thomas Conwell, Sara Gallia, Suzanne Vice, Brittany Admire, Margo Willmes, Robert Dvorkin, Gary Lee, Augusta Kickbusch, Divine Creations, Kirsten Reed, Carol Toms, Deb Mortenson, Donald Hook, Vintage Grace, Shirley Palma, Paisley Rosengren, Brooke Suchomel, Allix Magaziner, Second Chance Pet Rescue, Linda Scanlin, Margaret Schrock, Andrea Ives, Sandra Ambrogio, Katherine Pitts, Robin Causbrook, Paula Sorge, Andrea Donderi, Barbara Nozzi, Jacquelynn Gunby, Don Keenan, Amy Abascal, Judith Blaufuss.

Please alert us if your name was accidentally omitted or misspelled so we can correct in future announcements. If you chose to send a check rather than use PayPal, we hope to acknowledge you as soon as your gift moves through our donation system. It's very important to all of us that your generosity is recognized, so look for your name on an upcoming BAD RAP Blog post.

With so much gratitude!
the dogs and crew of BAD RAP

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