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We're currently
one fifth of the way to our goal. Thanks to everyone who gave to help get this fundraiser off the ground! 


Many are surprised that BR doesn't have its own shelter. While we keep keep a trailer at Oakland Animal Services for training shelter dogs, the bulk of our work has been taking place in the homes of dedicated volunteers
since April 1999!

Our Shelter Partners

Oakland Animal Services
Berkeley Animal Care
 East Bay SPCA
Many thanks to these SF east bay shelters for providing emergency housing for ten Missouri 'fight bust' dogs.

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Disaster Relief

Goji (right) from an Oklahoma cruelty case rests with Katrina survivor Leroy. Dogs from man-made disasters deserve the same efforts and considerations as those who suffer from natural disasters such as hurricanes.

Both dogs are now living with adopters thanks to our donors who said 'Yes.'


BR started including bust dogs into its adoption program in 2001. This tiny fellow named BB was the first.
For Barn Updates

Happy Emmett
The puppy that came to us from Oklahoma is our most recent bust dog to find a permanent home. Once very shy, Emmett is starting to come out of his shell and show us his very silly inner-clown!
Barn Raising -
A Time-Honored
Community Tradition!

BarnRaising occurs when a community actively decides to come to the same place at the same time to help achieve some specific goal. The act of raising a barn together strengthens a community's ties. In turn, the barn owner is expected to help others.
 Our Commitment
to Shelter Dogs
at Home

Bemis is part of our Ambassadog Program at OAS. This dog-social boy played a big part in our  evals with the MO dogs. He was especially helpful with bringing the shy Zena out of her shell! Look at them go in this

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A Barn Raising! Help us raise the bar.

We were put to the test on July 11 when we received a phone call asking for emergency help with ten victims of cruelty that had no where to go. The dogs were in Missouri and they were caught up in the nation's largest dog fight bust. We scrambled like never before to find a way to provide for them.

This isn't the first time we've had to make fast room for several dogs. When the Vick dogs were released into our custody, we lived with 13 crates in our living room until one by one, each dog went home to its individual foster home. What crazy memories!

We lucked out with this month's Missouri dog emergency when three local animal shelters agreed to provide temporary kennel space until we could evaluate and disperse the dogs. It was a fantastic solution that reflects the generosity of SF east bay shelter partners. But even with their help, we recognize that our commitment to victims of cruelty is going to require additional planning for upcoming cases. This is especially true now that more and more jurisdictions are finally allowing pit bulls from fight busts and other cruelty cases to be evaluated and rescued rather than destroyed.

Recently, we announced our plans for building a small structure that will allow us to house dogs that have no options. And along with that dream comes our first ever capital campaign.

In this email, I want to outline the project for you and ask for your help in making it real. A barn raising is a community effort and we need that collective spirit more than ever to help us stay committed to the dogs that are finally getting the second chance they deserve.

Thank you for reminding us that we're doing the right thing for pit bulls with your constant support and encouragement. This is hard work, but it's an incredible honor to be in a situation where we can be a help to the breed that binds us all together.

With much gratitude,
Donna Reynolds
Executive Director BAD RAP
July 2009
The Barn!

Isn't it beautiful? We've been shopping 'kit buildings' (what a fascinating shopping project!) and settled on this simple but attractive design, created by a barn maker in the northwest. While meant for horses, the barn will be altered to fit magnum kennels instead. The project involves fencing for a large exercise area and basic kenneling supplies for housing dogs in temporary but comfortable home-like surroundings.

All said and done, we expect the costs involved in securing permits, buying the plans and related materials (lumber, foundation, plumbing, flooring, roofing, fencing) and labor will tally more than $100K. We're currently one fifth of the way to being able to make this happen. Please help us get there!

Where will it be? We've secured a half acre in the sunny SF east bay hills where the dogs will be able to enjoy peace and quiet during their transition. This video shows foster dogs TugTug and Phatman making the most of the wide open space where the barn will be built.
Can I visit?  To maintain our privacy and to keep the dogs safe and secure, we won't be divulging the address of this location, but special sponsors will be able to visit once we're up and running.
Why they matter.
The Associated Press reported on an unhappy reality in a recent article: That is, finding enough safe havens for all the pit bull victims of cruelty is incredibly difficult, especially while so many animal shelters are already full of out-of-luck pit bulls from their own communities.

As we deepen our local commitment to east bay-area dogs, we know that helping bust dogs is good for all dogs, including the dogs in our local shelters.

'Homes tough to find for dogs seized in raids.'

Nothing has caused the world to question everything we thought we knew about pit bulls quite like the victims of dog fighting operations. Through their faces and stories, the dogs have challenged us to sweep blanket stereotypes
, breed myths and condemning policies aside and to value the individual when assessing for adoption potential.  These particular dogs demonstrate a will to live and a resiliency of spirit that is stunning. How can we not be moved by their plight? They represent all pit bulls that need and deserve our compassion and understanding.

As long as pit bulls from cruelty cases are in need, we'll be responding in some way. They keep us on track with who we are as dog lovers and why we first got into rescue in the first place. Thank you for giving us the tools we need to do this work through your donations.

Photo above, Jeff Chui AP

The dogs behind the headlines.
These are the faces of the Missouri dog fighting victims. Almost five hundred dogs were swept up in this recent raid! BAD RAP received ten dogs in an early release and will be involved in helping others that are waiting to be noticed. Each dog below is linked to a video with a few clips filmed during their evaluation at east bay shelters.

Beauty     Jimmy
  Violet       Edison 
Compassion for all.
Sometimes, dogs from shelters or fight busts are unable to go into adoption programs due to health or behavior reasons. Rather than 'fail' these dogs, we try to find room when we can to provide them with comfort and friendship for several days or weeks so they can know what its like to belong to someone who loves them. Having a barn will allow us to say 'Yes' to more of these cases, especially those sadder cases from our key shelter partner, Oakland Animal Services.

Right: 'Violet' from the Missouri bust. She was shut down in the shelter so is getting a chance to decompress in a home.  AP photo, Jeff Chui.

It's not unusual for a dog in our Compassion Hold Program to rally and secure a permanent home willing to manage their special behavior or medical needs. Sophie is a senior dog with a badly damaged body who came to us as a compassion case from Oakland Animal Services.

Her story attracted a wonderful home and now she's one of our favorite adoption stories.First Video

Sophie reminds us to expect the best from every situation...Not a bad lesson from our pit bull friends!

"Hope is faith holding its hand out in the dark." - George Iles
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                                                                                                            Thank you for reading and for lending your good wishes and support to our barn raising fundraiser.
We look forward to showing you how your donation will help more pit bulls. They live on because you care enough to insist on it!
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