February 2009
BAD RAP Donors Made it Real
Year End Report - and Heartfelt Thank Yous!
In this column 

Below are just some of the newer dogs you've helped save through your donations. Not shown - but just as important - are the thousands of breed supporters who've been turned on to the breed through your support of BAD RAP's ambassador dogs and education programs.

We can't thank
you enough.

Jelly Jones
Jelly Roll Jones was the first Ambassadog to be officially adopted from
our shelter project at
Oakland  Animal Services.
He lives with another dog, a baby-grand piano, and a parrot (who rules his world!)

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This pretty girl went to
an  'Adoption Pending' home this week.

Your donations are
keeping this project alive
and moving forward.

Thank you.
Ways to Donate


Lolo is a "foreclosure orphan." She's scheduled for surgery this month to
give her two new knees.
This gorgeous dog social,
cat friendly girl
will need a new home
once she heals.
Let us know.

Piglet was so depressed
in the shelter kennels
that we gave her a rare foster spot. When she finally went to her new home, she became the second dog officially adopted from the Ambassadog Project.

This senior gentleman teddy bear can thank
BR's trailer for saving his life. The contractor who showed up to donate her services ended up falling in love with his big mug, and the rest is happy history.

Watch our blog for pit bull  news and musings from our corners and beyond.

The couple who decided to
make this goofy guy a part of their family had no intention of choosing a pit bull when they came to meet dogs at the shelter. Surprise! Sometimes true love comes wrapped in a big head and slurpy tongue.

Talented Newman learned to do handstands while
he waited for a new home. He was one of the first
dogs we selected for the Ambassadog Program at Oakland Animal Services.

This Oklahoma born gargoyle princess lived
a hard life on a chain before we met her. She's learning about creature comforts and getting ready for a medical procedure to give her nostrils that will allow her to breathe easy for the first time in her life.

Ollie Pop
Ollie is one of the most agreeable, eager to
please dogs we've met in many miles. He's getting ready to begin a new life with a couple who are excited to be getting their very first pit bull terrier.

Baby Howie
This tender heart is one
of our newest additions
to the Ambassadog Program. He's a back flopper and shameless solicitor of those most coveted belly rubs.

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a lot of pep packed into his tiny body. He came from a cruelty case in Oklahoma and is just about ready
for a new home in
Northern California.
Let us know.

Little Missy is hanging out with Jonny Justice while she waits for her new home to discover her. No such thing as a dull party
when those two get together. Want to know more about Grace?
Let us know.

Frida Brown
Senior gal Frida has been living at the shelter for months, never giving up hope that someday, someone will love her
for who she is.
Want to know more?
Let us know.

Our new boy Sal's
warm eyes and affectionate demeanor
are worth a hundred cowboy love songs.
 He's one of the newest members of our Ambassadog Program.
Want to know more?
Let us know.

This pretty little tomboy is looking for a home that likes to get outdoors and
have a good time.
For more info.

There's no excuse for
a bad day when Zippy's
 in the room. She's one of
the happiest dogs we've ever known and she's
 now ready for a home that gets her style.
Talk to us!

This doe-eyed girl came from the cruelty bust in Oklahama. Her rescue signaled the very first
time pit bulls have been allowed to survive a large scale bust in that state.

This tiny sweetheard came to us from cruelty bust. She recuperated for several months before finally finding her new home. Her new housemate and best friend is a chihuahua.


What a year! The cover story describing the Vick dogs' successes in the December Sports Illustrated magazine was the icing on the cake of a very good year for pit bulls. More than just a splash of good press, this piece was a cartwheels-in-the-stomach marker that indicates a larger public is finally ready to hear a different kind of story about pit bulls...one that's much closer to the truth as hundreds of thousands of us live it every day.

To Badrappers, this article (and Jim's Gorant's new book on the topic due out this fall!) represents a culmination of 10 busy years of energies devoted to educating our audience and rescuing marginalized pit bulls - including bust dogs - all of it bolstered by our donors' unwavering support and firm belief in justice.

The dogs made it to the cover because pit bull people are more stubborn than breed myths and a helluvalot tougher than prejudice. And of course the dogs never gave up on us.

I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are for having such committed partners in this journey. We only know a portion of you by face, yet you've been the best of friends to our organization and to our dogs.

Outlined below are the key ways we spent your donations in 2008, along with the names of those who joined us in our collective mission to "secure the future of American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion."

April Fool's Day 2009 is BAD RAP's 10 Year Anniversary. We plan to sink our roots in deeper this year, CELEBRATE our blessings (stay tuned for big party news - you're invited) and otherwise stay well-gripped on the fast swinging spring pole of pit bull advocacy work.

With much gratitude,

Donna Reynolds
Executive Director BAD RAP
February 3, 2009

AmbassaDog Program
Trailer, magnum kennel and program equipment: $16,500

Your support helped us make a big new move.  We hopscotched from the East Bay SPCA to the busy open admission Oakland Animal Services in 2008 after deciding to roll up our sleeves to help Oakland's neediest pit bulls. We're currently fine-tuning a viable shelter adoption program to benefit the shelter's pit bulls. Our work includes building a team of volunteer handlers and adoption counselors trained to help the overflowing numbers that come in the doors. You made sure we had what we needed to make this a reality and you helped us get our first official 'home' - our beloved 12'x40' trailer - known as Big Blue! 

This special space serves as a classroom, training center, meeting room and general sanctuary for frazzled shelter dogs. You helped us buy equipment including a large magnum kennel so we could work several dogs at once during our daily shelter shifts.

Special thanks to the Silicon Valley Community Fund and the Terry Family Fund for giving towards this project.

You helped us keep trainer Sara Scott busy four mornings a week, fine-tuning our Ambassadogs' manners and training a fabulous new crew of volunteer handlers, affectionately known as "the Bully Crew." Out of this effort, we're now endeavoring to serve 18 adoptable shelter pit bulls at a time (eek!) and are working with staff to create new ways to bring a better quality of life to dogs held in custody. 

Your generosity allowed us help OAS staff increase the survival rate of the shelter's adoptable pit bulls in unprecedented numbers (despite a 30% increase in incoming animals since 2005, this last year enjoyed a 63% increase in adoptions of all animals). You helped us buy sassy new caps and aprons so the public could identify our team for information and support. And when we couldn't save a dog, you supported us not only financially, but emotionally so we could offer compassion holds to dogs that fall outside of our ability to help.

AND, when we were short on towels, blankets and toys for the dogs - you sent boxes from all over the country. (You don't know how happy that made us!)

Right: Sweet Bob spent a lot of quality time out of his kennel and in the trailer, playing with his dog friends and learning good house manners before finally going to his new home.
Window seat, please
BAD RAP's 2008 travel expenses: $17,000

It was a big year for travel. Our donors made sure we could get to where we needed to go in 2008 to offer workshops to animal welfare workers, to connect with breed activists, and to bring help to bust victim pit bulls in Missouri, Arizona, and Oklahoma.

We sent BAD RAP reps to San Diego to bring a message of owner support and volunteer spay/neuter programs to the AHA (American Humane Association) conference and we traveled to Longbeach to meet with a variety of city government officials at the California League of Cities Conference. We were honored to give a presentation about the Vick dogs at an American Bar Association event in Chicago and a day-long 'how-to' adoption workshop for Tri-County Humane in Minnesota. We trekked up to Milwaukee for a public workshop on pit bull issues sponsored by Wisconsin Humane Society and then flew to Orlando to present to a packed house at the HSUS expo.
Each event helped us build important bridges with breed supporters and animal welfare professionals who are eager to receive our information and implement positive changes for the pit bulls in their own communities.

You helped us create new printed materials and secure booth space (5K spent this way in 2008) for those conference appearances, including new banners that proudly displayed our Vick dogs and education programs to shelter workers at the HSUS expo and other conferences.

"Perhaps the most valuable session I will have
 the privilege to attend." - participant review of BR's 'Toolkit
 for Pit Bull Adoptions" workshop at HSUS Expo 2008

We were able to jump on flights and respond immediately to three
larger cruelty bust cases involving pit bulls in 2008, including the Kay County, OK cruelty case, the Humane Society of Missouri bust and the 'Patrick bust' in Tucson AZ. While the numbers of dogs we're able to save from these busts will always be modest, we feel strongly that each group of dogs deserves a vocal advocate, so these victims aren't swept under the rug and blamed for their circumstances by high profile organizations.

And of course those authorities who say 'Yes' to bust dogs deserve to be supported for refusing to follow 'kill-them-all' propaganda. As the Sports Illustrated article reported, critics argue that bust victims were not deserving; that it takes a million dollars and a big name celebrity to pull off a rescue. Of course every pit bull rescuer in this country knows different.

Thank you for helping us show the world that pit bull rescue efforts aren't dependent on celebrity dollars. Animal lovers always have and always will support disaster relief efforts that bring aid to victimized pets.

Left: A dog from the Kay County cruelty case waits to be released from his chain. Above: 'Miss Kitty' came back with us and lives at Berkeley Animal Care Services, where she's waiting to be matched with a home.

Training Classes for the Public & Camps for Professionals
More classes, More CGCs, Better Camps: $32,718

Training others to be the best stewards they can be is a key focus of our mission, and there's no shortage of pit bull owners and animal welfare workers who want to learn new things and improve their skills.

You made sure we could increase the number of people we could accept into our Pit Ed classes and Canine Good Citizen prep classes in 2008. To meet the growing demand, we added new trainer Donyale Hoye and started running two Beginning and two Drop in classes side by side. Some Saturdays it can get veeery busy with up to 60 dogs and handlers coming in and out for their lessons. With all the action and dog fun, it's become our favorite day of the week!

Trainer Linda Chwistek started up a Pit Ed class in Vallejo in '08 to meet the needs of north bay pit bull owners. She's looking forward to increasing the class size as more people learn about this fantastic resource. Linda also helped over two dozen pit bull owners accomplish their goal of getting their dogs 'CGCed' in 2008 - Canine Good Citizen certified. CGC Hall of Fame The coaching is free for the public and can involve weeks of work, including private one-on-one sessions with the ever-generous, 'I-can't-say-no-to-a-dedicated-dog-owner' Linda.

Your gifts helped us continue our quarterly Pit Ed Camps so animal welfare workers could get in depth training for adoption programs back home. We were able to create new and improved educational materials and offer full and partial scholarships so shelters with low budgets could attend. You even helped us build a new website for this branch of our work, so we could begin offering more shelter-specific information and materials into to shelters with pit bulls. (Watch this puppy grow in 2009).

A special thanks to Animal Farm Foundation for their generous support of the Pit Ed Camp program, and to PetCo for helping us buy our projector for presentations.

Donors also made sure we could pay our bills to keep BAD RAP's website alive and in front of the tens of thousands of new visitors who learned of the site from the media and came to read our information for the very first time. Viva high traffic stats!

Above: Tamra Wagenknecht from Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society trains a shelter dog in Pit Ed Camp. Now boasting their own breed ambassador program called Bully Buddies, this shelter is a blessing to Chicago's pit bulls.

Vet Care for Dogs-in-Need
Costs for 2008: $8,900

We were blessed to have the court awarded restitution money to care for our ten Vick dogs in 2008, so their medical needs including the rebuilding of Audie's bad knees were covered. (Whew!)

We're especially grateful to our supporters for remembering our not-as-famous NON-Vick dogs in '08 with your donations. You helped us cover $8,900 for general vet care including spay/neuters. We were also able to buy supplies with this amount for low income pit bull owners who came out with their dogs to two free BR-sponsored Shots Fairs.

Some of the donations ear-marked specifically for spay/neuter surgeries will be carried over to our Shots Fair events in 2009 in the form of spay/neuter vouchers, starting with our Oakland-based fair now scheduled for March 1.  Above: A happy Shots Fair client.

Special thanks to Scott & Lori Heintzelman and to Michael O'Hare
for giving so generously towards BAD RAP's spay/neuter efforts.

Our Wonderful Supporters

These are the donors who gave to this project. Regrettably, we did not put out a year-end report and donor list in 2007 due to the unexpected time constraints that choked us up after the Vick dog launch (ack!), so what you see here accounts for years 2007 and 2008. Many people on this list gave twice or more over the past 24 months.

This list does not include the many people who bought products from our CafePress Store, or who surprised us with a bag of dogfood or stuffed toys or who left dog beds in our driveway. You know who you are and we thank you!
BAD RAP Steering Committee
BAD RAP Donors 2007-08

921 Liquidators, Animal Farm Foundation, Amy Abascal, Karin Adams, Adave Business and Legal Services, Glynis Aiken, Roxanne Alden, Roma-Dakini Alexander, Susan Allen, Vanessa Alonso, Robert Alspaugh, Judith Althouse, Emmy Alvarez, Christina Alvarez, Bruce Ambler, American Cleaning Solutions, Bonnie Anderson, Jeffrey & Marie Anderson, Lauren Anderson, Marie Anderson, Annette Angelini, Janet Annino, Anonymous, Anonymous via Network for Good, Todd Antonuk, Marinda Armstrong, Melody Askey, AXA Foundation - AP Department, Lindsay Azevedo, Beth Bachtold, Julie Ann Baenzinger, Mir Bahmanyar, Alan Baker, Mick Balaban, Andrea Ball, Rosalie Ball, Ballookey, Ray & Cheryl Banuelos, Sabina Baral,, Pamela Barnett, Mark Barnum, Barnum Party Candles, Anne Barron, Sharon Battad, Dominic Bea, Renee & Sebastian Bea, Renee and Sebastian Bea, Theodore and Lisa Schade, Janet Beach, Rosalie Beall, William Paul Bekkala, Heather Bell, Jay Bell, Walt Bell c/o Black Nose Trading Company, Karen Bendorf, Jackie Bennett, Sumit Bhattacharya, Holly Billington, Cris Bissonette, Lisa Black, Heather Blair, Hilda Blakeney, Laura Blanco, Ashley Blankenship, Elizabeth Blomquist, Blue Dog Rescue, Inc., Susan Bonard-Bygrave, Lauren Borucki, Mary Clare Bourjail, Timothy & Lynn Boyle, Susan Bozek, Thomas Brake, Carrie Branam, Katjusa Brejc, Nicol Brickman, Brittany Sales Company, Inc., David L. Brown, Stephen Brown, Eugene & Sheryl Buchert, Bullies In Need, Brandon Burg, Daniel Burger, Chris Burgess, Terry Burnley, Barry and Vicki Burstein, Jamie Lyn Burstein, Anne Thomson Busse, Karen Byers, Colette Cahill, Gretchen Caldwell, California Latin Dreams, Michelle Callahan, Carmen Canchola, Tom Cannon, Mary Jo Canonico, Sheri Cardo, Terri Cardoza, Lynette Carlton, Erin Carr, Melea Cassell, Cathedral School for Boys, Pamela Catlett, Drew Cavanaugh, James Ceravolo, William & Katherine Chambers, Chunsiew Chan, Tammy Chang, Charles Schwab Foundation, Darla Chow, Sher Christ. Lucia Christopher, Kay Chu, Linda Chwistek, CarrieRenee Clark, Jennifer Clark, Clear Connections, Donald & Elizabeth Cleary, Edward Clish, Treven Cobb, Amanda Coe, Jennifer Coffey, Anatasia Coffman, Cris Cohen, Michael & Susan Cohen, Carol Cohn, Joyce Cole, Susan Cole and Mike Fors, Collar Mania, Christel Colton, Community Health Charities, Gayle Connolly, Courtney Cook, Del Cooney, Kathryn Cope, Wendy Cope, Ken & Michele Copen c/o Unity Through Sharing Fund, Becky Correia, Sheri Costa, Cris Cowen,
Mary Jo and D. Lance Cowles, Elizabeth Cox, Kelly Credille, Suzanne Creel, Diane C. Crooke, Kip Crosby, Susana Cruz, Erin Maclean Culley, Patrick R Cunningham, Lisa Curtis, Kelley D'Amico, Shannon Damanti, Laura Damon, Carole Daniel, Suzanne Danielle, Tiffany Daniels, Charlice Danielsen, Michele Davenport, Judi De Souter, Dealey, Renton & Associates, Gina Delatorres, Stephen DeLong, Sarah Fowler Fowler Delun, Sarah DeLuna, Nicholas Dempsey, Maria B. Denzin and Charles A. Giddy, Joseph DeQuattro, Kris Derrig, Peter Deveau, Jeff Devine, James DiSiena, Patricia DiSiena, Amanda Dixon, Judy Dobberpuhl, VS. Dobbs, Leslie and Dale Dodds,
Andrea Donderi, Joanne T. and Eveon Donn, Emily Douglas, Steven Drackert, Shanda Drawdy, The Drunken Monkey, Inc., Doc's Clock, Elaine Ducharme, Cornelia Dulmage, Shannon Dunagan, Tara Eggington, Linda Eissmann, Jessica Ellis, Stephanie Elton, Keely Enna, Alana Epstein, Jennifer Espiritu, John Ewing, Brooke Facente, Blake Facente, Pamela Fanning, Frances Farmer, Frances C. Farmer, Susie Fenerty, Yuru Feng, Danielle Ferguson, Lori Ferguson, Suzanne Ferguson, Nicole Fianchino, Molly Fleischner, Molly Fleischner, The Floor Store, For Other Living Things, John & Ann Fornoff, Mike Forster, Stephanie Foster, Valentina Foster, Sandra Fournies, Sarah Fowler, Deirdre Franklin, Timothy Frazier, Jenny Frederiksen, Free to Bead, Rebecca Freed, Tiffany French, Sarah Froebel, Erin Furman, Stanley & Florence Furukawa, Susan Furukawa, Jared Galanis, Denise Galindo, Sara Gann, Brian & Hayley Gayrard, Kimberley A. Gayrard, Laura Gayrard, Nella Tygielski & Judi Gayrard, Roger & Judi Gayrard, Genesis Training Group Real-Estate School, Susan George, Mark German, Deirdre Geurin, Robyn Gillette, Sara Glaser, Adrena Glennon,Catherine Godlewski, Marion Golian, Goodsearch, Jane Gordon, James Gottier, Matt Gougler Vintage Grace, Jeannine Graffin, Connie Graham, Graham Ultch Charitable Trust, Maria Graizer, Jeanne Grant, Catherine Greaves, Susan Greer, Katherine Griggs, Suzanne Grimes, Sam Gris, Cathy Grobaski, Lorraine Guitierrez, Dan and Jett Gulbronsen - Gulbronsen Family, Colene Haberkorn, Craig Haggart and Rebecca Hor, Sherin Halfon, Jennifer Hall, John Halle, Jeff and Tracy Halpern, Rosana Halprine, Natascha Hamm, Aileen Hammer, Julie & Darrell Hanestad, Janine Hank, Kathleen Hanley, Heather Hanly Hanly and Daniel Purc, Debbie Harcup, Jeanne Harding, Garry & Jeanne Harred, Stephen Harred, Jeannie Harrington, Michelle Harrington, Lance Harris, Virginia S. Harrison, Jodi Harrison-Alcorn, Amanda Hart, Lorraine Hart, Cynthia Hathaway, Scott & Lori Heintzelman, Amy Hempel, Caroline Hennig, HermitCrabAddictionStore.com, Monica Hernandez, Rosario Hernandez, Pam Hessey and Charlie Kaiser, Dina Hitchcock, Deborah Hite, Maryellen Hoban ñWVSPC, Dana Hoffmann, Christia Holloway & Melinda Jo Miller, Elizabeth Holshouser, S C M Hoogewerf-McComb, Rhianna Horan, Taija Horne, Rebecca Horton & Craig Hagg, T.E. Houston, Lynn Howe, Jason Howell, Amy Hughes, Marilyn & Timothy Hutchinson, I Do Foundation, Karen M. Iler, Intuit Foundation, Edie Irons, Jordan Iseri, Julie Jackson, Cheryl Jacobsen, Joanne Jaimedes, Christine James, Mardi Janes, Diane Jarmolow, Angela Johnson, Kai Johnson, Kristi Johnson, Jessica Jones, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, JPS Photography,Jason Kahn & Danielle Schwab, Kail's K9 Cookies, Laura Kaminker, Laura Kaminker and Allan Wood, Constance Kanagin via Network for Good, Karen Karten & Arthur D Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons, Farrise & Greenwood Foundation, Inc., Karen Keaton, Friends of Micheal Keenen, Jennifer Keifer, Catherine Kelly, Margaret Kelly, Virginia Kelly, Molly E Kenefick, John P Kennedy, Kara Kennedy, Phillip Kenney, Meredith Kersey, Andrew Kesner, Andrew W. Kesner, Hannah Kiernan, Brian Klavitter, Kim Klein, Sarah J. Knudsen, Ann Kolbeck, Olga Kopczynska, David A. Kopitze, Kate and Mark Kostrezewa, Kim Krattinger, Kaoru Kumano, Elaine Kuo, Darryl Laferte, Nathan Laffin, William LaLonde, W. Jon and Corinne Lambden, Margaret Ann Lane, Mod Lang, Mary LaRock, Corinne Lashley, Linda Latham, Elaine Lau, Laura Marshall Photography, Irina Lazar, Laurie & Robert Le Duc, Nicole Lebow, Susan Ledlow, James & Paula Leduc, Richard Lee, Alene Lees, Scott Leete, Deborah Lewis, Lisa P. Lindelef Trust U/D/T, Lindgren & Smith Inc., Deborah Lionudakis, Abigail Lockwood, Sharon Logan-Smith, Carlos Lopez, Angela Lorenzetti, Stephanie Lott, Laura Lee Love, Patricia Ann Luchak, Christy Lusareta, Morgan Macdermott and Derek Boyd, Jamie MacDonald, Beth MacFarlane, Jeanine Machulak, Macy's West G.I.F.T., Alexis Madrid, Ruthe Magaziner, Jim Main, Jacqueline Mallin, Denise Mandell, Kate Mann, James Mannix, Jaryn Marston, Joette Martin, Joshua Martin, Thompson Martin, Dori Maxon and Keith Gall, Susan Maxwell, Susan & Mitchell Maxwell, Anita McAllister, Cindy McArthur, Charles A. McComas and M. Jean, Laura McCommons, Kristin McCormish, Patrick N Mccoy, Jamie McDonald, Janel McDonald, Jan McGill, Sarah Mcginn, Michelle McGinnis, Diane McIntyre, Sunseerie McKinnon, Karen McNeil, Dennis McNicolas, Krystal Meier, Jennifer Mejicanos, Edgar Melendez, Joanne Menapace, David Mendelson, Fidel Meneses, John P. Merrill, Jr. and Carol J. Merrill, Michele Metcalf, Julianna Michael, Jen Millan, Katrina Miller, Rodney W. Miller, Maria Miller-Reitter, Laura Mills, Rebecca Minervino, Susi Ming, Susi Ming and Antonio Br, Negar Mirgoli, Peter Mistretta, Keith Mitcham, Susan Mitchell, Judy E Miyakawa, Kathryn Mohan, MollyWear, Rhys Moore, Morgan Stanley, Melissa Morris, Paula Morrison, Jennifer Morrow, Katherine Moyer, Ralph and Barbara Mroz, Nafija Mujic, Maria & Mark Muramoto, Phyllis Murdoch, Terry Murfin, Amanda Murguia, Heather Murphy, Maureen Murray, Jamie Myers, Elle Naitoh, Nakita's Chest, Nashville Humane Association, Lisa Neal, Craig Nelson, Margaret Nelson, Marlowe Nelson, Aleah Nesteby, Jennifer Aleah Nesteby, Network for Good, Dennis Newhall, Nicole Newton, Ngan Ngo, Jeanine Nicholson, Nikki Nisby, April Nockleby, Jean Nolan, John & Kathy Norton, Russ Norwood, Trina O'Brien, Trina O'Brien, Julie O'Connor, Michael & Jyotshna OíHare, Deirdre OíSullivan, Ken Okada, Tiffany Okubo, Meredith Oliver, Pamela Olsen, Michael Oppenheim, Dunstan Orchard, Melanie Overslaugh, Scott Oyler, Jill Painter, Shirley Palma, Tina Pardi, Garden Partners, Kristin and David Pascoe, Desiree Pascual, Sam Patterson, Alex Paul, Patti Paul, Jenette Pavlak, Alan Woodward Peabody, Allison Pelliccio, Franklin & Marianne Peluso, Julie Peppard, Nancy Perata, Perforce, Christopher P. Perkins, David Perrotti, Pet Food Express - My Mutt Matching Grant Program, Petco Foundation, Theresa Petrunzel, Carolyn Pettine, Robert David Pfeifer, Thy Phan, Philip Morris USA (Jennifer Al Mo), Cynthia Phillips, Sam Phipps, Antonia Pisacane, Katherine Pitts, Aileen Pittsenbarger, Beth Plumley, PlusOne Analytics, Nancy Poli, Lisa Polito, Amy Ponsetti, Joseph A. Porter, William and Winifred Post, Krysta Powles, Daniel Pressel, Carolyn Presswood, Mary Prevo, Victoria Price and Daniel Prendergast, The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts, Pamela Quarterly, lan Que, David Rachleff, Rita Radtke, Zahara Rahim, Bea Rains, Nancy Ranieri, Kalpana Rao, Volovski Rarities, Nicole Rattay, Elisa J Rauschl, Patrick Ray, Rachael Ray, Barbara Reed, Kirsten Reed, John Reese, Marcia Rempell, Rescue Pet Store, Retail Sign Service, Susan Reynolds, Lucinda Richard, Trudy Ricker, David Riley, Katelyn Risteau, Jane Robbins, Megan Robertson, Roger and Diane Robinson, Yvonne Rode, Michael Roman, Susan Ronhaar, Patricia Rose, Beth Rosemond, Paisley & Garth Rosengren, Isabelle Rosso, Emily Rostel, Marlene Rubin, Jennifer Rutan, Sailing Anarchy, Lesley Sailor, San Diego Humane Society, San Diego HS & SPCA, Tony Sanchez, Kirstan & Mark Sanders, Katie Sandford, Gail Santos, Jacqueline M. 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Vidal, Donnie Villorente, Veronika Vonderbank, Celia Walker, Gregory S. & Terry Walter, Mason and Ellen Walters, Lenoard and Freda Warren, Markayla Warren, Viki Watson, Robert Waugh, Monica Way, Kathryn Webb, Megan Webb, Joanna Weinman, Lynda Weis, Suzanne Welker-Jurgens, Karen Wells, Kim Wells, Donna Wendt, Jessica Denton West, James and Nafjia Weston, Brenna Whaley, Catherine Wheeler, John Wheeler, Scott White, Kevin Whitten, Sharon Vanderburg Wignall, Mark Wilf, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Pamela A. Williams, Sarah Williams, James Wilson, Patricia Wilson, Stella Winslow, Kate M Wintz, David and Joanna Wishner, Deanne Witt, Margi Wolfe, Karina Wong, Wendy Wong, Jennipher Wood, Jeremy Woodburn, Aron Woolman, Amy Wright, Gregory Wright, Nancy Wright, Nichole Young, Kou Yu, Leichen Zar, Jessica Zerr.

We apologize to any donors whose names may have been accidentally omitted from this list. If you were not counted here. please let us know so we can acknowledge your gift in a future announcement. Thank you.