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New Year's Card
Bob the Dog New Years Card

We wanted to give you a card that you could print off and share with your friends. This link will open a PDF that can be used as a News Year's Day greeting card, or trimmed to be a postcard - whichever you prefer.
Here's wishing for happy days and more good news for pit bulls and their loving families in 2009.

Above: Bob, one of our Ambassadogs living at Oakland Animal Services. This amazing fellow has not been adopted yet. (Could it be that he really IS meant to be Obama's dog?)
501(c)3 Non-Profit
BAD RAP is a federal 501c3 non-profit.
EIN # - 94-3397172
All donaions are tax deductible.Thank you for believing in this work.
Look who's going home!
We think Piglet was somebody's spoiled house dog before she found herself at Oakland Animal Services. How she ended up losing her home, we'll never know, but kennel life was hard on this little diva. She seemed to grieve for her former life so we moved her to a foster home where she could enjoy some of the creature comforts she was missing. Four months later, Piglect has found her new home! Her person has been searching for a steady sidekick to accompany her during busy work days, and then, to help her entertain her family and friends. Miss Pigs is most definitely ready for the job.
Congrats on your homecoming Miss Pigs. We will miss you!
Jelly Roll is Home Tonight!
Jelly Roll Jones is the first dog we pulled from the general shelter population to start our Ambassadog Project. Like Piglet, he acted like he'd been raised with a silver spoon ... he was a bit tubby and way bratty.
The team trimmed him down while building up better manners. His new home is quite pleased with how obedient he is. Was he always this way?
(We have to laugh of course.)
All in a day's work.
Welcome to real life,
Jelly Roll Jones!
A Christmas for Audie

This little stinker is getting two new knees for Christmas. Audie came from Vick's yard, but has a lifetme of exciting fun ahead of him. His adopter decided it was time to fix her munchkin and let him get on with life. His vet is confident that Audie will be good enough to do the competition work that's in his soul. We look forward to seeing what he can accomplish once he's all better. Send him healing vibes on December 17!

'Tis the season when our pit bulls insist on sleeping under the covers - and how can we not give in! It's only fair then that we subject them to felt antlers and santa hats for holiday card photo sessions.

My post to you today outlines several ways to help BAD RAP while you do your shopping for the holidays. Despite the fancy newsletters and cool pit bull schwag, BR is actually a very small grassroots organization, but with a tenacious core of motivated individuals. Our dogs are our best role models and they inspire us everyday to rally for a better day for the breed. As support for our group grows, we're able to do more to shine a positive light on these wonderful creatures. It really is an exciting time to be doing this work.

Please review our suggestions for giving below. And don't forget your own local rescues and shelters too. It's hard to see at times, but collectively, dog advocates really are making a difference in the longterm survival of our favorite pillow hogs.

Thank you for your support, your optimism and all the work that you do on
behalf of the dogs in your own corner of the Universe.

Holiday blessings,
Donna Reynolds
Executive Director BAD RAP

Educate Everyday of the Week
Two 'Proof in the Pudding' Calendars
Does your local shelter offer pit bull ambassadors for adoption?  It boggles the mind, but animal orgs like PeTA are actively working to convince shelters that adoptable pit bulls should be destroyed rather than adopted out. As if they didn't already have enough strikes against them!

We create a yearly happy endings calender to display some of the wonderful breed ambassadors that count on all of us to extend compassion rather than prejudice to the country's neediest shelter dogs. Send a calendar to someone in your circles ... Maybe even your local shelter director.                                                   
Shelter Sweets 2009 Calendar

We also launched the Bust Dog Survivor Calendar 2009 to remind all us of that victims of cruelty deserve the dignity of humane care and, where possible, a fair evaluation and opportunity to be rescued. Former Vick dog Handsome Hector graces the cover of this calendar.

Thanks to Rachael's Isaboo, a way to honor a special dog
in your life
Celeb pit bull owner Rachael Ray is known for having a big heart for dogs. We were caught by surprise when her good friend contacted us and asked to sponsor a needy shelter dog in Isaboo's honor as a Christmas gift for RR. We had just the dog! Lolo (right) had just entered the shelter, but wobbled in on bad knees...a bad sign for a homeless dog. We didn't know if we could commit to rescuing her due to the costs involved in a possible ortho-surgery. But Isaboo's gift planted some seed money and gave us the 'YES' we needed to help her. We're so grateful.
The donor's generosity sparked an inspiration: Why not let others help our shelter dogs while honoring special dogs at home?
So here goes: For a gift of $200, we will send you a PDF like the one Rachael received, with a update and personal thanks from the needy dog you'll be helping. And yes last minute shoppers, all in time for Christmas:
Lolo Letter

For a gift of $500, the recipient will receive a personalized letter, an invitation to play with their BAD RAP orphan friend at the shelter, and an online acknowledgement, posted on BR's website for one year. Let everyone see a photo of the dog you know and love that inspired you to give. Our Giving Tree page outlines how this donation will be spent on the dogs, and your letter will give info that's more specific to the dog you're sponsoring.

And how very cool that Isaboo is our first giver! The Giving Tree
For How-To: contact us

Sponsor a Rescue Mission - Help dogs in darker corners

A few times a year, we heed the call to travel out of state to provide rescue support to dogs who find themselves the victims of larger custody cases. In many cases, BAD RAP absorbs some or all of the costs of travel and follow up care for the dogs. Currently, we're getting ready to go to Oklahoma to help local authorities make humane decisions for the 100+ dogs in trouble. Although it may not seem very Christmas-y, we're looking for support to help us complete this mission. In this situation, Best Friends is kindly providing transport for the dogs (thank you BF!), but we could use help with our own travel costs. Frequent flier miles that can be shared would be a blessing. Please contact me if you can help.  [email protected]

Thank you. We hope to provide updates on the dogs once the time is right.
Store Stuff: Sweatshirts to live in.

We were excited to get a new line of heavy sweatshirts into the store in every dog lover's favorite color...BLACK! We haven't put our paws on them yet, but we understand they're substantial and well-made. If you dig around in our store, you'll find most of our designs on a few different new styles of sweatshirts.
Images of the famous Vick Dog gang are showing up on our xmas tree ornaments.
Check back as we get busy with putting all ten faces on there. Of course, Handsome Hector's is one of the sweetest.

Our holiday cards are fun, but because they tend to be pricey, we're offering free downloads of the images in PDF form so you can go crazy with your address list. Bob the Dog rings in the New Year on the image in the left hand column of this newsletter.
Watch our BLOG for new downloadable designs.

Other things that make pit bull owners smile.
Itsa law that if you own a pit bull, you have to buy him a Paco Collar. Dogs walk taller and behave better when they wear Ana Poe's designs ... We swear.

Ana is an eco-sensitive artist who goes out of her way to make sure her clients are happy, even working out barters for those folks who can't fit her sassy leather designs into their budget. She's gifted untold numbers of her works to foster dogs, including BAD RAP's dogs. These are 100% good karma collars.
Look for all the BR alum dogs on her website sporting designs. Sexy!

Demo. The story of a junkyard dog.

Another unspoken law says that every pit bull owner in the country should have this book on their bookshelves. The anti-BSL message is loud and clear and Scott Bruns' illustrations are first-rate.

Parents in our group warn that the material may be too violent in some places for younger children. Author Jon Bozak points out that the book is designed for kids above seven. After all, BSL is nightmare stuff.

We so appreciate the fire that went into this project. Demo.                                      
The smallest things can make shelter life so much more livable
One of our recent blog posts spelled out a Wish List for shelter dogs. A loud shout out goes to Becky C for donating two big boxes of greenies. We're still passing them out to custody dogs especially, who are all-too-easy to forget in the hustle of shelter life. Social, or not - Frightened or wagging, they all get to feel special for a few minutes with an unexpected treat and a few kind words. Thank yous to all the kind folks who jumped right on the request and responded.

Consider bringing a box of goodies to your local shelter this Christmas. It makes a world of difference to everyone within paws reach. Wish List

Even though the holidays can be a blur, remember to wag it hard, slurp it sloppy and gulp up the fun every chance you get. You deserve it!
The BAD RAP Crew