April 25 2008 
April 25 is ALIVE DAY for the Vick Dogs

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Alive Day: It's a term that war veterans are using to mark the date of a brush with certain death in Iraq. Watching the HBO Series that chronicles these soldiers is humbling, to say the least. In spite of crippling disabilities that would destroy the best of us, these soldiers are brave, focused and bullishly optimistic. (Sound familiar?)  In honor of the young men and women that survived the worst, we wanted to call out the Alive Day of the ever courageous, very American Vick dogs.

Today marks the one year date that the famous fifty were confiscated from Michael Vick's little house of horrors.  Coincidentally, it's also the day that we can begin making the dogs available for adoption; six months after the day we brought them home.

Two of our ten dogs have been earmarked for homes. We look forward to seeing the remaining eight find their rightful place in the world, with homes that will understand that they're caring for a living example of animal welfare history.

Welcome home, and Happy Alive Day to all the brave survivors.

Photo Above. Yes, that's Tim and myself with five of the Vick dogs, an outtake from the People Magazine shoot. And yes, all the dogs are happily dog tolerant. They play in groups of 2 or 3, and they have a great time. And yes, because they are who they are, we keep our Playground Monitor hats on and we watch for potential arguments, as any responsible dog owner should.

Teddles da Man - Now Available

Ted is one of the dogs who's finally ready to find a forever home. He's become quite the Beach Bum, so is hoping for a home here in CA near all his buds.

From Ted's foster mom, Christine Allen:

Ted doesn't know he's big and depth-perception-challenged. A real bull in a china shop - If furniture could move, it would jump out of his way. Loves going out on jogs or just walks. Not high energy, but definitely needs regular exercise. Once he's stretched his legs, he can chill with the best of them. Crashes out at night around 8 o'clock and just loves his crate. He's a smarty-pants and loves when he knows what it is that you want him to do. Would do well with a bitchy female, but tends to overwhelm the more submissive players. Has a zest for life, an affinity for ropes and branches, and wouldn't turn down an opportunity to lounge around in the sun (with sunscreen, of course!). Needs someone who is, or is willing to learn to be, a good boss. Yes on small kids. Ted's been living with a two year old (who named him, btw).  Not cat tested, but our guess is that he may not be not the best pick for most cat homes. Slide Show

If you've been keeping your eye on this Bubba, maybe it's time to drop us a line!

Taking it to the Road

We're excited about these opportunities to bring BAD RAP's message to new audiences around the country. Please look for us at these conferences.

The HSUS Animal Care Expo - May 15, 2008 Coronado Springs, FL
BAD RAP presents a 2.5 hour workshop on building a successful adoption program for sheltered pit bulls.  At the Disney World Resort.  We'll have a booth at the expo alongside the amazing Animal Farm Foundation. If you're attending, please join us for pit bull talk.
American Humane's Professional Development Conference - Sept 18-20 San Diego CA
BAD RAP Presents 'Model Programs for Cultural Change.' We look forward to sharing info on our community outreach projects designed to bring positive change to pet owners in challenged communities.

One Earth: Globalism & Animal Law, the Animal Law Conference - Oct 17-19  Portland OR
BAD RAP joins a panel discussion alongside animal law professor and attorney Rebecca Huss - Special Master Guardian of the dogs during the Michael Vick case - on lessons learned from this landmark case. Our hosts: Lewis and Clark Law School, the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) and the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).


Who's This?

Keep your eye on BAD RAP's Blog for informaton on this pooch, and other lucky dogs who were part of a very exciting rescue case that's changing the way people think about pit bulls.

We thank you for your continued support and send our best to the special dogs that have inspired you to care as much as we do!
Stinging tail wags,
the BAD RAP Ground Crew

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San Francisco, California 94132

Securing the future of the American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion.