One Year Later, Sichuan Rebuilds Better   
Wenchuan Earthquake Anniversary
May 12, 2009
We decided that the best way to honor the memories of the over 80,000 children, women and men who lost their lives in the May 12 earthquake was to just keep doing our jobs.  So, at 2:28 this afternoon, our team of Chinese construction professionals was explaining to Liu Rujun, a rural homeowner in earthquake-hit Tumen township, that her sand has too much mud in it. 
Liu Rujun's muddy sandThis weakens the mortar and concrete, which will make the house more vulnerable to cracking and collapse in the next earthquake.  When we suggested using the dirty sand for fill soil and only clean sand in the masonry wall, columns and beams, she agreed. 
Liu Rujun is just one of the 538 homeowners Build Change is working with in Tumen.  In partnership with the local government, we are providing hands-on construction advice and inspections, holding training courses for homeowners and engineers, and drawing layouts for earthquake-resistant houses.  We plan to work with another 5,000 families this year. 
If you have time to reflect today, know that this type of disaster can be avoided in the future by building local skills and stimulating local demand for safe construction.  Please support Build Change's efforts to make locally sustainable, earthquake-resistant housing solutions available to more rural homeowners in China and beyond, so that no one has to face such devastating loss again.
Thank you and best wishes,

Elizabeth Hausler
Founder and CEO
Build Change
Build Change in the NEWS
Build Change's post-earthquake housing reconstruction program in Sichuan was featured on National Public Radio, All Things Considered, last Tuesday.  Read the text HERE and listen HERE.
Build Change's work in China is also highlighted in today's headlining story on the BBC website, Rebuilding China's Quake Hit Zone, and in this week's Christian Science Monitor
Build Change's Founder and UC Berkeley graduate Dr. Elizabeth Hausler is on the cover of the Spring Issue of the UC Berkeley College of Engineering magazine, Forefront, due out any day now.
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