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Welcome to our email archive page where you can access EDL, Inc.'s latest Newsletters highlighting past and upcoming events as well as in-progress and completed work. 
Eric David Laxman is an accomplished artist who creates sculpture, functional art, custom furniture, and hand railings. To learn more about EDL, Inc. visit our website at: www.ericdavidlaxman.com
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  • January '08 Newsletter
  • Features: Our Staff, Valentine's Day Event, "Then and Now" Exhibition, American Graphic Design Award, Healing Embrace Dedication, Summit Sculpture Model, Hand Stand, Standing Wave, Hospice Art Exhibition, Lions Live Free Benefit, Dowling Gardens Gate, Custom Computer Desk and Backsplash, Entryway Table, Contemporary Stair Railing
Eric David Laxman, Inc.
Garnerville Arts and Industrial Center
55 W. Railroad Ave., Bldg. 4
Garnerville, New York 10923

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