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accesories that are not visible,

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1) Laminated placemats - 6 for only $36!  Form, Function & sticky Fingers!


2) Best Boot Socks  - stay up, machine wash & look cute at airport security!

3) Stirups keep your Jeans in your boots -- work best w/ flat boots!

 mesh bagsinvisibelt

4)mesh purse pouches - organize & change purses easily!

5) Invisibelts - Jeans stay up & NO belt belt  buldge!



6) ladies tell me how much they love their CP Tee: soft & wears well,

7) and their tumbler - keeps hot hot, and cold cold!

 And they are drinking more water !

$5 off tumbler!!  Now $10!

booknecklace extender

 8) The BOOK that will have you & your GF laughing

 -- best Birthday present!

9) Extend your short necklaces to a longer length! 

 wallet   cord covers

  10) THE wallet that every CP cashier uses -- try it ... you'll love it!

11) Cover your unsightly electrical cords with dupioni silk!


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birthday picture w/ dawn

True Confession Time


The pictures of myself that I use in Chick's Picks' marketing, Facebook, the blog, postcards were all done professionally.  I am talking professional photographer, lighting, hair, makeup, even a stylist on set.  I had many outfit, setting, prop and accessory changes!   Photographers have stood on chairs & ladders for shots -- still not sure if it was for an

artsy angle, or to hide the over-forty chin situation? Who cares? It worked. 


However, today I am writing about the photo above ... a candid taken at a

 50th Birthday party I went to Saturday night. A professional camera man shot the photo ... but I got dressed and posed all by myself.  


What you don't know are all the GIRLFRIEND secrets that are involved in this photograph.   And I just gotta share: 


- the Disappearing-Double-Chin Trick:  Extend your neck up straight and tall

(like almost an inch), then stick your face out (an inch), then drop your chin ever so slightly.  You'll feel feel like a chicken, but I promise it works!  My LA sister-in-law Sarah, who is in the "industry," taught me this; we have laughed so hard as we practiced that we actually added chins.  Try the mirror first!


- I am wearing an Invisibelt so my jeans are not slipping down over

 my muffin top during the photo;


- the  black shell and jacket are slimming.  Not just because they are black --

 works for lots of colors -- just make it monochromatic, so

the outfit isn't choppy;


-a scoop or V-neck is elongating;


-same with a long necklace;


-same with a front crease in your jeans or trousers, pointy toes, and nude or high heels;


- I got a new leave-in conditioning hair product, Moroccanoil at

 Hair Harmony in Sterling (or click on image), that allows me to

style & wear my hair down!!  Friends don't even recognize me if my hair isn't up -- lack of time, know-how, and product. 

 Between this miracle stuff, and the big-brushes-left-in-your-hair-when-drying trick, I have never been happier with a hair picture.  And last Saturday it was drizzling! And I had to walk blocks because I got to the party late;


-and finally, stand next to a thirty-something hot chick! 

Thanks Dawn - who is a longtime CP customer & friend!


These vanities may not be for you, however with the prolific camera phones and facebook uploads, we have to be ready 24/7.  Feel free to share your photo tips with me too!  Now, go practice looking like a chicken!



save the date...

77 days to the Royal  Wedding!!!  

tiara fleur

You deserve your own Tiara!

crown & saphirethe crown rosary necklacecameo

So many CROWN necklaces!!

tea towel nest  calendar  kcco towel

Kitchen Towels & Laminated Calendar


Princess Commoner Sign!!

socks  union jack socks

So cute peaking out from Boots!

tray 3  silver chalk  tray 2

Vintage Silver Tray  Chalkboards - restocked!


Crown Wreath or Coat Hook

( I have 2 .. use them to hold jackets!) Bottle openers ... silver too!

 bracelet  sapphire er charm necklace

"She Said Yes" Charm Bracelet, Sapphire Blue Earrings, Princess & the Pea Necklace

saphire bracelet    crown soldered 
Royal Sapphire Leather Bracelet,  KCCO signs,   Crown Necklace
   crown towels pillow union jack

 Crown Waffle Weave Towels & Union Jack Pillow

key chain Diana matches victorian lady sachets

Vintage British Harness Pieces ... Now Key Chains,

Lady Di & Charles Wedding Matches, 

Victorian Lavender Ladies Sachets


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(click)  CROWNS & ROYALS ! 



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