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April 2012
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Why Your Data May Be Better Off in the Cloud
Google Enters Cloud Storage Market
Apple Security In The News
Microsoft Alters SkyDrive Pricing and Service
K2 Webinar Schedule for May
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In this month's Tech Update, we discuss Why Your Data May be Better Off in the Cloud.

You'll find our monthly K2 tips, which include two Excel tips - Using Search Filters in Excel 2010 and Creating an Excel Chart with Conditional Formatting - and a tip on Creating New QuickBooks Data Files from Templates.

We have news about Google Entering the Cloud Storage Market, Apple Security, and  Microsoft SkyDrive Pricing.

This month we spotlight two of our new courses for 2012 - Excel Reporting - Best Practices, Tools and Techniques and Excel Tables - Revolutionize How you Work with Excel, in addition to a course that is a combination of our popular courses from last year - Small Business Internal Controls, Security, and Fraud Prevention and Detection. And don't forget to review the new webinars being offered in May.
Why Your Data May Be Better Off in The Cloud


As more and more cloud-based data storage options materialize, the questions surrounding data security and privacy in the cloud continue to surface for both those who are considering storing personal data in the cloud and for those who are considering using the cloud as a storage location for business data. Will my data be secure? Will employees at my cloud provider be able to see my data? Will I conflict with compliance mandates if I store data in the cloud? While each of these questions - along with others not printed here - are issues that you must address before storing data in the cloud, in many cases you will find that your data is more secure in the cloud than it is stored on local drives.


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Google Enters Cloud Storage Market

New Google Drive Offering Service Goes Live


For those interested in storing data in the Google cloud, Google's new Drive service provides users an option for doing so. With Drive - which went "live" on April 24 - users have the option of storing up to five gigabytes of data in the Google cloud at no cost. If you need more data storage space, you can buy 25 GB of space for $30 per year and 100 GB of space for $60 per year.


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Apple Security In The News
During the past few weeks, a number of security issues surfaced relative to security of Apple products, continuing to point out that, contrary to popular opinion, users of Apple products and services should be conscious of the need to practice safe computing practices. For example, on April 13 Apple released an update to the Java implementation for OS X that was being actively exploited by the Flashback Trojan horse program; it is estimated that the malware infected over 800,000 Macs.
Microsoft Alters SkyDrive Pricing and Service

Users of Microsoft's popular SkyDrive service should note that the company is making changes to its pricing for the cloud-based storage service. Existing users with access to 25 GB of fee cloud-based based storage space will see their free access reduced to seven gigabytes unless they log-in to the service and confirm they wish to continue receiving 25 GB of space. New users will receive 7 GB of free space, an amount that Microsoft says is sufficient to cover the "entire Office document library and share photos for several years" for 99% of users. If additional storage capacity is needed, it can be purchased; Microsoft prices an additional 20 GB of space at $10 per year, 50 GB of space at $25 per year, and 100 GB of space at $50 per year.


K2 Webinar Schedule for May
To better serve the accounting community, K2 has partnered with Surgent McCoy, LLC to offer high quality web-based CPE training. This gives you the opportunity of receiving leading-edge, K2 developed and presented content, in the friendly confines of your home or office. The cost of the two-hour sessions is $79 and the cost of the four-hour sessions is $129. We are excited about this ability to provide web-based training and hope to see you on the Web.
We hope you find this issue timely, relevant and useful. If you have topics you would like for us to cover here in the coming months, please let us know.
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