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The K2 Enterprises Team                                                                                        December 2011

In this month's K2 Tech Update we look at some of the technologies that affected us in 2011.
You'll find three technology tips for Excel - Creating a Chart with Two Vertical Axes, Advanced SUMIF and SUMIFS Formulas, and Creating "Sticky" PivotTable Formatting. We have news about CCH's IntelliConnect Update and K2's Conference Survey. Don't forget that it's not too late to register for the CPE & Ski Conference held in Vail, Colorado and if you are looking for Webinars, K2 has offerings in January.
We hope you find this issue timely, relevant, and useful.  If you have topics you would like for us to cover here in the coming months, please let us know.

The K2 Team
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Technology Past and Future

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Creating a Chart with Two Vertical Axes    


Sometimes when creating a chart, it is necessary to utilize two separate vertical axes because the numbers that are being charted are of different magnitudes. Doing so allows the readers of the chart to clearly see and understand the message the chart is intended to communicate. By following the steps contained in this tip, you will find that creating a chart with two vertical axes is quite easy.


Advanced SUMIF and SUMIFS Formulas 


SUMIF and SUMIFS are two of Excel's best functions. Using these two functions, you can create formulas that add data, subject to one or more conditions. The primary difference in these two functions is that SUMIF allows only one condition to be evaluated, while SUMIFS allows up to 127 criteria to be evaluated; additionally, SUMIFS is only available in Excel 2007 or higher. In this tip, you will learn how to create advanced SUMIF and SUMIFS formulas that use cell references as the evaluation criteria. 






Creating "Sticky" PivotTable Formatting 


One of the more frustrating aspects of working with PivotTables is the seeming inability to format a PivotTable so that the formatting remains intact when you refresh the PivotTable. By utilizing the two simple techniques contained in this tip, you will create PivotTable formats that are "sticky" and even remain in place when you refresh the PivotTable.


  Technology Past and Future 


It seems that every year at this time, we pause to reflect on the year soon to be passed and make predictions and promises about things that will transpire in the upcoming year. In that vein, let us take a few moments in this issue to examine some of the technologies that affected us significantly in 2011. We will follow that next month with predictions on technologies that will have significant impact in 2012.


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IntelliConnect Update Includes New Library View  


CCH IntelliConnect, a research platform for the accounting and tax industry, now offers even greater flexibility and speed for accessing content with the new Library View. IntelliConnect delivers faster answers and better results, and the new Library View feature conveniently organizes specific information on a single page and enables users to switch easily between topics.


Read more here 


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News2K2 Conference Survey Coming Soon      


The annual K2 Enterprises Conference Survey will arrive in your inbox the week between Christmas and New Year's; we are asking you to participate in the survey and share your thoughts and opinions with your peers nationwide. This survey requests your input into topics K2 Enterprises should teach in its 2012 Technology Conferences. We have conducted a similar survey in each of the past three years and the responses have helped to ensure that our one and two-day Technology Conferences provided content in which you were most interested and found to be relevant.

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News6Still Time to Register for 2012 CPE & Ski Conference 


For those looking for a great way of earning up to 24 hours of CPE credits while enjoying some of the best skiing and related winter activities anywhere in the world, take a moment to consider participating in the 2012 CPE & Ski Conference in Vail, Colorado.

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News4K2 Enterprises Webinar Schedule for January 2012 


To better serve the accounting community, K2 has partnered with CPA Crossings and ACPEN to offer high quality web-based CPE training. This gives you the opportunity of receiving leading-edge, K2 developed and presented content, in the friendly confines of your home or office.    


The cost of each of the CPA Crossings two-hour sessions is $79 and group discounts are available.


The cost of each ACPEN eight hour course is $195 and each four hour course is $129.


We are excited about this ability to provide web-based training and hope to see you on the Web.


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Continuing Professional Education
for Accountants and Financial Professionals

K2 Enterprises offers continuing professional education seminars and conference sessions to accounting and finance professionals throughout the U.S.  

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