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The K2 Enterprises Team                                                                                     September 2011

In this month's K2 Tech Update we discuss What's New in QuickBooks 2012New features include ways to help small business owners work more efficiently.


You'll find technology tips for Excel, including Changing How Excel PivotTables Display Subtotals and Solving Excel Formatting Problems with Accounting Underlines. Also learn about Creating a Period Copy of a QuickBooks Data File.  We have news about two instructional webinars from Confirmation.com, the 2012 CPE and Ski Conference, and our Education and Training Survey. In addition, check out our new lineup of Webinar topics in October.

This month our course spotlights focus on Excel Tips, Tricks, And Techniques for Accountants; PowerPoint Essentials; and QuickBooks - Reconciling and Analyzing Financials.

We hope you find this issue timely, relevant, and useful.  If you have topics you would like for us to cover here in the coming months, please let us know.

The K2 Team
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What's New in QuickBooks 2012 

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Changing How Excel PivotTables Display Subtotals  


Many Excel users consider PivotTables to be Excel's most powerful feature. However, a change made with Excel 2007 on how PivotTables display subtotals for rows has left many users frustrated. More specifically, beginning with Excel 2007, the Compact PivotTable layout and the Outline PivotTable layout put group subtotals at the top of the group on the same line with the group name. Fortunately, if you want the subtotals displayed at the bottom of the group, the procedure for implementing this change is quite simple.

Creating a Period Copy of a QuickBooks Data File 


Accountants, both in public practice and in industry, increasingly are expressing concern about turning over complete QuickBooks data files to third parties - including tax auditors - because there has been no capability to block access to transactions outside the period of interest or under audit. However, beginning with the 2012 release of QuickBooks Accountant, a new feature known as Period Copy allows users to make a copy of the data file that contains only transactions for a specific date range.




Solving Excel Formatting Problems With Accounting Underlines


Accounting and financial professionals have long avoided using underlines in Excel and other spreadsheets because of seemingly inconsistent behavior in how underlines displayed. Instead of underlines, many accounting and financial professionals have opted to use cell borders in their Excel-based reports, but this often leads to inserting narrow faux columns between columns of data, so that the cell borders from one column do not touch the cell borders from an adjacent column. Instead of these laborious techniques, consider using Accounting Underlines and you will be amazed at how much time you will save.  

  What's New in QuickBooks 2012


Intuit is in the process of rolling out the 2012 release of its market-leading QuickBooks accounting software. ProAdvisors may now download the software as part of their ProAdvisor benefit package and the general public may begin purchasing the product directly from Intuit beginning September 26; QuickBooks 2012 will be available from retailers on October 9.


According to Dan Wernikoff, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intuit's Financial Management Solutions division, the 2012 release of QuickBooks contains a number of features designed to help small business owners work more efficiently. "Small business owners tell us they regularly work up to 50 hours per week. Knowing this, we improved QuickBooks to shave off valuable minutes and even hours in the small business owner's day. By getting time back managing their finances, small business owners can focus on what they love - their businesses," said Wernikoff.


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Confirmation.com Webinars  


Join Randy Johnston, Executive Vice President of K2 Enterprises, and Brian Fox, Founder of Confirmation.com for two informative webinars.


10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Automate Audit Confirmation Requests

September 27, 2011, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST

Read more here 


Audit Confirmation Fraud - Understanding the Risks and How to Prevent it From Taking Place

October 6, 2011, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST

Read more here


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News22012 CPE & Ski Conference Nearing  


January 9-11, 2012 - Vail, Colorado


Held at the Lion Square Lodge in Vail, Colorado, our CPE & Ski conference features six 4-hour sessions on a wide variety of today's most popular CPE topics. 


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News6Education and Training Survey     

Most readers of this newsletter know K2 Enterprises through our CPE (Continuing Professional Education)efforts in your respective states. Obviously, we believe strongly in education for improving your skills, increasing your value to the organizations you serve, and expanding your horizons.


Of course, we at K2 want to know if there is specific content that you would like to see us produce. To that end, we have created a short survey (less than 5 minutes) that focuses on potential education opportunities surrounding various accounting software applications, services, and add-ons.


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News4K2 Enterprises Webinar Schedule for October 2011 



To better serve the accounting community, K2 has partnered with CPA Crossings and ACPEN to offer high quality web-based CPE training. This gives you the opportunity of receiving leading-edge, K2 developed and presented content, in the friendly confines of your home or office.    


We are offering all new topics through CPA Crossings in October, while we continue to offer our Best Practices for Industry series webcasts through ACPEN.


The cost of each of the CPA Crossings two-hour sessions is $79 and group discounts are available.


The cost of each ACPEN eight hour course is $195 and each four hour course is $129.


We are excited about this ability to provide web-based training and hope to see you on the Web.


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Spotlight1Excel Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Accountants


Excel is the accountant's tool of choice for analyzing and reporting financial data, yet most accountants have never received any formal Excel training. As a result, many accountants use time-consuming and error-prone processes to complete everyday tasks. This highly acclaimed course contains hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your productivity and accuracy.


Read more here


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Spotlight2PowerPoint Essentials

Are you looking for "just the facts" as they relate to Microsoft PowerPoint? If so, you're in the right spot in this four-hour seminar. PowerPoint Essentials provides you with the skills needed to create captivating and compelling PowerPoint presentations, along with tips on how to enhance your PowerPoint slideshows. 


Continuing Professional Education
for Accountants and Financial Professionals

K2 Enterprises offers continuing professional education seminars and conference sessions to accounting and finance professionals throughout the U.S.  

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