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The K2 Enterprises Team                                                                                     August 2011

In this month's K2 Tech Update we discuss PDF Forms - What Accountantants Need to Know. PDF Forms serve as the foundation for all forms in many organizations and have advantages resulting in more efficient and effective organizational processes


You'll find technology tips for Excel - Customizing the Appearance of a Bar Chart, along with Ranking Data in Excel without Sorting. Also learn how to create a screen capture on an iPad.  We have news about Steve Jobs leaving AppleHP exiting the consumer electronics market and the advantages of scheduling Onsite training with K2 this Fall. Also, find details of our Webinar and Webcast schedule for September.

This month our course spotlights are focused on PDF Forms - What Accountants Need to Know, Excel Financial Reporting and Analysis , and Excel Macros - Part I.

We hope you find this issue timely, relevant, and useful.  If you have topics you would like for us to cover here in the coming months, please let us know.

The K2 Team
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� PDF Forms - What Accountants Need to Know 

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Customizing the Appearance of a Bar Chart  

Suppose you have created a bar chart in Excel and, although you are generally pleased with the appearance, you would like to reposition the vertical axis labels so that they appear on the right side of the chart instead of the left. Is there an easy way to do this? Fortunately, the answer to that question is "yes," but the procedure is not very intuitive. 

Creating a Screen Capture on an iPad 


Business professionals are using tablet devices such as Apple's iPad to perform an increasing number of tasks on a daily basis. As these devices become more commonplace as serious business tools, users need to know how to perform many of the same tasks on their tablet that they otherwise have performed on their PC. One such task is how to create a screen capture on an iPad. As described in this tip, the process for doing so is rather easy and it does not even require downloading an app.




Ranking Data in Excel without Sorting


The RANK function in Excel allows you to use a formula to determine the relative position, or order, of one value in a range of data compared to the other values in the same range of data. This means that it is not necessary to sort data in either ascending or descending order to see the relative rankings of values in a data range.  

 W-9 PDF Form
  PDF Forms - What Accountants Need to Know


Nearly all businesses use forms as a means of collecting and summarizing information. Purchase orders, invoices, and employment applications are all examples of commonly used forms. In some cases, forms are preprinted and are filled in by hand or using a typewriter. In others, software applications generate forms and users print or store them for future use. However, in an increasing number of organizations, PDF documents serve as the foundation for all forms. Using PDF forms has many advantages - instant retrieval, lower cost of distribution, automated data collection and summarization, and reduced paper consumption - resulting in more efficient and effective organizational processes. 


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Jobs Leaving Apple In Great Shape  


Iconic CEO Steven Jobs' retirement from Apple is not likely to change the course of the company, at least in the short run. After three leaves of absence during recent years, the departure of Jobs comes as no surprise to most. Likewise, the ascent of Tim Cook into the role of CEO is not shocking either. What may come as a surprise to some, however, is how well Apple is positioned to continue to deploy innovative products and services, at least in the near term. 


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News2HP Exiting Consumer Electronics Markets 

On August 18, HP - the world's largest technology company when measured by revenue - dropped a bombshell on the technology world by announcing plans to exit the consumer electronics market. The announcement is a tacit indication that Apple and other competitors have beaten HP in the market for cellphones, tablets, and similar consumer electronics devices. HP is following IBM, which exited from the consumer electronics markets six year ago.


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News6Book Your Fall Onsite Training Now!     


K2 Enterprises is pleased to work cooperatively with your state CPA society to offer our full curriculum of seminars to you and your team, at times and dates of your choosing. Scheduling and participating in onsite training allows you to maximize the value of your education budget as onsite training offers three principal benefits: 1) reduced cost, 2) the convenience of scheduling these events at dates, times, and locations of your choosing, and 3) the ability to customize the content to meet the specific needs of your team.


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News4K2 Enterprises Webinar Schedule for September 2011 


September brings more opportunities for K2 online training. Through CPA Crossings and ACPEN, K2 Enterprises has webinar and webcast training events in September.


The cost of each of the CPA Crosssings two-hour sessions is $79 and group discounts are available.   


The cost of each ACPEN eight hour course is $195 and each four hour course is $129.


Imagine, you now have the opportunity of getting leading-edge, K2 developed and presented content delivered to you in the friendly confines of your home or office. We are truly excited about this ability to serve you even better in 2011 and beyond. 

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Spotlight1PDF Forms - What Accountants Need to Know


You've worked with PDF files for years, but did you know that you can quickly and easily turn routine forms into interactive, fill-in PDF documents? Imagine converting timesheets, expense reports, job applications, time-off requests, and all of your other forms into interactive PDF documents that are automatically distributed. 


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Spotlight2Excel Financial Reporting and Analysis

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for analyzing financial data and preparing financial reports, but like most powerful tools, it contains hidden features and functionality useful for these purposes that are not obvious to users, both novice and expert alike. The purpose of this course is to uncover these hidden features so that users may prepare computationally accurate and aesthetically pleasing reports in a more effective and efficient manner. 


Continuing Professional Education
for Accountants and Financial Professionals

K2 Enterprises offers continuing professional education seminars and conference sessions to accounting and finance professionals throughout the U.S.  

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