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In this month's K2 Tech Update we look at the expanding role of technology in the workplace and how it can affect productivity.

You'll also find three technology tips for Excel
, Windows 7, and Outlook, along with news about Office 2011 for Mac, Tax Preparer ID Numbers, and the K2 Enterprises 2010 Quality Awards.

This month, our course spotlights are focused on Budgeting, Forecasting, and Business Analytics, Excel Budgeting and Forecasting Techniques, and Outlook for Accountants.

We hope you find this issue timely, relevant, and useful.
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Noncontiguous Days
In Your
Outlook Calendar

On occasion, you might have the need to view multiple noncontiguous dates in your Outlook calendar. While Outlook supports Work Week, Week, and Month views - in addition to a single-day view - there is seemingly no way to view multiple noncontiguous dates simultaneously. However, this extremely simple and easy-to-implement tip should make it a snap for you to view multiple noncontiguous days in your Outlook calendar with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Using Windows 7 Problem Steps

Windows 7 contains a terrific feature for facilitating technical support when your computer fails to perform as intended. The Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) allows you to capture a series of annotated screenshots that you can email to your technical support provider, facilitating timely and accurate technical support because these screenshots will show exactly what steps you performed and how your computer responded.

Custom Fill Lists
In Excel

If you find yourself repeatedly entering the same list data into Excel worksheet after worksheet - for example, department names such as Sales, Marketing, Production, Production Scheduling, Shipping And Receiving, Accounting And Finance, Human Resources, etc. - consider creating  a Custom List to use with the Fill Handle to automate the task.


ArticleiconCan Technology Get In The Way Of Productivity?

Can there be such a thing as too much technology at either the individual or organizational level? Unequivocally, yes! The unrelenting pace of change in technology is dizzying. We are promised ever higher returns on investment by adopting new operating systems and desktop productivity suites, buying new hardware, implementing new accounting software, using new communications tools, networking on social media sites, transforming to a paperless office, and undertaking countless other technological initiatives. Yet, sometimes it seems as if the technology itself is getting in the way of enhanced productivity, preventing us from achieving the promised ROI.

Learn more about:

  • Create a rolling five-year technology plan
  • Don't change for the sake of change alone.
  • Thoroughly vet all vendors and products.
  • Learn from failures
  • Budget for on-going technology training.



icon_newsOffice 2011 For Mac Nears Release

Microsoft has confirmed that Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 will be released in October. Office for Mac 2011 will be available in two mainstream editions - Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 and Office for Mac Home and Business 2011.

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icon_newsIRS Requires Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)

The Internal Revenue Service launched its new preparer tax identification number (PTIN) program on September 28, solidifying the requirement that all paid preparers who "prepare all or substantially all of a tax return" are required to obtain a PTIN on or before January 1, 2011.

icon_newsK2 Enterprises Announces 2010 Quality Awards Winners

On September 27th, K2 Enterprises announced the recipients of the 2010 K2 Enterprises Annual Quality Awards. By category, the recipients of the awards are listed below.


icon-spotlightBudgeting, Forecasting, and Business Analytics

 The built-in reports of today's accounting information systems rarely provide all of the information needed to manage business operations, but modern business performance measurement tools can make planning, measurement, reporting, and control processes much more effective.

icon-spotlightExcel Budgeting and Forecasting Techniques

Recent research reveals that nearly 75% of North American companies use Excel as their primary budgeting and forecasting tool. This course is designed to provide participants with the Excel knowledge and skills necessary to prepare budgets and forecasts more efficiently and with greater accuracy.



Continuing Professional Education
for Accountants and Financial Professionals

K2 Enterprises offers continuing professional education seminars and conference sessions to accounting and finance professionals throughout the U.S.  

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