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In this month's K2 Tech Update we take a first look at Google's new Chrome operating System.

You'll also find three technology tips for Excel
along with news about Thomson Reuters, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Windows 7, and CCH TaxPlan.

This month, our course spotlights are focused on MS Access, Excel PivotTables, and Excel-Based Dashboards.

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Selecting Cells With Special Characteristics

When working in Excel, professionals often would like to identify cells that possess specific characteristics, such as cells that contain formulas, cells that contain constants, or cells that are blank. Fortunately, you do not need to look at the contents of every cell and make individual judgments about cells. Rather, you can use Excel's built in Find & Select tool to do the work for you.

Using Tables As Dynamically Expanding Ranges

Tables were added to the 2007 release of Excel and are one of the most significant enhancements to spreadsheets in the past fifteen years. One of the many benefits of working with Tables in Excel is that they serve as dynamically expanding ranges of data. Thus, as data is appended either horizontally or vertically, the definition of the Table automatically expands to include the appended data and any object based on the Table also includes the appended data.

Sorting Subtotaled Data

Many Excel users know how to use the SUBTOTAL function to create subtotals of data based on predefined criteria. But once Excel subtotals the data, how can we sort the data in the order that we want, instead of the order that Excel demands? Fortunately, the answer is surprisingly simple.


ArticleiconIs There A New Operating System In Your Future?

Pending Release of Google's Chrome OS Could "Cloud" The Picture

Just over one year ago, Google announced that it would develop and release Chrome OS, a new operating system to compete with Windows 7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and other operating systems. At a recent trade show, Sundar Pichai, Google's Vice President of Product Management, said that the Chrome OS "will be offered to users in the fourth quarter." At the same time, Google will open the Chrome Web Store, allowing consumers to purchase and download Web applications that can be installed on computers running the Chrome OS. Of course, all of this leads to the question "is there a new operating system in your future". More specifically, is the Chrome OS one that business users will embrace?

Learn more about:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Speed
  • User Interface



icon_newsThomson Reuters Releases iPhone App for Tax and Accounting Professionals

The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters announced the release of Mobile CS, an iPhone app for tax and accounting professionals. Using mobile application technology, this practice management tool extends the reach of Practice CS from desktop to iPhone, giving more than 60,000 Practice CS users the ability to access firm, staff, and client data anytime, anywhere.

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icon_newsQuickBooks ProAdvisor Promotion Ends September 30

An Intuit promotional offer allowing individuals to join the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program at a $50 discount ends on September 30. For accountants and other business professionals who use or support QuickBooks software, membership in the ProAdvisor program offers a number of valuable benefits.

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icon_newsMicrosoft Announces Windows 7 Upgrade Discounts

For current users of Windows XP or Windows Vista, Microsoft has announced the return of the Family Pack upgrade program. At a suggested retail price of $149.99, the Family Pack provides upgrade licenses of Windows 7 Home Premium that can be installed on three computers in the same household.
icon_newsCCH TaxPlan Offers Tax Planning Guidance And Practice Tools

Tax professionals now have a powerful new resource to guide them through each step of the tax planning process with CCH TaxPlan. Available on the IntelliConnect research platform, CCHTaxPlan integrates tax planning guidance and interactive practice tools to help practitioners perform efficient and effective tax planning engagements.

icon-spotlightMicrosoft Access For Accountants

Microsoft Access has the potential to be an extremely useful tool for many accountants, yet it remains among the least utilized of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. This is unfortunate because Access is a truly powerful application that is relatively easy to learn and use. Once you understand the basic components of Access - tables, queries, forms, and reports -  and how they work together, it is often much easier and faster to use Access than Excel to perform many accounting, auditing, and other related tasks. 

icon-spotlightExcel PivotTables for Accountants -  Part I

PivotTables are the most powerful feature of Excel, yet few accountants use them in their day-to-day activities. For some, PivotTables are too intimidating; for others, PivotTables are a foreign concept. With a little information, guidance, and demonstration from the instructor, you will be ready to begin using PivotTables to accomplish routine analysis and reporting.



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