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MAY 2010
In this month's K2 Tech Update we share the results of the 2010 K2 Enterprises Technology Survey, which measured technology use and trends with accounting and financial professionals.

You'll also find technology tips for Excel
and Word along with news about CCH, Peachtree 2010, and Windows 7. We've included spotlights on three courses available in 2010.

We hope you find this issue timely, relevant, and useful.
  If you have topics you'd like us to cover here in the coming months, let us know.

The K2 Team
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Grouping PivotTable
Data By Weeks

Those who use PivotTables extensively know that, on demand, PivotTables will automatically group data together by a number of time and date options, including days, months, quarters, and years. Notably absent from the automatic grouping options is weeks.


Formatting Month Axis Labels In Excel Charts

When creating charts in Excel, accountants and other business professionals often wish to abbreviate month labels so that they display only the first character - "J" for January, "F" for February, and so on - as shown in Figure 1. Rather than creating these labels manually, let Excel do the work for you by modifying the formatting options of the axis.

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Adding Formulas To
Word Documents

Accountants and other business professionals often find themselves manipulating numeric data in Word documents. For example, financial statements are often prepared in Word documents so that footnotes, disclosures, and other text can be added to the statements. One of the advantages of working with Word's table feature is the ability to add formulas to these tables, similar to some of the formulas you might otherwise add to an Excel spreadsheet.


Articleicon2010 K2 Enterprises
Technology Survey Results

In January of 2010, K2 Enterprises distributed its inaugural Accountants Technology Survey to approximately 15,000 professionals across the United States.  The survey was intended to measure the depth and breadth to which accounting and financial professionals use technology in their day-to-day activities and to identify emerging technology trends.

In sum, the survey revealed a number of interesting points relative to the use of technology by accounting and financial professionals.

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icon_newsCCH Enhances CorpSystem Sales Tax Office

On April 24, at Microsoft's Convergence 2010 conference, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, announced enhancements for managing exemptions both for customers and for procurement in CorpSystem® Sales Tax Office Version 3.0.

icon_newsPeachtree 2011 Offers Productivity Enhancments

Sage Peachtree 2011 will roll out over the next month and offers productivity enhancements for small and growing businesses in a number of key areas.

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icon_newsWindows 7 Market Share Continues To Grow

Made available to the public in October 2009, Windows 7 continues to gain market share, reaching 11.68% of computers in April 2010, according to Net Applications.
New for 2010

icon-spotlightCreating Effective
Presentations Using
PowerPoint and Other Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint remains the gold standard for presentation tools, yet few know how to create and deliver truly meaningful and impactful presentations. Even fewer know how to take advantage of tools that integrate with PowerPoint to deliver compelling business presentations that are sure to capture an audience's attention. By participating in this seminar, you will learn the secrets of creating commanding PowerPoint presentations, complete with videos and screen captures.

New for 2010
Excel Macros - Part I

You have used Excel for years and Lotus prior to that. During this time, you have said repeatedly, "One day, I'll learn how to write macros." Well, that time has arrived.

icon-spotlightPDF Documents: What Accountants Need to Know

This seminar focuses on how to use Adobe Acrobat for creating and using Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Understanding how to use PDFs effectively is rapidly becoming a necessary business skill, especially as more and more organizations migrate to paperless environments.


Continuing Professional Education
for Accountants and Financial Professionals

K2 Enterprises offers continuing professional education seminars
and conference sessions to accounting and finance professionals
 throughout the U.S.  

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