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June 2007
Vol. 1, Issue 3
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"The connectedness between humans and the animal world is very basic in shamanism, with the shaman utilizing his knowledge and methods to participate in the power of that world. Through his guardian spirit or power animal, the shaman connects with the power of the animal world, the mammals, birds, fish, and other beings. The shaman has to have a particular guardian in order to do his work, and his guardian helps him in certain special ways."
- Michael Harner, The Way of the Shaman

When doing power animal retrieval, we are bringing back a former power animal of the person, not gaining a new one. Gaining a new helping spirit requires a different kind of "power" quest.
- Michael Harner, explaining power animal retrieval

Summer Greetings

For many of us, summer is a time for recreation, a time to break our daily routines, get away, and experience something new. From all of us here at FSS, we wish you a wonderful summer -- relax, explore, gain a new perspective, and "recreate" yourself.

In 2008, we invite you to experience the groundbreaking training in Core Shamanism in the Three-Year and Two-Week Intensive programs on both the East and West coasts. Starting this Fall, explore one of the fascinating new workshops in the Indigenous Shamanisms and Shamanic Innovations series.

Submit your ideas and news for the Articles and Healing Words sections to the Editor.

NEW! The Shamanic Innovations series is now launched, starting with a five-day workshop with Myron Eshowsky on Where are the Dreamers? Restoring Shamanism in Community Life, to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area, October 21-26, 2007 at an idyllic retreat center with marvelous food. Contact Michael Flanagin for Registration Information for this exciting workshop. Through the Shamanic Innovations series, interested learners will have the opportunity to explore practical uses of shamanism in everyday life. Courses have been developed by experienced practitioners and teachers of shamanism, building upon the principles of Core Shamanism and applying them to contemporary issues of healing.

The Five-Day Training Course in Soul Retrieval, will take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, August 11-16, with Sandra Ingerman.

NEW! Indigenous Shamanisms track five-day workshop The Creative Sami Shaman will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area, September 16-21, with Ailo Gaup of Norway. Experience the oldest existing shamanic path in Europe, that of the Sami (Lapp) people.

Plan ahead for 2008! The Two-Week Intensive in Advanced Shamanic Healing will be held April 6-17, 2008 in the San Francisco Bay Area and on November 2-13, 2008 on the East coast. The new Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanism will start October 26-31, 2008 in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to these programs in Core Shamanism, there will be additional workshops in the Indigenous Shamanisms and Shamanic Innovations series, held on both the East and West coasts of the United States. Check www.shamanism.org for complete workshop information.

The first workshop in the Indigenous Shamanisms program, Celtic Faery Doctoring with Tom Cowan, was held in May in the San Francisco area. Participants described the experience as "fantastic" and "wonderful."

Inuit elder, Mr. Henry Kablalik, who has been a long time correspondent with Michael Harner visited Dr. Harner in June. Mr. Kablalik, with the help of Mrs. Kablalik, is actively researching and collecting the stories and traditions of his people. During his visit, a few local FSS members were able to gather to hear some of his stories and witness a special shamanic divination method referred to as "head-lifting." The Kablaliks also talked about the disturbing climate changes in their home town of Rankin Inlet, Canada -- the ice was melting sooner and arriving later and they were spotting birds that normally were not seen there. (See the Climate Change article below.) The Kablaliks attended the Basic Workshop led by the Harners. FSS will continue to cooperate with the Kablaliks to help preserve and document the old Inuit ways and will keep you informed about this important work

FSS has named a new Living Treasure of Shamanism, Fernando Mendúa Queta, of the Kofán of the Colombian Amazon. Taita (shaman) Fernando is said to be nearly 118 years old and is known for his power and shamanic wisdom. The Foundation's Living Treasures designation provides a stipend to exceptionally distinguished indigenous shamans in less-developed countries where their age-old knowledge of shamanism and shamanic healing is in danger of extinction. A special thank you to Foundation Board Member, Melinda Maxfield, for recommending Taita Fernando.

The contributions of FSS members help support the efforts of indigenous peoples like Mr. Kablalik and Taita Fernando. We invite you to join us and receive special member benefits - and support shamanism worldwide. Thank you!

Thanks, Volunteers!
We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to Connie Brooks (Three-Year Program participant), for giving generously of her time and expertise as a library preservation specialist. Connie provided a valuable report and recommendations about preserving the contents of the Shamanic Knowledge Conservatory. Thank you!

Climate Change Affecting Indigenous Peoples
Inuit and other indigenous peoples are experiencing the effects of global climate change first hand. This was the subject of an international symposium at Oxford University in April of this year. Environmental News Service.

Sami Drums
Ailo Gaup with drum
Ailo Gaup with drum.
Read about the Sami drum and the history and place of the drum in Sami shamanic culture. Article by Gusto (Ken Emerson, Jr.), University of Texas. The article quotes from The Night Between Days, by Ailo Gaup, who will be teaching a workshop for the Foundation on Sami shamanism in September 2007.

A Shaman of Mongolia
Ghosta is a shaman of Mongolia's Dukha minority. He is of the nomadic reindeer herders of northern Mongolia who keep to the old ways. Read the article. From The Walrus by Allan Coukell, published June 2005.

Articles on climate change and Mongolian shaman submitted by Tim Flynn, Three-Year Program graduate, Santa Cruz, California.

NOTE: We invite you to submit news about shamanism for our readers. Please submit no more than a few brief paragraphs, including the source of the news item to the Editor.

The Reawakening of Shamanism in the West
Read about the emergence of modern shamanism in the West in this informative article by Dr. Bill Brunton, now posted on the FSS website. (Originally published in Shamanism, Vol. 16, No. 2, Fall/Winter 2003.)

Note: Each issue we plan to post an article of interest on the website. Check the Articles section for several varied perspectives on shamanism and shamanic healing from past issues Shamanism, the Foundation's scholarly journal -- one of the exclusive benefits received with an FSS membership.

Helping the Spirits to Help Us
Many people today struggle with basic issues, including finances and sustainable incomes. Clients, friends, and relatives often ask for shamanic help with economic issues like finding a good job or a place to live. Though the helping spirits can most certainly help us with these issues, I am not certain that they automatically know the dynamics of our "middle world economy" and about such things as currency exchange. To help the spirits help us, one thing we can do is journey to our helping spirits and ask them if they need to know more about what it means specifically for us to be financially blessed. When I did this for myself, my spirits directed me to make mental pictures for them of the process behind our economic system. I made a visual movie of what it looks like to me, including doing good work, people valuing that work by giving me a check or cash, then me taking that cash and buying food.

This is one way of recognizing and honoring the partnership we share with the compassionate healing spirits. Equally important, I noticed an immediate and dramatic difference in the way I was supported in the middle world. Submitted by Steve Geske, Three-Year Program graduate, Clearwater, Minnesota.

NOTE: "Healing Words" contains helpful ideas and suggestions from shamanic healers. FSS presents them as a service to the shamanic community without endorsement; as always, each shamanic healer is responsible for using these ideas in a responsible and ethical manner. If you would like to submit a helpful tip, email the Editor. (No more than two succinct paragraphs, please.)

About FSS
Internationally renowned anthropologist Michael Harner pioneered the return of shamanism to contemporary life. In 1985, he founded the Foundation for Shamanic Studies to preserve, study, and transmit shamanic knowledge worldwide. Join the thousands each year who take the Foundation's rigorous training in Core Shamanism, the near universal principles and practices of shamanism not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective.

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