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Johnny Jet

Where's Johnny Jet?

Greetings from Southern California! I’m finally home after my trip around the world! It was the first time I went around the world and didn’t get jetlagged – maybe Singapore Airlines should change their slogan and brand themselves as the anti-jetlag airline. In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing about my travels to Trinidad & Tobago, Miami, Singapore, Tokyo, Monterey and Los Angeles. Speaking of L.A., I arrived here on Friday so I could speak at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show over the weekend. It was my sixth or seventh time participating and as always, I had a ton of fun.

Travel Deals

Deals of the Week

Find out the best options out there to travel well without breaking the bank.

Tokyo: RT airfare from L.A. +5 nights at the Hilton starts at $1,249

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tweeter of the week

Tweeter of the Week

By now, most people know that I’m engaged. My fiancée is an accomplished travel writer and blogger and the moment I began featuring the best travel tweeters on the web, I wanted to highlight her. Read more here.

Living Social

A Living Social Deal

Johnny Jet's sister Georgie Jet, and her husband "Highroad Cam" took a trip to the north tip of Lake Skaneateles. On the trip, they got a sneak peek at one of Living Social's upcoming deals. Read more here.

Saving Money on Travel

Three experts (Gabe Saglie, Catherine Hamm and Johnny Jet) at the L.A. Times Travel Show share tips for saving money with L.A. Times travel writer Christopher Reynolds. Click here to see the video. 


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