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February 2012 



IRIS is currently looking for more volunteers for Earth Hour. View the brochure of Student Opportunities for more initiatives. 

Feb 7 - Access York: Jeff Preston 

Feb 8 - Research Month - Science & Engineering - Come visit the IRIS table

Feb 13 - Climate Justice Follow Up

Feb 16 - Mari Kari: Sustainable Work

March 15 - Eric Abitol

Mar 21 - Film Festival 


Mar 28 - Earth Hour Event
Feb 9 - National Sweater Day

Feb 9 - Mark Winfield Book Launch

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IRIS Hosts an Open Discussion to Reflect on Climate Justice Issues and Moving Forward From COP 17
On February 13th, 2012 IRIS will host an academic reflective discussion on climate change issues and what lessons we can learn from experiences at COP17 with the goal of moving forward. Participants in this open discussion will include faculty and students who were previously involved in the Climate Justice II workshop in October as well as students who attended COP 17 in Durban, South Africa in December.

IRIS is also pleased to welcome Miriam Dualibi as a keynote speaker at this event to reflect on these issues from her role and experience as the Executive Director of Ecoar Institute for Citizenship in Brazil. IRIS would like to encourage everyone to come out to this event and take part or listen. Thanks to the Faculty of Science and Engineering for supporting this event.
We hope to see you all there from 1pm to 3pm in Steadman Lecture Hall 120E. To view the event poster please go here.
Participants will also be able to join this discussion virtually through Adobe Connect. See the poster for details.

Battle Lines Drawn: Resisting Ableism Through Creative Intervention


Jeff Preston, co-creator of webcomic Cripz, advocates fighting for disability rights in creative ways and will explain how in a talk Feb. 7 at York. In "Battle Lines Drawn: Resisting Ableism Through Creative Intervention", Preston will explain how to use cultural warfare - online publishing and publicity stunts such as stairbombing and chair mobbing - to put the lie to common myths and stereotypes about disability, with humour.


Read more about this event happening today.

IRIS is happy to be sponsoring this event, along with the Centre for Human Rights and the Office of the Vice-President Students. The event is organized by Access York. 

Kira is visiting Toronto from Finland

Mari Kira is an Academy Research Fellow at Aalto University School of Science, Finland. At Aalto, she carries out research and coordinates a research project on sustainable work systems. Her talk on February 16 (HNES 142, 10am) will be about sustainable work organizations and sustainable work, including organizational change and development for sustainability, and the design and development of work for sustainability.


Sustainable work organizations seek to maintain their adaptive capacities and dynamically reach their operational or business goals in a manner that contributes to the regeneration, rather than the consumption, of various resources engaged in and affected by their operations. The unwavering goal of protecting and regenerating various resources is a value-based hallmark of a sustainable work organization. In her talk, Kari will present some key findings relating to the leadership and organizational development for work-organizational sustainability based on a recent anthology. Read more...  

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The Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability is a university-wide research centre that pursues an interdisciplinary approach to the challenges of sustainability. Through our collaborations on sustainability related research projects and innovative initiatives, we hope to generate awareness amongst the York University community of our social, natural and economic spheres, while engaging students, staff and faculty in action that creates change on campus and beyond.


The IRIS Newsletter is a way to keep you informed about what we are up to so that you can drop by an event, get involved, or just learn about what research projects we are currently undertaking. The Newsletter is sent out once or twice per month, highlighting the IRIS, York University, and broader community's sustainability news and events!

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