Centennial  eNEWSLETTER 
Vol. 2 | Issue 10
October 2012


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Before we begin with the upcoming events, we just want to pause to say how proud we all were of our community last month at the  Hometown Parade | Time Capsule and Centennial Plaza Dedication at El Prado Park.  The day was filled with support from residents to visitors to our business community.  What an exciting and fun-filled day.  Thank you Torrance!


October marks our twelfth edition of the Torrance Centennial eNewsletter!  This month we celebrate with our biggest event yet, the  Birthday Bash at Charles H. Wilson Park!   The Bash is Sunday, October 28th beginning at 10:00 a.m. and will cap off a yearlong commemoration of the City of Torrance's Centennial.  There will be gourmet food trucks, community stage performances, vendor booths and much, much more!  Trust us you don't want to miss out on this exciting once-in-a-lifetime event!


We've got other cool events this month too, including the Torrance High Classic & Custom Car Show on October 13th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This will certainly be a winner!  Also, October 13th and 14th is Art in the Park  by the Torrance Artist Guild.  Come and join us for a Gallery of Fine Art Show. 


Next up, the Torrance Historical Society & Museum has two events planned.

 Relive the City's Opening Day on October 4th beginning at 6:30 pm at the Museum and join the Historical Society again for the Original Fall Tour of Historic Homes on October 13th and 14th beginning at 11 a.m.  A rich glimpse into Torrance's past!


Although the Plaza has been dedicated, you can still purchase a Commemorative Personalized Brick at the  Centennial Plaza and El Prado Park.  Purchase today and your Brick will be added to the more than 800 already installed!  Your support will offset the actual cost of construction and you will be forever a part of Torrance history.


And don't forget, now is your chance to enter the weekly  Where's Jared Photo Location Contest?  Each Monday, by 9 a.m. a new photo will be posted here.  All you will need to do is figure out where the picture was taken, and then sends an email to  Centennial@TorranceCA.Gov with your best guess.  We will accept responses until Sunday, at 5 p.m.  Winner(s) will be notified via email no later than Monday at noon.  For contest rules, click here.  Prizes include your choice of a Centennial T-Shirt, a Women's Visor, or (2) Tote Bags. There's still time to enter this week! 


 Closing out, we've got Centennial programs on-demand produced by our very own CitiCABLE. 

  October Features: Torrance High Classic & Custom Car Show, Torrance Centennial: Past Present & Future, Who is "Jared Sidney Torrance", JST Award Recipient Look back Jim Armstrong, JST Award Recipient Look back Al Isen & Sam Levy, and of course, the Torrance Birthday Bash!  See the debut of each new program on Thursday's at 7 p.m.  You can also go to TorranceCentennial.Org/ or TorranceCA.Gov/CableTV/23738.htm


Be a part of History!

Donna Duperron




click to Watch CitiCABLE's Centennial Parade and Plaza Dedication Special

Did you sleep in, suddenly left town the night before, or had prior engagements that made you miss out on the September 16, 2012 Centennial festivities? It was a fun filled day in downtown Torrance and for those of you that weren't able to join in the community jubilee,
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"This Week In Torrance"
 you can check out the newest edition to the and highlights on the September 20th edition of "This Week in Torrance" 




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So you purchased a brick and wandered aimlessly around the Centennial Plaza for hours and still can't find it? Well, you're in luck! Click to Look up your number... 
and then locate it on the brick layout map



Now that the Centennial Plaza has been unveiled, we bet you're all wondering what's in it! Take a look at what the Torrance Community in 100 years will find when the time capsule is re-opened during our City's Bi-Centennial in 2112! Check it out now! 



Submitted by Sue Herbers, Torrance City Clerk & Torrance Centennial Committee with special thanks to Michael George, Torrance Reference Librarian


We have learned much about our history in this past year.  Newspaper resources found online chronicle events from the first sales of land in October 1912 and the incorporation in 1921 to the many changes we have seen in our 100 years.  It is so rich that it begs to reviewed and savored.  

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Torrance is unique which was even pronounced and recognized by folks way back when! 

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The May 1921 the city had 11,780 acres, or 184 square miles and was the third largest city in the county Los Angeles and Pasadena only exceeding it in size. [link] 


The June 1936 Silver Anniversary Edition of the Torrance Herald celebrated the new civic buildings in downtown Torrance with a review of the past; a visualization of the future and a panorama of the present.  Take the time to dig into that edition to feel the flavor of the community.

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The November 30, 1952 issue marveled at the Modern Industrial 
City as times change the spirit was to challenged citizens to
make the Torrance of Tomorrow the finest place in the world to be. 


I think we made it!


For photos and more information see a copy of Historic Torrance at the Torrance Historical Society or at any Torrance Library.

We are very excited to offer you new information each month on activities and events related to the rich history of our great City of Torrance.


Each edition will feature not only little known factoids about Torrance, but what's happening next in the year-long activities planned to celebrate the first 100 years.


Finally, I want to encourage you, your family, friends and neighbors to join us in our year-long celebration.  This is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity.  To learn more about the Torrance Centennial celebration, visit our website at www.TorranceCentennial.Org where you can discover our events and activities as well as purchase Centennial merchandise.