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November Articles:

"Education in the Age of Mobilism: Inevitable Transformation of K-12 Classroom"

"Design Thinking: An Agile Teaching and Learning Methodology for A Complex Future"

"Alaska Prepares Students for 21st Century Digital Learning" 

"Playbook from FCC and USDOE Coming Soon!"

 "MDE Provides Resources "Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace"



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Technology for Learning:  A Guidebook for Change


Tech & Learning recently produced a new guide for school districts, administrators,teachers, and community members interested in implementing change in education by integrating technologies in all aspects of a student's learning. Written by Leslie Wilson and Mike Gielniak from the One-to-One Institute, the book is a comprehensive narrative of the steps necessary for successful planning, designing and implementing one to one teaching and learning programs.


This FREE online book can be found on the Digital Learning Environments



The mission of One-to-One Institute is to transform education by personalizing learning through universal access to technology.



A Perfect Storm on the Education Front

By Leslie Wilson, CEO, One-to-One Institute


Here's hoping you are getting ready to join us at our third annual Great Lakes Conference in Lake Geneva, WI, December 1 and 2. 


Our current landscape could be the perfect storm. We live in challenging times from every perspective, personally and professionally.  Our students are a constant - showing up in school so they can realize the American, democratic dream.

Those dreams, at least the ones to which we 'used' to adhere, are now elusive. There are no guarantees that high school or college matriculation will lead to jobs or the attainment of dreams.  What can be guaranteed is that to engage with the current and future world, students need to adapt, change, be flexible and creative in paths and practice.


Join Us for an Open Reception - December 1, 5:00-6:00 pm, Grand Geneva
Cloud Blue is a Gold Sponsor of our Great Lakes 1:1 Computing Conference for 2011. All  conference attendees are cordially invited to join CloudBlue for refreshments and giveaways from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm. at the Grand Geneva in Evergreen Rooms 1 and 2.  Hope to see you there!

Education in the Age of Mobilism: The Inevitable Transformation of K-12 Classroom


Cathleen Norris, Regents Professor, University of North Texas and Elliot Soloway, Arthur F. Thurnau professor, The University of Michigan


Note: On December 1 at the Great Lakes 1:1 Computing Conference, Cathie Norris and Elliot Soloway will be giving the first day keynote presentation. Below is an abstract of that presentation.


The planet is entering headlong into the Age of MobilismGlobe

. The hallmark of this new age is connections:  connections to people, to events, to places, to things - immediate, multiple, and simultaneous connections. The affordances of a smartphone, that miraculously-thin, aluminum-encased slab of glass that is essentially embedded into the palm of one's hand, are engendering changes in  beliefs, values, and practices in all areas of human endeavor, from accounting to zoological research - and even in K-12!


Design Thinking: An Agile Teaching and Learning Methodology for A Complex Future  

By Christian Long 



Note: Christian Long is  a keynote speaker on December 2 at the Great Lakes Conference and this is a brief summary of his presentation.


If you were able to design your own 'classroom for the future' - with your choice of resources, furniture, tools, and technology - how would you design it so that your students would be most capable of adapting in an increasingly complex 21st century as a learner, as a professional, and as a citizen?

And how would you design such a classroom so that your students were likely to have the greatest impact upon the world around them over time?

This - for me - is the driving educational question for all of us in the 21st century. 



Alaska Prepares Students for 21st Century Digital Learning

By Michael Gielniak, PhD., Director of Programs and Development, OTO


I recently returned from an exciting week in Alaska. I was invited there by a visionary technology leader, Bob Whicker, to talk to superintendents and school board members about Project RED and the proper implementation of ubiquitous technology. Bob is the Director of the Center for Digital Learning, an organization that was started by the Association of Alaska School Boards to help districts prepare their students for the 21st century. Over the past six years, CDL has helped facilitate the development of 1:1 computing programs in 32 of the state's 56 districts.



"Playbook" from FCC and USDOE Coming Soon!

By Leslie Wilson


During a time when 'progress' is unexpected from our leaders in Washington DC, there is an FCC and USDOE national committee (led by Josh Gottheimer and Karen Cator) working away on developing guidebooks for education leaders about digital textbooks, technology devices, the digital transition and the all-important matter of connectivity. It is heady stuff to serve with this group of esteemed experts from diverse disciplines and industries.  

The collective  knowledge will be captured in a 'playbook' that will well inform education technology efforts across our nation.


GL 1:1 Computer Conference 2011


GLCCGlobeheaderYou're invited to our 2011 Great Lakes1:1 Computing Conference on December 1-2, 2011 to be held at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa.This third annual conference provides hands-on practical experiences for administrators, technology directors and teachers.
Whether you are investigating the possibilities of 1:1 mobile technology or you are looking to continue to grow and improve your existing program, we have sessions for you.


Click on the link below to register.


 If you have any questions about the event or how to register, please contact our office.

Thank you for interest in 1:1 initiatives, and I look forward to seeing you at the Grand Geneva this December!




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MDE Provides Resources "Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace"

By Karen Hairston

Are you looking for instructional resources? Are you looking for teacher professional development? Do you want resources that are available "Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace"? The Michigan Department of Education is continually compiling and creating free, high quality, online resources for teachers. We know that time and money are always at a premium for teachers, so putting these free resources online makes these instructional and professional development resources available when you need them, where you need them.



Jan Kesel / 1980 N. College Rd. / Mason, Michigan 48854 / 517-978-0006