Issue #11 - May 13, 2012   

Debbra Bronstad, MS    

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern IMF 62480 

Grief Recovery Specialist

Supervised by Sandra Sawyer LCS 12477 


Helping you transform grief into renewed purpose and personal growth.   

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 "Happy Mother's Day!" - a greeting that can stir up all kinds of emotions.  While this is a wonderful day on the calendar to honor mothers for all their hard work, love and support, today I also want to acknowledge those who find Mother's Day difficult.

Maybe you are... 
  • Grieving the death of your Mother  
  • Grieving the loss of a child
  • Hurting because Mom was not all you needed her to be
  • Childless, wishing each year you could be a Mom
  • Separated by distance from your Mother or children
  • A single Mom and feel no one recognizes your hard work and sacrifices  
  • Disappointed by the relationship you have with your adult kids 

Mother's Day can be a trigger for painful emotions when you see happy mothers and children and you long to be one of them.


My heart goes out to you today if your heart is hurting.  I've been in more than one of the scenarios I listed above.  Just walking through the store and passing the greeting card aisle was enough to make me grit my teeth and get a resentful attitude wishing Mother's Day would go away.  


But this year was different.  There was a greater peace and hope, instead of angst about Mother's Day.  Would you like to know how to grow through your pain and sorrow so your hope and peace can be restored?   


Call me today at (805) 242-3569 for a free consultation about how to get past the pain.




Grief Journal Teleclass Invitation
Grief Journaling Teleclass

Our call was about 45 minutes full of great ideas to make your journaling time more interesting and productive.

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Debbra Bronstad

Debbra Bronstad, MS  (805) 242-3569

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern 

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Supervised by Sandra Sawyer, LCS12477