Issue #7 - August 12, 2011  

Counseling Comments & Insights from
Debbra Bronstad, MS   

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Grief Recovery Specialist

Life Coach 

Serving men, women, children and couples in San Luis Obispo County  

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Benefits of Journaling

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Grief Journaling


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 Grief Journal    

Lately, I've been thinking  about the benefits of journaling. Writing about your thoughts and feelings is a great way to process emotions and events in your life.   


Other benefits of keeping a journal include:


1. A journal is always available, and doesn't depend on others to listen.

2. A journal never gets bored with your stories and never judges your thoughts or feelings.

3. A journal can help you organize your thoughts about difficult relationships or events.

4. A journal allows you to hear your own voice.

5. A journal validates your experience.

6. A journal provides a record of healing, growth and transformation.  


Many of us already believe in the benefits of journal writing, but struggle to do it consistently in a way that enables us to enjoy the benefits. Some common difficulties include: 

  • Wondering what to write.
  • Starting a page or two or three, but then neglecting to revisit your journal for weeks or months.
  • Finding a consistent time to write in your journal.
  • Worry about how to stop from getting flooded by emotion when you journal.

There are dozens of different ways to use a journal effectively so that you can eagerly look forward to your next writing session.  


Next Monday, August 15 at 7:00 pm PDT I am offering a Free Teleclass on how to make the most of your journaling.  Specifically, we are looking at Grief Journaling. Grief is one of the most common human experiences. It is not required that you have had a major loss recently.   


Learn how to...

  • Start journaling
  • Overcome hindrances to journaling
  • Use different forms of journaling to find what works for you to make journaling a worthwhile endeavor in your life
Invite a friend anywhere in the world to join you on the call by forwarding this email or retweeting our  Twitter announcement, or sharing our post on Facebook. We already have registrations in from around the US and Canada. Even if you can't attend, everyone who registers will receive a link to listen to the recording for a limited time afterward.


I look forward to meeting you sometime soon - in person, or by phone or email.
Best regards,



Debbra Bronstad

Debbra Bronstad, MS  (805) 242-3569

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern IMF 62480
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
Supervisor: Sandra Sawyer, LCSW, LCS 12477