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White Glove Virtual Presence
vs. Remote Programming 

Frank Damiano

Frank Damiano

Founder & CTO


As an industry leading provider of control system programming services, DGC relies heavily upon a collection of virtual presence tools and processes to consistently produce positive results for our clients. These tools and processes are thoroughly tested, and continually refined, to maintain a responsive and effective interaction with our clients and their systems.


We affectionately term our high quality service, and unique methods of delivery: White Glove Virtual Presence. We are proud of the long list of valuable benefits White Glove Virtual Presence translates into for integrators and end users - such as the industries first Customer Bill of Rights - offering valuable protections through an unprecedented set of warranty and service guarantees.


We are exceedingly proud and enthusiastic about the good work we do, and its paradigm changing impact to our industry. We frequently share our enthusiasm with customers in an effort to promote and demonstrate to them the many benefits White Glove Virtual Presence directly affords their projects and systems.


All that being said - we must confess a degree of surprise, even at times bewilderment, when people react with indifference, or compare what we are doing to remote programming methods of decades past. This article represents a definitive effort on our part to explain the many ways we differentiate ourselves, while clearly communicating the differences between virtual presence, and remote programming. Please click the read more link below to view the full article. As always, your time and consideration is greatly appreciated...

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WGVP Audio

 Click here to listen to Frank Damiano's White Glove Virtual Presence Audio Presentation. 

DGC Joins the AMX VIP Program

In April 2011 DGC joined the AMX VIP Program. We are proud of all of our industry certifications and we enthusiastically work with our industry partners to bring the very best of what they offer to our customers.



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Bill of Rights".
Customer Bill of Rights
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