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September 20, 2012   


Mustard Flowers


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Michaelmas Student Celebration
Michaelmas Poem
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Fresh & Easy Scrip Opp!
Festival of Children Gratitude
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Dates to Remember
October 3 - 7 PM
Back-to-School Night
Eurythmy Hall

October 17 - 7PM
Early Childhood Info Mtg. (for prospective enrollment 2013/2014)

October 20 - 10AM
Morning in the Kindy (for prospective enrollment 2013/2014)

October 22 & 29th
PIcture Day (2 groups TBD, details to follow)

October 28 - 2PM
High School Open House (recommended for all community, espeically parents of 6th grade +)

November 1 & 2
No School - In Service Day

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Students Celebrate Michaelmas on Campus, September 28


The students will learn about this special day from their teachers when the time is appropriate for them.  This information is for your awareness and enjoyment. 


Michaelmas is an autumn festival named for St. Michael.  The Michaelmas season welcomes the cooler weather, shortening days and the inward reflection accompanying winter months. 


In celebration of Michaelmas, Grades 1 - 12 will participate in an all-day celebration on campus with mixed-age groups "led" by the 8th grade class.  Each group will participate in different trials set up by the high school students, culminating in the second grade Michaelmas trial and singing. 


Please look for a further educational glimpse into Michaelmas in next week's newsletter. 


For Sept. 28, please note the following:

  • Send your child to school with comfortable walking or running shoes, a hat, sunblock applied, labeled water bottle and a labeled lunch in a ziploc bag (to keep it dry in the cooler).
  • Hot lunch is still available and will be delivered to each group, so they won't need to miss any of the fun.
  • Each classroom needs three coolers for lunches, these will be coordinated at the individual classroom level.
  • This is an extended day for grades 1 - 3, who usually dismiss at 1:10 on Fridays.  They will remain at school until 2:50.
  • We are in need of old sheets, yardage of fabric, twine, clothepins and large cardboard boxes.  If you have any of these things that you can spare, please bring them to the office.  We're starting a collection tomorrow.

NOTE:  Kindergarten classes have their own celebration appropriate for them, in their individual classrooms. 

MichaelmasMichaelmas Poem

by Patrick Wakeford-Evans



In summer the sun burns hot with gold

And children dance among the elves;

The rivers run beneath the heat

And cool the fruit, sweet summer's wealth.


Yet in the mists of simmering air,
The dragon with his sulph'rous breath,
Spreads his wings to shroud the sky
And darkens all that comes to birth.
But Michael, high in Heaven's light,
He sends his stars a'shooting bright!
They stream toward the dragon's might
And send him fleeing into the night.


So my good thoughts flow into me,
And fill my heart from light above
That my good deeds flow mightily
With Heaven's all conquering love.


country house illus.
Back-to-School Night
Wednesday, October 3, 7PM
  • Slideshow of student Michaelmas Celebration.     A one-time opportunity for parents to experience how our children celebrate Michaelmas at WSOC.    
  • A chance to win a reserved parking space for the year.  Raffle tickets are not being sold.  Come to the event and you get a ticket, winner will be drawn at the event.
  • Hear from pioneering-class alumni, Alexis Meadows, now in her second year of college.
  • Plus everything you'd expect from this event, including great information and pertinent news to help you navigate your family through another beautiful school year. 
  • Adults only.
Check it Out
The Business Resource Directory
Our directory is starting to take off!  We currently have 25 listings of community owned/operated businesses and services.  Everything from financial services to graphic design is being offered from the reliable source of parents in our community.  So take a moment to peruse what is there and/or take a moment to post your business or service!
www.waldorfschool.com/directory/signup and fill in the information requested.  It will be sent out for vertification, then posted to the directory.
Looking for a community business or service:  Go to our website home page, www.waldorfschool.com and click on the green Resource Directory button on the right side.
hot lunch 



So many of you are with the program, not many details are needed. 


If you want to learn more about the company,  visit  www.choicelunch.com

If you are ready to order, the school code is waldorfoc

Shop Fresh & Easy Shop to Earn Cash for WSOC
September 15 - December 31, Fresh & Easy will donate $1 to our school for every $20 in Fresh & Easy receipts collected.  Save your own receipts, collect your neighbors and family's receipts.  Write your name on them.  Turn them into the Scrip Office and get credit toward your family's scrip commitment for the year.  It's that easy. 


The fineprint -- each receipt is calculated in $20 increments.  A receipt of $19 yields nothing.  A receipt of $99 dollars yields $4.

Festival of Children Logo
Thank You
Festival of Children
Our school is fortunate enough to be included in the month-long celebration of non-profit organizations throughout OC who benefit children.  It's a unique opportunity we are able to accept, only because we have so many caring volunteers who share their spare time with us to benefit the school.  Thank you to the following people for representing us so well all month:  Darshi Balasuriya, Renee Boblette, Stephanie Burritt, Trae Diede, Deb Johnston, Kai Kaier, Cindy Baker-Penny, Teresa Shoda, Sara Rodelo and Amy & Sten Rasmussen.  Thank you!!!
craft group
Craft Group Gnomes
Come join the Craft Group!
8:45 a.m.
at The Company of Angels
Article of the Week


Check out this news article from CNN's "Schools of Thought."  Enjoy.  http://schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com/2012/09/19/my-view-education-is-useless/?iref=allsearch