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Morning in the Kindergarten




Picture Day: Early Childhood, High School and Grade 6-12 



Craft Group: Table Top Puppets



Picture Day: Grades 1-5  

Fall Benefit Donations Due 



Craft Group: Table Top Puppets     



Deadline for Hot Lunch  

Online Sign Up   

Morning in the Kindergarten

Saturday, October 15, 10 am - 12 pm

(For you and your child)


Pre-Kindergarten and kindergarten-aged children and their parents are invited to experience a "typical" morning in the Waldorf kindergarten.  This is an opportunity for your child to experience a shortened day in the classroom and for you to have a peek into the life of a Waldorf kindergarten.


  Paul Conolly - Board Chair

Gabe Frisby - Treasurer

Gina Illes - Administration Rep.

Holly Richards - College Rep.

Rebeka Castro - College Rep. 

Brooke Tomblin

Steve Pope

Rainer Doemer 

David Tabone

Anthony Lazzara

David Burnett

Cynthia Sandoval-Dardis

Carol Sudbeck 



Miriam Whiteley

Ingrid Feck

Kimberly Telfer-Radzat

Nancy Mitchell

Barbara Cubanski

Rebeka Castro

Chris Bennett

Masami Inoue

Robin Theiss 

Elisabeth Beck

  Holly Richards  

Catherine Averett  

Deborah Waring  

Scrip Logo Transparent

From The Scrip Store...

3 more ways to boost your family's scrip account:

  1. Ralphs Club Card: are you registered? WSOC's number is 80234, at under the 'Community Contribution' section. This is track-able scrip credit for your family. Sign up your friends and family too! As an incentive, for every FIVE names of family & friends you submit, you'll be given $25.00 of your choice of scrip!
  2. ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to sign-up and give their ID number and name to you, so you can turn them into The Scrip Store. Then, when their name, ID number and earnings appear on WSOC's monthly report, your family earns scrip credit! As with the Ralphs Club Card, for every FIVE names you submit, you'll be given $25.00 of your choice of scrip!
  3. fresh&easy: this is quite easy~submit your receipts to The Scrip Store (write your name on it so we can credit you!) and for every $20 on the receipt, your family will earn $1 scrip profit credit (that equals 5%). The 'Shop for Schools' promotion ends on December 31, 2011. If we submit the highest dollar amount in California, we will win an ADDITIONAL $5,000! Ask your supporters for their receipts & turn those in too into the fresh&easy box in The Scrip Store

SAVE MONEY~BUY SCRIP! It's a win-win-win for your family scrip bank, your student's class account and the WSOC operating budget!

Thank you,

Sandy Meadows, Scrip Coordinator 

949.574.7775, ext 204

To order online, please click here




Check out our Facebook page!






Tuesday October 18

Early Childhood

Grades 6 - 12


Monday October 24

Grades 1 - 5


NO PRE-PAID PACKAGES: You do not need to turn in any paperwork or money before picture day. There will be no obligation to purchase any pictures, although everyone will have a chance to do so when the images are made available. 

WEBSITE PREVIEW & ORDER: You will be able to preview and order photos through a password-protected website. Packages as well as a la carte prints will be available. More information on this will be forthcoming.
CLOTHING: The best choice is the simplest. Solid colors or small patterns are best. Avoid plaids, stripes and very bright colors and bold patterns.
COLORS: To retain a healthy skin tone avoid white, apple green, purple and yellow.
PARENTS: We welcome your enthusiasm in spirit, but please do not observe the photo session as this will be a distraction for the children.
MAKE-UP DAY: This will be for children who missed their regularly scheduled session, or if you would like a re-shoot due to photographer error (for example, the picture of your child is out of focus, has a blotch of light, has eyes closed, etc.). There will be only one make-up day: November 7.




ZANY 2011

A Bizarre Bazaar  

Saturday, November 5

Arroyo Trabuco Country Club

Zany Swing 

For ticket info, please  

visit our website!  


The volunteer committee is working tirelessly to make this a memorable and successful event for our school.  There are 2 things you can do right now to alleviate some of the stress involved with the last-minute nature of organizing this event.


#1:  Buy your ticket on-line today!  Say yes to the pre-register option, because it honestly saves the team mountains of time at the event and on the back-end. 

#2:  Turn in your donation to either your room rep for the class basket, or to the office for the general pool of donations, as early as you can.  The deadline for the general donations is Oct. 24, but earlier is better.  There are several steps of work involved with each item, multiply that by 100, and you'll understand why earlier is better.


#2.5  Think about to whom you are going to send the BiddingForGood on-line auction link.  They can shop, get something unique for themselves or as a gift, while supporting our school. 



The College of Teachers is sad to announce that Armando Castro has stepped down as Athletic Director. We would like to extend our deep gratitude for all the hours he spent developing our sports program and the enthusiasm with which he did it. He spread the word about our students' desire to play other schools and, despite the heavy restrictions placed on non-CIF member schools, worked to make that happen. It is largely because of his hard work that we will be able to expand our program in a positive way in the future. Thank you Armando.

As a result of this change in leadership we are searching for someone to pick up the reins for Athletic Director . Until we have found the right candidate Hugh Brennan and Brad Holm will be contacts for the current fall sports programs.


Athletic Director - Hourly position/paying $24 an hour. Hours vary but will not exceed 146 hours a year (averaging 4.5 hours a school week).

We are looking for someone that is an out-going, sports-minded person, enjoys being with children and has organizational skills. This position oversees both the high school and middle school after-school sports programs. The Athletic Director will connect with other eligible schools, set up game schedules, handle the administrative work of paying and scheduling referees, make sure we have appropriate coaches and act as a liaison between the coaches and the designated faculty. For a complete job description click here. Please send all letters of interest and resumes to Gina Illes in the office.



Grandparents and Special Friends' Day

November 18

10 am-1 pm

Grandparents and Special Friends' Day is right around the corner! We will offer a performance (grades 1-12, kindergarten does not participate) and a luncheon for our special guests. Please send your family and friend's email addresses to so we can send them an invitation. Look for more information in next week's newsletter!



The 12th Grade is putting together organic produce boxes composed of homegrown fruits and vegetables. 

For $40 you will receive four weeks of produce boxes, one box per week.  The boxes will be assembled by the 12th Grade and placed outside the main office every Wednesday starting October 19th and ending November 9th. 


Also, if you find that you have excess organic produce in your own backyard, the 12th Grade would be happy to accept it as donations and add it to the weekly boxes!  Since we do not have limitless fruits and vegetables, only about 8-10 people will be able to sign up at a time. 


All of the money made will go directly to the WHSOC 2012 Class. 

Sign up in the main office TODAY!


Thank you for supporting our goals!


WHSOC Class of 2012


Produce Box 




Registration started October 11, 2011

Online order cut off is Thursday, October 28, 2011

For more info, click here!