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After Care Reservation Forms Due 


First Day of School

Welcome Tea for New Families


Dedication Ceremony 


Saturday, November 5

2011 Fall Benefit

Arroyo Trabuco Country Club  

Grand Ballroom

(same venue as last year, but INSIDE)

Lots more details to come.


Grade 1 - Monday, Thursday and Friday 

Grade 2 - Monday and Friday 

Grade 3 - Friday

1:10 Release Time


Scrip Logo Transparent

The Scrip Store is OPEN! This WSOC fundraiser is fully stocked & ready for your business...the most current order form is found online at under The Scrip Store tab. All orders placed online are the first ones pulled on a daily basis and you may even pay for your orders online!


May we bring your attention to these merchants who are offering back-to-school promotions:

  • Costco ($100s) earning 3% (normally 1%)
  • Target ($25s and $100s) earning 4% (normally 2%)
  • Gap ($25s and $75s) earning 14% (normally 9%)
  • Home Depot ($25s, $100s & $500s) earning 6% (normally 4%)
  • Lands' End ($25s & $100s) earning 18% (normally 16%)
  • Staples BONUS: for $25, it is 'overloaded' with $26.25 & for $100, it has a value of $105.00 

These are all valid for current stock~once we sell out, they will return to their normal percentages.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. And if you have any suggestions, although I am in my 14th year volunteering as the Scrip Coordinator, you might have the best idea yet!


Thank you and see you soon on campus!

Sandy Meadows,

Scrip Coordinator

949.574.7775, ext 204





Check out our Facebook page!





We will meet every Wednesday for a simple craft and cup of tea outside The Company of Angels.

Our projects will include needle felting, wet felting, sweater art, knitting, crocheting and many more!

A detailed list of activities will be posted outside the door of The Company of Angels.  If you would like to be on the email list, please see Rachel Skelly inside the store or email

Our crafts will be led by our talented handwork teacher Christine.  Hope you can join us.



We have a recycled clothing store outside the CoA which is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!  We will gladly accept little girls party dresses and black and white performance concert clothes and any nice clothing articles.

These are made available to the community for a donation which helps fund the Company of Angels garden and craft group expenses!!!


At the moment we are buying the sprinkler system for the garden and we keep the area full of beautiful plants!   

If there are any volunteers who would like to help to sort and hang up the clothes, please call Rachel Skelly at 949-496-2615.


After a month or so,the clothes are taken to a shelter so they are put to good use in the community!



 Daniel Pitts and Katie Scavone are offering their expertise in piano and voice lessons.  For more info, click here.


Rusty Vail is also offering her expertise in piano, guitar, voice and singing lessons.  If interested, please  

click here. 


We are pleased to welcome the following new teachers:


Maraia Hoffman -  High School Sciences

Odalmis Molinas - Spanish grades 7 - 12

Rocio Levito - Spanish grades 1 - 6

Brooke Trudeau - Grade 1 class teacher

Maria Reynolds - Pre-K assistant with Miss Barbara

Jennifer Bloch - Pre-K assistant with Miss Catherine

Arieta Bizaro - Kindergarten assistant with Miss Terri



Over the summer there was a change in our Director of Admissions position.  Daniel Hindes, who was formerly announced as taking on this role, had a family situation that resulted in the withdrawal of his acceptance of this position.

We are so very pleased to announce that, Linda Timmons, an active community member and parent to Hannah (grade 1) and Lily (grade 4), will be taking on the role of Director of Admissions.  She comes to us with years of experience  

in the educational field at UCLA. 



From This  



To This


We are overjoyed to report that WSOC's new wing is complete and it is outstanding!   The City of Costa Mesa will be awarding us with a "2011 Planning Commission Mesa Green Design Award" for our ingenuity and environmental consciousness in utilizing upcycled shipping containers.


Once school starts, we know everyone will want to rush over there to take a peek. However, when school is in session, we have to be mindful that that this is a learning environment for the students. We cannot have parents wandering around over there, however tempting it may be.


Your chance to tour the campus expansion is during our Dedication Ceremony on Friday, September 23, at 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. We invite the whole community to attend this special ceremony, and to tour our new classrooms. The beginning of the year is filled with many meetings, so this Dedication Ceremony will take the place of our usual Back-to-School Night.


Another exciting piece of news is that we are fortunate to have the support of the Brenden Mann Foundation, who is sponsoring the Brenden Mann Science Lab. This state-of-the art facility will be used by middle school through high school students.


Next door to the Science Lab is the beautiful Sun Studio, our art studio filled with natural light, which is generously sponsored by our own Sun Family. Under the gorgeous 2-story spanned roof is Meadows Hall, generously sponsored by our own Meadows Family. The Hall is an amazing piece of architecture which will provide a much-needed space for Eurythmy and movement, meetings and performances.   The school is eternally grateful to the Meadows and the Suns for their commitment and leadership throughout this groundbreaking project and to WSOC.



There are many wonderful improvements on campus that we are excited to share with you:

  • Two of the modulars that housed our high school have been removed and now we have a lovely open green field.   The grass is still young and growing so it will be off limits for another month before the students can start playing on it. 
  • The Parent and Child program is moving into the modular next to the Company of Angels and a redwood fence has been put up to create a play area especially for them. 
  • What used to be the high school office will, in time, be reconfigured to house administrative staff which in turn will open up some much needed space in back of Company of Angels as well as in the main office.
  • We now have designated parent bathrooms!  The bathrooms we put in last year for the high school (adjacent to the grade 8 classroom) is now for parents only.  This means no more standing in awkward lines waiting to use the restroom in the office.


We are excited to welcome our community back to our upgraded campus as we start another wonderful year together!


This year's hot lunch program will be provided by one of our very own families.  Annie Morgan, owner of Tastebuds, and mother to Madison Morgan (Grade 8) will be providing us a healthy, delicious hot lunch menu. 
For more details, please  
click here.



This year we have made a few changes to our after care program.

  • Little After Care will now run until 6pm. 
  • Both Little and Big After Care will share 1 form.  Writing your name and grade on your form is required. 
  • If you  have an outstanding balance on your account, you will not be permitted to use after care services.

To reserve, please stop by the front office and pick up a form or click here.

Forms are DUE Thursday, September 1  



WSOC is once again proud to be a part of the Festival of Children (FOC) at South Coast Plaza throughout the month of September.  The organization's mission is to improve the lives of children by strengthening the charities that serve them.  In celebration of 10 years of serving local non-profits, FOC has selected WSOC among 10 worthy charities to participate in a special fundraising opportunity called "The Carousel of Possible Dreams."  It is an honor to have been chosen.  Our relationship with FOC is a significant outreach opportunity for our school.  If you are able to staff the WSOC booth at South Coast Plaza for a 2-hour shift any weekend afternoon in September, please contact Denise Ogawa in the office.  Please consider it a worthy service to the school!  We are currently looking for someone on September 4.


FOC is also offering many fun and free activities for children.

Check out the schedule of events HERE!