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September 8
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September 9, 8:45 a.m.
New Parent Orientation
September 14, 7:00 p.m.
All Grades Open House
September 29, 7:00 p.m.
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Welcome Back!

As always, the summer has flown by.
 I look forward to the school filling with the voices and energy of all the students. We have been very busy here on campus these last three months and I'm happy to share with you some of the exciting improvements we were able to implement.

First, we have completely refurbished bathrooms in both the upper and lower grades.  Floors have been resurfaced, walls painted, new fixtures and new partitions put in.  These bathrooms had not been worked on in over 40 years, so the change is dramatic and was clearly much needed.  Our growing high school and its 40 students will now have their own bathrooms - a newly converted shipping container will be brought in and placed on the blacktop behind the high school office building. Hand in hand with these projects is the work that was done on the sewage lines.  As you may know, we have had an ongoing relationship with the plumber, who would come out on a monthly basis to help out with one situation or another.  This summer we had video cameras dropped in all the lines and the problem spots identified.  Pipes were dug up and replaced, root balls discovered and removed, leaving us with a highly functioning sewage system...finally!


We also now have three areas in the school with irrigation systems. In the kindergarten, irrigation was installed to water the vegetable garden and all the perimeter plants.  Next to grades 4 and 5, the dirt area has been leveled, seeded, furnished with an irrigation system, and transformed into a lovely green field for soccer matches and quiet times under the tree.  Finally, all the landscaped areas at the front of the school are on a timed irrigation system.   All these areas were outfitted with a new system called "AquaStem" which is designed for minimal water usage, so that our school can stay green to the eye and green at heart, too!


The blacktop has also been given a facelift.  All the cracks were filled and a fresh coat laid over the whole area with new game lines painted so the students can hit the ground running and playing!


I hope you enjoy all these wonderful improvements as we slowly make this our home for the coming years.  None of this work could have happened without the generosity of our parent community and for that we are always grateful.


I look forward to seeing everyone on campus again!


Warm regards,

Gina Illes

School Administrator



We've started our new scrip year! The Scrip Store is a year-round program and many families have gotten off to a great start.   Scrip is available every school day from 8 AM to 3 PM. The most current scrip order form is online, click HERE. For more complete scrip news, including special promotional rates, click HERE. _________________________________________________________________
An Enlightened Evening
Our Fall Benefit and Auction Back to School   
Please join us for our first social event of the dine, dance, and celebrate under the light of a full moon...
October 23, 2010
Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club
  on the Nature Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo
How to Donate
Donations can come from your family, a business-affiliation, or even from a local business you frequent (such as a favorite restaurant).  Our auction items from years past have beautifully represented our community's interests, talents, and wishes. 
Here are the individual forms needed to both solicit auction items and to donate an item. If you'd rather submit your item online, you can do so HERE.
PDF forms:
Please contact Erica Ruvalcaba with questions:
All proceeds benefit the WSOC operating budget
Substitutes Needed

The Early Childhood department is looking for substitution support. Please submit a letter of application which includes your experience with young children to the office, attn: Uschi Friebauer.

College Hour
As in years past, a college member will be available during the week for questions or concerns that you may have. This year's hour is Monday at 2 p.m. Please RSVP with Marissa if you will be stopping by,
Big Aftercare Requiring Reservations
If you have a child in grades 1-8, you will be receiving a letter explaining our new reservation policy. Or you can view the letter HERE. The reservation form can be downloaded and printed for your convenience.
Cook Book 
Thank you to everyone that has sent in a recipe!
I was hoping to inspire more of you to contribute, because we need several more recipes before the cookbook can be published.
Those of you who bring yummy dishes to our potlucks, bring in your recipes!  They would be a wonderful addition to our cookbook.  Maybe you have a family favorite meal or dessert you could share?  
If you only have a printed copy, you can make a copy in the front office.  Leave your recipe with Marissa or email it to me at  I am very confident we can make this cookbook a reality and a moneymaker for our school.  Please join me on this journey to creating this WSOC keepsake!
If you have any questions, give me a call.
Julie Fish
(714) 505-2290

Parent Association Kick-Off Meeting  

Thursday, Sept. 9
8:45 (drop-off) 
in Big Aftercare Room 

Please come to our first meeting of the year.  We will be looking at the service opportunities coming up at WSOC and hopefully meeting some new faces.  If you are brand new and interested in joining the Parent Association, we would love to have you.
Please get in touch with Denise Ogawa if you have questions: simply call the office or email at

High School: Now In Session
Our high school embarked yesterday on its first year with all four grades in attendance; exciting times!
 The students are on a modified schedule this week, with group singing and Michaelmas-planning outings, placement testing and main lessons. On Thursday, all high school students will go on an overnight camping and hiking trip to the San Gabriel mountains. 

No More Family Cubbies
The family mail boxes are GONE!

Over the last two years it has become apparent that the family boxes were rarely used.  They became homes for dust and leaves and spiders and in the end proved more difficult to maintain than they were of value. 
We now have in the front office a file cabinet right by the door, where each family has a folder.  These can be used for communicating from family to family (birthday cards, thank you's, etc.).  Any larger items can be left in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet.  We hope this will prove to be a better and more efficient system. We welcome your feedback as we test it out.
Craft Group 

 Please join us for a cup of tea and a craft each Wednesday from 8:30-11:00 a.m., outside The Company of Angels, our school store.
Here is the schedule:
Sept. 15Knitted Animals (for our fall benefit and auction) Come and learn to knit, we will have extra needles, wool and patterns.
Sept. 22Wet Felt Tea Cozies This is a fun messy process but the results are amazing!
Sept. 29 - Basket Weaving using cane and reeds, with Christine Newell.
We will post an updated list outside The Company of Angels with more details.There may be a small fee for supplies. Please join us! Call Rachel Skelly for more information:  949. 496. 2615  
Ms. Joy's Art Class 
After School Art is beginning Monday, September 13 with Joy Hill, our art teacher. 
New Days for Strings
Students in grades 4 through 8 will now have their strings lessons on Tuesdays and Fridays. (last year it was Tues/Thurs.) Please note this change.